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The Cooking Pot Damage Dilemma / An alternative solution
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As I'm sure you've witnessed as well, I saw alot of negative reactions towards the planned changes regarding Cooking pots and pans taking damage. Here is an alternative that might be more interesting as well as realistic and immersive (Youtube comment under Wobo's video on the topic):

Verrückt Gamer 29 minutes ago []
"I'd get rid of the durability on the pots and pans completely and give them a "Dirty" stat after being used too much. You'd have to clean them with a kitchen brush or have a small >chance to burn your food. Wouldn't completely kill their use but it would add a bit of maintenance to them. I assume that's what BI is going for."

What do you think?


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Or it could give you cholera if you don't clean it before cooking, I mean, like in real life. Otherwise, there should be an increment of the respawn quantity,

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In my opinion, it would silly for them to add new items AND a new item state (cleanliness) just for this cooking change.
For all intents and purposes, a ‘cleanliness state’ does exactly the same job as the current ‘condition state’.

Surely we just need a way to repair degraded cooking equipment. Epoxy putty, I’m looking at you!