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After throwing multiple grenades they get stuck in your hand
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This has been in since day 1 and I've tried to find a tracker for it but no one has put one back.

I have a video of this I will upload tonight and attach showing I couldn't throw a grenade. This video is from last build, but I encountered this issue within 20 minutes of playing on the current build as well.

I think this issue is caused by desync, the player side shows you throwing it doesn't leave your hands and it then stuck out of sync with the server.

The only way I have been able to resolve the issue was by random chance of falling off of a cliff on to another rock which the switch in animation allowed the grenade to be tossed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Throw multiple grenades or smoke grenades in rapid succession and it will get stuck in your hand
Sometimes the smoke even goes off in your hands

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I think this is fixed, I haven't seen it so far but will run a time with 30 grenades and see if it glitches again.

The issue with this is a desync issue though.

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hi this can still be reproduced on

to reproduce throw frags as fast as possible

A video fromn someone else:
Example video

As per Centipede's video I can confirm this is still occurring. Had a guy next to me have it happen last night.

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@Geez this is still occurring in the live environment again, it also still happens in exp.


It's possible that all of these tickets are about the same issue and should be related


It's possible that all of these tickets are about the same issue and should be related

The grenade one is a sync issue with how fast the server records you throwing grenades, it's similar but not the same due to the way it occurs. The exiting vehicles one has a specific set of circumstances it happens with.

Still occurring as of 31st Dec, only way to solve normally (without getting lucky and falling off a cliff) is to respawn.

barf added a comment.Mar 3 2024, 1:57 AM

still reproducible on and happens just as frequently. i think network latency is involved.

but FYI a simple work around is to fall down or get shot etc so that the character animation is changed

Just had the bug, I was in combat. Threw grenades. And it got stuck! I couldn't do anything. And of course I was killed. Can the problem be fixed guys ? Thank you. Official server without mods. 40 players on admission.

Had it just now in the first game after the patch. Doesn't just happen with grenades, appears to happen with any item if you are switching around and things are hot and heavy.