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Feb 17 2024

Riddick_2K added a comment to T177818: A request from all Modders.

I'm not a first-time player, I started in 2020 but, also due to the pandemic, I already have a few thousand hours of play. Of these, many manage and modify a private Vanilla server. Then, after a few years, I decided to get myself on a modded server. It was also public for a while with Nitrado (terrible service that I let lapse). As far as I'm concerned, the worst aspect of mods is the obligation to manage them through the "jail" of the "Workshop". They pass it off as "a convenience for users", in reality it is a small dictator who imposes his will on everyone. Once upon a time, video game mods were distributed directly by modders as standalone "files". When you had it, you used it. You were under no obligation to change or update it. You couldn't wake up in the morning and find your server messed up because the mod is no longer there, or it was updated (and you had NO problem with that mod). And in DayZ they also use a lot of mods... it's a fixed and constant "pain in the ass"... and without any real use for players and server managers. And don't tell me that "updates are always necessary for the stability of the game", or it means that you only understand computer science "in words". In reality, in IT more than in many other aspects of life, the rule is that: "You don't change the team that wins". The Workshop is the exact opposite. This, for me, as a modded player and server manager, is the "main devil to defeat"... without taking anything away from the main point which, in essence, I agree with... but it is a question of "priority" in focusing on the "negative aspects" (or which could be greatly improved) of the DayZ modding environment.
These are my 5 cents.
Sorry for my bad English but I must use Google.

Feb 17 2024, 5:43 AM · DayZ Modding, DayZ

Jan 18 2024

Riddick_2K added a comment to T176014: The new spawn system kills the immersion. (Expie 1.23).

This is one of the stupidest and most "evil" changes I've ever seen in DayZ. They seem to do everything they can to turn it from a "survival" to a "battle royale". Bad... very bad... :-(

Jan 18 2024, 5:34 AM · DayZ

Dec 12 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T144892: Night Time is extremely bright.

This page is chock full of SPAM!!!

Dec 12 2023, 2:59 PM · DayZ

Sep 20 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T173461: logical question:.

Agree all points

Sep 20 2023, 12:30 PM · DayZ

Sep 7 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T175279: balance your game's hunger thirst.

dbran1 is right.
Everything is exaggerated in DayZ, the consumption of shoes, the consumption of tools, the consumption of weapons... but the hunger this doll has is exaggerated!
Looks like he has a family of tapeworms in his stomach.
Reduce the amount of food present, but decrease the doll's metabolism. Otherwise it's like a ridiculous arcade.
One cannot spend his time repairing shoes, repairing tools, repairing weapons and eating like a starving obese man... it becomes the "farce" of survival.
Consumption should be realistic, rather tools and repair kits made rarer. It would be much more realistic.
Don't bring up the accelerated time, that's not how it works... do a calculation on the "theoretical time", and it's still wrong.
I don't know with this latest patch (1.22), but with old versions try to test the consumption of a battery with an NVG with the time accelerated, then try to "stretch the time" (decelerate it): the battery will last the same time IRL , NOT playing time. Just to give an example.
In my opinion, the game's consumption needs to be rebalanced in a more "realistic" or, at least, "plausible" key... otherwise it becomes a grotesque arcade.
Luckily there are personal servers and mods, but a game should already be good on its own, without having to use "additions or modifications".
My 5 cents.

Sep 7 2023, 6:27 PM · DayZ

Jun 23 2023

Riddick_2K changed Category from category:general to category:localization on T173493: Reading problem with the Italian localized version..
Jun 23 2023, 4:25 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T173493: Reading problem with the Italian localized version..

Please... don't close as "solved" if it isn't really solved.
Thank you.

Jun 23 2023, 4:24 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T173493: Reading problem with the Italian localized version..

Here... I thought I already pointed it out:

Jun 23 2023, 4:22 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K updated the task description for T173493: Reading problem with the Italian localized version..
Jun 23 2023, 4:18 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K created T173493: Reading problem with the Italian localized version..
Jun 23 2023, 4:15 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T173478: V3S truck is offroad shame in 1.21.

I agree: the performance of the V3S is indecent, unreal and makes the truck "unusable"!
But I don't think they will respond because this is not a mistake but a deliberate choice. They made it more and more unusable on purpose, like tents and fences, made more and more difficult to install on the ground. I don't know how long you've been playing, but this has been the direction of the game for a long time: more and more absurd and unreal. You have to use mods to make it that little bit much as mod's alone can.

Jun 23 2023, 3:49 PM · DayZ

Jun 6 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T172614: Dry sacks.

Also in protective case.

Jun 6 2023, 7:31 PM · DayZ Xbox

Mar 28 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T171023: STILL NOT PLAYABLE. Cheater killed me through the wall.

