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V3S truck is offroad shame in 1.21
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For me it looks like after redone of vehicle simulation was this vehicle not tested well. Good testing place is road from Nadezdino to Kozlovka.

Its shame that this legendary czechoslovakian truck have problem with small uphill.

See video and reality.

Please adjust this vehicle to be more closer to reality.


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Windows 7
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try drive from Nadezdino to Kozlovka

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Hunterz created this task.Jun 22 2023, 2:20 PM

Yes please fix vehicles, it is more or less problem of all Vanilla cars. V3S is just extreme as Hunter pointed out.

I never use the M3S anymore because that reason. it sucks going up hills same with other cars like the humvee sometimes.

I reported this was an issue back in 1.19 exp..
Along with some IRL examples how how the truck should handle.

Ticket was never acknowledged

I agree: the performance of the V3S is indecent, unreal and makes the truck "unusable"!
But I don't think they will respond because this is not a mistake but a deliberate choice. They made it more and more unusable on purpose, like tents and fences, made more and more difficult to install on the ground. I don't know how long you've been playing, but this has been the direction of the game for a long time: more and more absurd and unreal. You have to use mods to make it that little bit much as mod's alone can.

V3S is 6x6, so simulation module DRIVE_642 is wrong too.

During my experiments I just found that wheels are problem. On the video is visble using vanilla wheels, then some modified by me.

whoa! interesting...what did you mod exactly @Hunterz ?is there something like the grip levels ? if so, this should be reviewed with all cars imo. Because Sedan and Sarka are very slippery at certain speed. once they lose the grip, it's spin city. I guess all cars go into snow sled mode on grass at high speed or a slope... Actually if you watch closely the wheel behavior when you start driving, it's like the wheels are spinning out, like, wheels are spinning 2x faster than they should be. Maybe that's intended ? or an engine limitation... I have no idea..

lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Jul 20 2023, 4:51 PM

these trucks managed any hill in the game when they were first introduced... were the only vehicle that could climb most hills without a runup... very strange that the vehicles people own can't actually drive the roads in their neighbourhood lol