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Jan 12 2019, 10:22 PM (6 w, 25 m)

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Jan 12 2019

EnterThePug updated the task description for T136191: Inventory menus, and lag..
Jan 12 2019, 10:51 PM · DayZ Xbox
EnterThePug triaged T136191: Inventory menus, and lag. as Normal priority.
Jan 12 2019, 10:49 PM · DayZ Xbox
EnterThePug added a comment to T136177: More food , loot ,map too big.

The map and it’s size is one of the core features of the game, and is extremely unlikely to change. What they could do is give us easier ways to traverse it. Bicycles would me nice as a common item. Also, if you need ammo and a gun, head straight to a military base. You’ll soon find what you need.

Jan 12 2019, 10:36 PM · DayZ Xbox
EnterThePug added a comment to T136178: COMBINATION LOCK BUG.

Don’t use the menu to lock it. You need to set the code in your hand, and look at the floor near the centre of the gate. An option to ‘attach’ should appear.

Jan 12 2019, 10:30 PM · DayZ Xbox