I don't think these are "cheats", but "bad features" of the original game. That would must really change, but it's such an old and noted thing, that I have my doubts it will ever change. I'm amazed how many still don't know it and immediately think of tricks. It's just one of the many absurd crap in this game ... for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised it's done on purpose, like other nonsense in this game.
Watch Wobo's video:

Mar 28 2023, 5:10 AM · DayZ

Feb 8 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T163465: Cannot connect to any server - Error 0x0004031 (WaitAuthPlayerLoginState).

For me it started with 1.19. Not always, but when it happens it ruins my evening because I can't enter the server where I want to play. In other servers, often, it doesn't make the same mistake... it's a bit random. Even in my local server, when this error starts, I have lost the evening and have to wait for the next day. It is very annoying. Then, for a few days he doesn't do it anymore and I forget about him, until he reappears again and the evening is lost. It does the same problem even with Discord turned off. Discord isn't the problem. It looks more like a BE certification problem, because it is at this point that the LogIn crashes, at least in my server.
It's so random that I couldn't provide the instructions to replicate it... It happens with the same trivial procedures for connecting to a server and with the same PC, OS, drivers and settings as always... only it had never happened to me before, now ... sometimes... it ruins my evening.

Feb 8 2023, 1:00 AM · DayZ

Jan 20 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T169841: DayZ 1.20 An exploit that allows you to view through walls.

Its not a bug, its a feature :D

Jan 20 2023, 9:23 PM · DayZ

Jan 18 2023

Riddick_2K added a comment to T154770: 1.10 Experimental - Foliage/Grass/Trees NOT catching MOONLIGHT on "Hardcore" 1pp.

In my opinion, the real problem with DayZ is not the darkest night or the clearest night... but it should be variable according to the sky (clear or cloudy) and the Moon (present or absent). With clear skies and the Moon in the sky, the night should be as clear as normal vanilla. With cloudy skies and no moon, the night should be as dark as in vanilla HC. And with all the variants for situations in between. This is what happens in reality and is missing in DayZ.

Jan 18 2023, 3:43 PM · DayZ

Apr 19 2022

Riddick_2K added a comment to T164266: The cooking pot needs to be changed.

This new feature is pure madness

Apr 19 2022, 12:14 AM · DayZ

Apr 17 2022

Riddick_2K added a comment to T164263: Too long English translation covers the following text.

Sorry my bad english but i must to use Google

Apr 17 2022, 4:52 AM · DayZ
Riddick_2K created T164263: Too long English translation covers the following text.
Apr 17 2022, 4:50 AM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T164262: The Cooking Pot Damage Dilemma / An alternative solution.

Good idea

Apr 17 2022, 4:01 AM · DayZ

Apr 12 2022

Riddick_2K added a comment to T164189: Feature proposal: Holding C + Scroll wheel for variable crouch high.


Apr 12 2022, 6:52 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T164215: Can someone explain this? (Video footage).

A sniper from afar. You are almost open field in the military zone... what did you think you would find, the Majorettes with flowers?

Apr 12 2022, 6:41 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T160811: Vending Machine's should yield a random Soda Can.


Apr 12 2022, 6:37 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T164094: Barrels should be able to be repaired using Epoxy..

On the water I agree, on the kitchen no.
You can also cook with a completely rusted and perforated metal sheet, at the fire is no problem...
We can argue about smoking, because to smoke the meat the barrel it should be able to contain the smoke. But when you close it, it shouldn't make all that smoke.
If we have to look for realism, and I agree, let's try to do it well and in a "logical" way.

Apr 12 2022, 6:35 PM · DayZ

Jan 28 2022

Riddick_2K added a comment to T162623: Items inside a cookingpot on a gas Cooker despawn after server restart.

Any object placed inside a pot attached to a stove with the canister, not just grenades. And I've seen this in vanilla public servers and also in mine downloadable from Steam.
Whether in a car or in a barrel. After the restart, the pan is detached from the stove and expelled outside. Inside the barrel (physically looking inside the opening, NOT inside the inventory) and above or below the vehicle. This has happened to me several times before.

Jan 28 2022, 11:42 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T162959: Dayz Experimental 1.16 "Fence Destruction Balance" Solution Idea.


Jan 28 2022, 11:13 PM · DayZ

Dec 18 2021

Riddick_2K added a comment to T144892: Night Time is extremely bright.

