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Wed, Apr 17

Yamachinu added a comment to T165256: [Feature request] Please add queue functionality for join to server.

Reviving this request as the game is becoming more popular and the sooner this feature is added the better. Watching some of the popular streamers trying Reforger out and the biggest complaint is easily the frustration of spamming refresh and trying to snipe an open slot on a desired server, especially when trying to join a friend. This is a feature that helped DayZ immensely and i know i and much of the community would appreciate having a server queue.

Wed, Apr 17, 6:27 AM · Arma Reforger
Yamachinu added a comment to T179927: Unloading supplies is lagging.

I have experienced this as well. I can report more on it later, but it is an issue on official servers as well. I usually play LA conflict Everon and it happens consistently especially after the round has been going for hours plus. Servers in general struggle the longer the match goes, with low server frames and packet loss start creeping in. Things like building animation and progress will also struggle and often it will end building % progression and stop the build requiring you to initiate the build again which is frustrating. While this is a separate issue i do believe it's tied to server performance.

Wed, Apr 17, 6:20 AM · Arma Reforger

Thu, Apr 11

Yamachinu added a comment to T180367: Cant aim with static weapons when the binoculars are equipped.

I can confirm this as well. You have to go back to your gun to use the sights on the mounted MG. It's an issue on vic mounted weapons as well.

Thu, Apr 11, 12:47 AM · Arma Reforger

Sat, Mar 30

Yamachinu added a comment to T171875: Feedback on Conflict: Enemy should not be able to delete entire captured base in seconds.

I have not run into too many people completely tearing down recently capped bases, but obviously that's just my experience. Generally a well built defense serves the new owner as much as the old. If it's just a sandbag city then that might be different. I find bunkers and defensive positions to be a better use than 25+ sandbags. Sandbags i find more useful to plug doorways/walls, or completely shut out those long barracks that are all over Mil bases.

Sat, Mar 30, 11:54 PM · Arma Reforger

Thu, Mar 28

Yamachinu added a comment to T180169: Vote Kick + Ban Trolls.

We had a guy last night spawning at bases and disassembling radios on points being attacked, before killing himself and doing the same thing at other bases. Took a few people noticing before he was finally sent back to the lobby. But not before he got in plenty of counter vote kicks and attempts to muddy the waters. Very annoying to say the least. It also begs the question why we are able to disassemble comps while under attack but yet still can't build? the way it works only benefits people trying to disrupt the game.

Thu, Mar 28, 11:23 PM · Arma Reforger
Yamachinu added a comment to T179581: Equipment/balance/cost - Conflict.

Reviving this as players are still very much struggling with supply cost and burden on team. With the higher player count in the latest patch and the limited amount of players even aware this tracker exists feedback here might not always be plentiful.
A little thread speaking about much of the same concerns. i know you guys are trying harder to engage the community especially on YT. Some videos or QA with the community and again some encouragement to the player base could really help.

Thu, Mar 28, 11:07 PM · Arma Reforger
Yamachinu added a comment to T180169: Vote Kick + Ban Trolls.

The vote kicking system is a struggle right now, this is a issue that unfortunately follows the genre. Some things that would help:

Thu, Mar 28, 7:53 PM · Arma Reforger
Yamachinu added a comment to T169724: After throwing multiple grenades they get stuck in your hand.

Had it just now in the first game after the patch. Doesn't just happen with grenades, appears to happen with any item if you are switching around and things are hot and heavy.

Thu, Mar 28, 1:12 AM · Arma Reforger

Mar 15 2024

Yamachinu added a comment to T179928: Conflict - building and dismantling.

As for deconstruction, I think it should be allowed at anytime but with a long timer maybe double the build time? Or possibly relate it to physical damage.
For example in order to take down a radio antenna the enemy has to shoot or blow up the generator powering that antenna, once the antenna is down no AI can be placed?

This is where i assume or hope things will be going eventually. Much like an RTS or even old school BF2 gameplay. As it is now we need some means of lowering defenders resources. You also cannot even disassemble if you are the only player on the whole objective capping unopposed. I still feel like this is unintended game play as sapping and disrupting radio networks is a null tactic now.

