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[Bug report] Exiting a vehicle causes gun malfunction
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When exiting a vehicle, either as driver or passenger, a gun malfunction is noticed.
On exiting everything appears noprmal. The gun still fires, but projectiles no longer injure/kill the enemy*.
The gun cannot be reloaded.
The gun cannot be dropped.
The gun cannot be swapped (from #1 to #2)
The workaround, is to re-enter and exit the vehicle, until the gun functions as it should.
Sometimes after exiting a 2nd time, there is still an issue, and the gun is no longer visible.
Sometimes, after exiting the gun functionality is completely restored, and on occasion*, the previously shot at targets register injury or death.

This was first noticed in 0.98x, and is still present in 0.99x


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Drive a vehicle.

Access the inventory, and swap items to and from the vehicle inventory.

Exit the vehicle and test the reload command.

If the gun fails to reload, or you cannot swap weapons or pick up/drop items then this seems to indicate the bug is present.
Binoculars and medical items can still be used.

It happens at random, certainly not every time.

[*edited steps for reproducability]

This has been tested in Conflict Everon and Arland, including the single player game as well as server based.

Additional Information

Not tried with East side or FIA side, only west. Running multiple addons as well, have not managed to confirm/deny that one particular one could be responsible.

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Hello StevieB.
We have tested this but unfortunately we were unable to produce the issue on our end. Seems like this might be some form of desync.

I have done further testing, I think it may be more reproducable.
I notice this most often happens when entering a vehicle, and then interacting with the vehicle cargo.
Suggested steps.
Enter vehicle, and drive
Open inventory, and swap some items around to/from the cargo area.
Exit the vehicle and test you can reload weapons, swap weapons or pick up /drop items.

This seems to be caused by the game not registering that you left the vehicle. It is noticable that functions you can do whilst seated in a vehicle such as bandaging, binoculars, still work, but guns/grenades etc are inaccessible.

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Also tested in gamemaster mode as well, same thing happens.

I tested this also, cannot reproduce. Here's what I did:

  1. Spawn US rifleman
  2. Spawn US jeep open-top (the camo one)
  3. Enter vehicle.
  4. Drive for a bit (maybe 50m)
  5. Access inventory and take the 2 bandages in the trunk to my character. I just right click. Not drag the item.
  6. Exit the vehicle.
  7. Shoot, reload the weapon. All function correctly

I think tends to happen when you access the vehicle inventory while in the vehicle before existing. Seems to make all your personal inventory items inaccessible

Seems to be either a known issue, or very similar to one. Dev Report 19

"Sometimes a character will not be able to use weapons or items if he falls from the vehicle after moving items between his and the vehicle's inventory"

I also reproduced the error with no addons loaded in a local conflict game.
Launched a new game.
Got into a jeep.
Drove 50m.
Removed 2 bandages from inventory.
Exited jeep.
Gun/inventory not working.

@Geez can you merge T175819 to this one. To note mine is on the live side, I do all my bug testing there rather than in experimental

So one thing that @StevieB didn't mention here that has happened with the Medical humvee.

When you get inside to heal, and you administer Saline (This seems to be specific with Saline) it will bug your gun to where you can't fire or reload. I've only had this happen with Saline in the humvee, but I'll have to do some more testing with it in live to see if it occurs.