But hasn't anyone answered that DayZ's brightness has a big BUG?
I myself have always complained that dark nights were too dark to play, and some replied that it was not true ... only 1 or 2 patches ago I happened to log into the game and see a "decent" night: always dark , but where you could at least see where to put your feet. After a while ALL BLACK again!
I searched the net for a long time if it was a patch change and then a defect or vice versa and found one that explained the point.
It's a BUG of DayZ brightness.
The brightness bar does NOT work and the contrast (which doesn't even exist) starts indefinitely.
To unlock the brightness bar you need to change the value of "Hardware Antialiasing" setting and this allows you to "unlock the contrast" (from the maximum position) and to be able to get an effect while moving the brightness bar. AND FINALLY you can see the game at least in a decent way (I was able to see some beautiful nights, finally).
Once you have adjusted the brightness and unlocked the contrast, you can reset "Hardware Antialiasing" to the initial value.
It will work for a while, then it will fail again. Just repeat the procedure and you will be able to "enjoy the nights" for a while longer.
A lot of folks who complain about BLACK nights, should search the forums better (I have explained this a few times, and someone before me that I have read and repeated but it is NOT my job to do so. And the explanation has NOT even been pinned at the top!)
Those who complain of "too bright" nights have NEVER gone out into the woods on a moonlit night. DO IT FIRST!
The programmers amaze me that they have NEVER noticed.
And I got tired of reading everything for the forums and of "fighting against everything and everyone" to have a "decent and plausible" game ... moreover seeing also DELIBERATELY absurd choices of these programmers. Because a flaw is a flaw: programmers have to fix it, but you can also "help for the common good" (Sure that a "thanks for the lost time" as a "default" answer to ALL reports, it would be good manners !!!!! Finding the defects would be a OBLIGATION of the programmers, NOT of the players !!!), but "deliberate obscene choices" NO! (backpacks that must be emptied to be stored, fences and tents increasingly difficult to position [it should be the opposite], blocking the NVGs for a few "lucky" or "dishonest" [at this point they could remove them], the exaggerated consumption of shoes, food, tools, etc ... and many other annoying and / or unreal things made on purpose a game that is becoming more and more a "grotesque war FPS" than one of "survival from a pandemic".
I have found other annoying bugs, but I don't know whether to open a tickets or not ... so what changes?
Patch after patch I've seen something fixed, something else broken (sometimes even on purpose), adding useless or stupidly harmful things, leaving out really useful things, and NOT wanting to repair vehicles just for "stupid whims" (bring the check back to the client!)
Let's see if this comment will stay here or be deleted!

Dec 18 2021, 4:34 PM · DayZ

Aug 4 2021

Riddick_2K added a comment to T146522: Basebuilding: Fence / Watchtower building behavior suggestions..

Agree with almost everything, but most important of all is the ability to build anywhere.
*) Now it is enough that the ground has some slight (I repeat SLIGHT) undulation and it is no longer possible to build anything. It becomes a nightmare to fence something, you start the job believing you can complete it, and then you find that the "construction ghost" is no longer activated anywhere... and you can no longer complete anything and you have a lot of lost work.
*) And in addition, it should be possible to bring the fence posts together completely, as you do in reality, and not have to leave large spaces between 2 fences... where you can look and shoot while aiming comfortably. It's ugly and unrealistic.
*) The fences should also be able to be built at a height of 1&½x or 2x at least to avoid it being too easy to jump into them (easily using a car or a truck, I saw... I don't know if this is still the case with 1.13)
*) The fences should also be placed high up and on the walls... it seems stupid, but it is the easiest way to "close a window", which, normally and easily, should be done in reality... but without having to write a special structure, you can just use the "simple fence" (already present in the game) allowing you to build it even at the top and leaning against the wall. (± how it works with the famous mod)
*) And please... PLEASE... at least tighten the "border bubble" with the other objects, too often it is enough to have any bullshit around that you can't build anything, neither inside nor outside the buildings... and this is bad for the game and also very unrealistic.
This would probably be enough to greatly improve the entire construction system.

Aug 4 2021, 10:54 AM · DayZ

Aug 3 2021

Riddick_2K added a comment to T159840: Players list , their names and information is now public even when RCON is protected by password.

And what would the "problem" be? Do you know that on the net and with the PC we are all tracked in all possible ways? I understand when you have to do a "personal" search on the net, for this there is TOR and various PlugIns for Firefox, but for video games, being afraid of "being tracked" seems to me something out of this world... pure paranoia.
The vast majority of FPS servers distribute information about the players present, and I'll tell you it's a very useful thing that I always use. I cannot open the PC (I have one dedicated only to video games, with various HD for "type" of video games: each has all the O.S. optimized for that video game) and load an O.S. just to see if there is anyone on the servers that interest me and who... that's absurd.
I have always evaluated the various video games even from the active servers that I found on GameTracker (for example)
For the Battlefield series I go directly into the Battlelog via Firefox from the main PC to see who is and where... and evaluate IF to open the PC from game or not... depending on who I find and where. It is an indispensable service. In fact, for Battlefield 1 (which I still enjoy playing) & BF5 (which is crap) not finding this information I play it very rarely...
Fortunately, on DayZ there is Battlemetrics, which gives some of this information... otherwise it would be a mess having to just open the PC, access the account, load the Game Browser ONLY to see some servers... then for those 4 shit info that from the official one (not even the exact number of players! But you can be so *, because this is deliberate, not a defect), luckily there is "DZSA Launcher" that at least give some more info.
And I'll tell you one more thing too.
On certain versions of Battlefield there was the possibility to watch the game from the subjective vision of each player present in a server, which then... unfortunately... on new games it is no longer present... Even on Battlefield there are a lot of problems with cheaters, and this was a good way to limit the problem.
Even if the subjective vision was "server side" and not "client side" (you couldn't see exactly the player screen with the various cheat menus), but being able to see what exactly he was doing, you already had a more precise idea of "how he played ". This helped a lot to "pinch" those who played dishonestly