Having to spend 10 minutes to find an enemy is probably fine, there is some aspect of realism to having to physically clear out building and bushes.

The problem is it gives a lot of power to a single player. We have superiority to cap the point, but not build? doesn't make much sense. It also encourages players to hide as they no longer have urgency to stop the defenders from building. If i as a single player can sit in a hiding spot and stop the whole defender squad from reinforcing i will absolutely do that, if i instead am forced out to try and stop them building by actually engaging them then i share risk as they do by trying to build in a hot zone.

I think a good middle ground would be to allow building from the command post but with the blurred Arma vision, that way it can't be exploited to locate enemies.

This was an issue in the previous patch and easily exploited, having a UAV birds eye view was very powerful. Not being able to build while enemy players are on the point was changed to counter this tactic, but it has other consequences. I like blurring things out as a solution or just not showing enemies somehow at all.

It was insanely annoying to have enemy AI placed right on top of me when I was trying to take over a base.

This was exactly why it changed and i agree, but feel the current system is also lacking. I would advocate for a hybrid solution. A.I. can be spawned while under attack, but they can't be placed. Instead they spawn on the tent and you can then order them to a location to defend or investigate. This leaves a defender open to getting killed and encourages building defenses to not be so open. Again defenders should have to order A.I. to where they think an assault is happening or using their senses rather then just UAV vision or the game literally telling you bad guys are here. A.I. would then have to go to the location rather then just appearing out of thin air. As an attacker if you know A.I. is actively being called you have an idea of where from and you have the ability to break contact or flank to take out the player.

Mar 15 2024, 10:30 PM · Arma Reforger
Yamachinu created T179928: Conflict - building and dismantling.
Mar 15 2024, 3:10 AM · Arma Reforger

Mar 7 2024

Yamachinu created T179741: Combat ops EXP- feedback.
Mar 7 2024, 10:28 PM · Arma Reforger
Yamachinu created T179738: Hands bug.
Mar 7 2024, 9:28 PM · Arma Reforger

Mar 2 2024

Yamachinu created T179581: Equipment/balance/cost - Conflict.
Mar 2 2024, 6:28 AM · Arma Reforger

Feb 29 2024

Yamachinu created T179468: Iron sights misalligned .
Feb 29 2024, 12:25 AM · Arma Reforger

Feb 16 2024

Yamachinu added a comment to T179130: []Built razor wire gets deleted by the garbage collector?.

I have experienced this as well. took some time to patch up common entry routes at a coastal base that i figured would be attacked, well it never was. I ended up spawning back a indeterminate amount of time later to catch a ride, and noticed the wire was gone. Never did the base come under attack. While it's possible a number of things could have happened (team mates driving through or intentionally destroying it) i have yet to see wire stay up after being built.
While not directly related; wire has limited use even if it were working correctly. it's not physically long and requires multiple sets to be useful, it does not fit well in many places where you would want it (in or around buildings, patching up broken walls, filling small gaps from other defenses). Currently i don't use it at all as it does nothing except eat time and resources.

Feb 16 2024, 3:37 AM · Arma Reforger

Feb 10 2024

Yamachinu created T178989: LA 13479012 version mismatch.
Feb 10 2024, 1:51 AM · Arma Reforger

Feb 3 2024

Yamachinu added a comment to T177614: Conflict: Official servers; bodies & entities do not de-spawn .

Limited building is a step in the right direction and would help. I think part of the issue is the current "Meta" is to build AI or tear down AI as fast as possible in high combat front line capture points (Entre Deux and Levie, looking at you). Limits would help with part of that problem but really we need some more depth in the attack/capture, defend/repel, cycle.
It doesn't run well when the you have 6 AI barracks up nor does it look good, much less fight good. Destruction would go a long way in helping implement a more interesting dynamic. Some changes to certain capture point locations would help as well. Many are just questionable and there are nearby locations that would logically make more sense and add more interesting combat.
Conflict has a great future but it needs some continued refinement and work, the first step in my mind is having consistent performance. Today i don't think i played on a server that wasn't having issues at one time or another, with one NY server that i honestly have no idea how it was still running the server frames were so bad.

Feb 3 2024, 9:58 AM · Arma Reforger

Dec 25 2023

Yamachinu added a comment to T177614: Conflict: Official servers; bodies & entities do not de-spawn .

There is a mod called GarbageFixSystem
which works quite well, but I play on a Comminuty server on PBS with 128 player stable


It probably won't be available officially until next year at the end of January or so ... that's my guess

Dec 25 2023, 5:43 AM · Arma Reforger

Dec 24 2023

Yamachinu added a comment to T177614: Conflict: Official servers; bodies & entities do not de-spawn .

Any update on this? official servers are still struggling through the mid and end game of matches. Speculation often runs wild as to why server performance drops into single digits, many players believe it's too many A.I barracks, or too many bodies sticking around with full gear sets all over areas that get high levels of combat. Coastal bases (looking at you Chotain, Morton, and Levie) are often littered in bodies by the round end, including FIA forces that were killed early on and seemingly never get cleaned up. This is a pretty big issues on official servers right now and tends to ruin the end of hard fought matches with low server frames, lots of player kicks with replication errors attached, huge lag spikes, and hit reg becomes atrocious. Currently clearing out extra barracks as a group effort by both teams seems to help but the servers never go back to match start performance. I know the player base is frustrated by this and it would be good to hear from y'all, hell join a match on US servers that has been up for a bit and fought over and see for yourself. Conflict is a fun mode and it has a competitive edge to it that i think could really grow into something bigger (Arma 2 Wasteland vibes), but right now the biggest thing holding it back is consistent server performance.

Dec 24 2023, 7:22 AM · Arma Reforger

Dec 2 2023

Yamachinu added a comment to T177614: Conflict: Official servers; bodies & entities do not de-spawn .

Yeah it's really killing play-ability right now. Small example; I cleared out a point of FIA and built up a tower to better assault coastal points. Hours later when i came back to that point to do exactly that and cap a close by point, all the FIA corpses were still there. The problem is compounded with vehicles that get wiped out and left the whole game in out of the way routes, as well as the broken armory system which has garbage left all over bigger bases. Single digit server frames is not playable, which makes it hard to put in effort if you know the server is gonna chug later and your progress and contributions are meaningless. It's a shame because when the game is running smoothly it all works.
I think we need a hard limit on buildings maybe dependent on a predetermined size of base (Small/Medium/Large). A degradation system for clutter would be nice as well.

Dec 2 2023, 11:13 PM · Arma Reforger

Oct 12 2023

Yamachinu added a comment to T175914: DayZ 1.23.156797 EXP failure to connect 0x00020009.

I can connect to UK 0-3. i don't know what is different about that one but i go right in. Same character. Tried to go back to either LA server and back to errors.

Oct 12 2023, 4:11 AM · DayZ

Oct 8 2023

Yamachinu added a comment to T175914: DayZ 1.23.156797 EXP failure to connect 0x00020009.

Same issue as above posters. either 20009 or 10001. Community servers have not been a issue, just official. Can you kill my character and see if having a fresh homie solves it? i would rather play then not.

Oct 8 2023, 7:46 AM · DayZ

Oct 14 2022

Yamachinu updated the task description for T168190: Bad terrain, car killer.
Oct 14 2022, 9:40 PM · DayZ
Yamachinu added a comment to T168190: Bad terrain, car killer.

I know it kills you, but i was not sure if i was still passed out or not, and waiting around didn't seem to change status. The view from the top was the only camera perspective i could get after the impact, and mouse controls were also non working. just stuck staring at a blue roof.

Oct 14 2022, 8:05 PM · DayZ

Oct 13 2022

Yamachinu created T168190: Bad terrain, car killer.
Oct 13 2022, 9:49 PM · DayZ

Sep 23 2022

Yamachinu created T167684: Scoping in certain direction causes CTD.
Sep 23 2022, 11:21 PM · DayZ