And this is a thing good and right

Aug 3 2021, 5:47 PM · DayZ

Dec 24 2020

Riddick_2K added a comment to T155720: Vehicles with ruined body not despawning.

Meanwhile, there is no need to insult!
I don't know if it's a Google translation problem (I don't know English), but from my experience with the broken bodywork you can drive normally. I do it regularly with the old Skoda and with a new Niva. Maybe because it's not ALL broken, but it has damaged parts that cannot be repaired with epoxy resin ... and I continue to drive them.
And I repeat that this is right.
If you want to make a car disappear, take out all the water, start the engine and let it go until it breaks down. When the engine light turns red, that car will be ready to disappear after a short time. I've seen it several times.
Maybe, if you want to be safer, remove all the wheels and body parts as well. With the engine melted it disappears for sure.

Dec 24 2020, 1:29 AM · DayZ

Dec 22 2020

Riddick_2K added a comment to T155734: The car tent does not protect the barrels from the rain.

Does BI still exist or are they all dead?
How is it that nobody even answers?
Is it because we have already paid for the game by now?

Dec 22 2020, 1:42 PM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T155720: Vehicles with ruined body not despawning.

You haven't read what I wrote.
Read it better.
The external sheet metal has no necessary function other than the aesthetic one, therefore it is of no use to anything essential, the vehicles can move without problems. This game does not foresee damage to the chassis (which is essential), but only to the external bodywork.
Get over it, this is it.

Dec 22 2020, 1:26 PM · DayZ

Dec 16 2020

Riddick_2K added a comment to T155720: Vehicles with ruined body not despawning.

I don't think it's a defect but a logic characteristic of the game. The bodywork is not very important for the functionality of a vehicle, as only the external part can be damaged and not the chassis. The important things in this game are the wheels, the battery, the spark plug, and the radiator ... all of which you can replace. Then there is the engine, which is fundamental. This alone should be a condition for deciding whether a vehicle should disappear or remain: a destroyed and irreparable engine renders a vehicle useless and it is right for it to disappear. If the engine is still repairable, if the bodywork is all broken and accessories are missing, you can always repair the engine, add all the accessories and play with the broken bodywork: the vehicle is still usable and it is not right or logical for it to disappear. .
My 5 cents

Dec 16 2020, 3:04 AM · DayZ
Riddick_2K created T155734: The car tent does not protect the barrels from the rain.
Dec 16 2020, 2:41 AM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T155477: Unable to Repair Sarka with Pipe Wrench.

I have found a possible solution.
You have to take off the hood, climb over the engine with the pipe wrench in hand and crouch. If you move around a little while looking at the engine the option to repair it should appear.
Obviously the distance in which this option can appear is too short. Developers should increase it a bit, so that it can become visible even without all these maneuvers.

Dec 16 2020, 2:15 AM · DayZ
Riddick_2K added a comment to T155379: All wet or humid and the personage who consumes too much and always complains.

no one cares about ?

Dec 16 2020, 2:10 AM · DayZ

Dec 2 2020

Riddick_2K added a comment to T155510: Fix Cars Please instead of adding food decay.

Agree ;-)

Dec 2 2020, 12:46 PM · DayZ

Dec 1 2020

Riddick_2K added a comment to T155477: Unable to Repair Sarka with Pipe Wrench.

Me too with the sarka, others I don't know.

Dec 1 2020, 3:30 PM · DayZ

Nov 26 2020

Riddick_2K created T155379: All wet or humid and the personage who consumes too much and always complains.
Nov 26 2020, 7:30 PM · DayZ

Nov 25 2020

Riddick_2K added a comment to T155280: Burying & Unburying Stashes Damages Shovel Since 1.10.

Why intentional?
What's the point of making this game more and more unrealistic and stupid?
I don't understand the meaning of this, if there is any sense... :-0

Nov 25 2020, 12:18 AM · DayZ