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The new spawn system kills the immersion. (Expie 1.23)
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"Remember that time when the virus spread, we woke up on the coast and they had a battle royale fist fight on the coast."

If that sounds like the beginning of a very bad story for you, it is. Whenever you spawn on a moderately populated server you watch alot of people bashing heir heads in and the idea of waking up confused at the coast and starting your journey is completely broken right now. I know this is experimental and you will tweak it. Just wanted to make sure, that this is heard.

Thanks for your good work. :)


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ArmoredArtist added a subscriber: ArmoredArtist.EditedOct 7 2023, 4:17 PM

I feel like this is a good change for low pop servers where it is harder to run into people but on high pop servers it could be a problem. I assume it can be turned off in server options though for community servers. I would like more information provided on how it exactly works.

If somebody play on a low pop server he don't wanna run into lot of peoples. This spawn system is a bullshit.

lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Oct 7 2023, 7:30 PM

... and here i was thinking it was based on steam friends lists, but i guess that would make too much sense .... smh

I think the searching for freinds is the part of the zombie apocalypse.

I ran on a low pop server the other day. there was 4 people on.

There was literally no loot on the route I took.
I'm assuming all 4 of us spawned at the same town and the ONLY route worth taking is what everyone before me also took!

It took me 3 hours to find a dry bag, I basically was at NWAF by then.

I've seen streamers have similar issues.
mostly with meeting up. one in their group just continuously keeps spawning in a town on the complete other side of the map. 7 respawns later, they discover someone they know is there so it's keeping them from leaving.

Something I was discussing last night with some people.
A much better option for spawning near people you know, or Don't know (Streamers teaming up with viewers, Streamers don't want to steam friend them)

Use the player name as the variable!
Or add a Team option in the Parameter's


Todd: Would spawn anywhere near their steam friends.

[Red]Todd: Would spawn near Red Team

This game is not a COD or CSGO or other games, and i hope they don't change it.

This game is not a COD or CSGO or other games, and i hope they don't change it.

Searching for random new friends that's fine.

Wanting to hang out with your IRL buddy is game breaking.
You're forced to break immersion just to find each other, then spend an hour respawning trying to find each other.

Becuase first every buddy get herself then meet each other at a point. I think the respawners playing this game wrong, and not change the game because of it.

I also think the new spawn system is a major miss. I've logged in from Livonia to Chernarus on official (fully geared) and the game spawned me next to 3 other people in the middle of nowhere.. we were approximately 100m from each other. 2 were freshies and one guy was as geared as me. It feels very broken.

I've tested another 2 fresh ( community ) servers, with under 10 players, and all of the loot has been already taken, primarily food.

Also as someone mentioned, people join low pop servers to not run into people that often, and so they can learn/enjoy the game at a slower pace. I usually bring my friends to low pop servers to teach them some survival basics/mechanics and so they can get the overall feel for survival and the game before reaching the PvP aspect of it...

I feel like for the long time now spawns were in a great state. I don't understand the need to fix the things that aren't broken.. I feel like the spawn system needs to be reverted to the previous iteration. which worked perfectly fine imo.

This would only make sense if there was a group system and you wanted to spawn fresh with a buddy of yours ...

Maybe reduce the amount that can spawn in that bubble before it changes I'd limit it to 3-5 people and have it change every 3 minutes obviously that's just a suggestion my feedback is that like others have said it's very chaotic. Maybe spread out the spawns a bit more spawning players at different t ends of the Same spawn town rather than all at the same spot on the beach. O had it yesterday I spawned in and as I was eating my fruit a player spawned in and t posed next to me for a few seconds I managed to ko him before he had a chance to react which is hardly fair.

No, just revert and forget the new spawn system.

I'm not a big fan of the changes to the spawn system either. Not really sure who exactly benefits from it, apart from spawnkillers who now get their potential victims served on a golden platter. I was fine with the "old" spawn system and i would be fine if players could choose their spawn location/area along the coast to meet up with their friends or whatever. But being forced to deal (to more or less extent) with all the other players spawning in the same location does not feel right to me.

The idea of spawning close to your friends is great. I was never a fan of having to walk endlessly to find each other. This just needs tweaking. Please do not revert back to the old system.

What I would do is have the spawn location change every minute or two. If you are going to play with your friend, you will log in simultaneously anyway. No need to keep one spawn area for 5 minutes or longer.

Another tweak is to make these spawn areas bigger. Have them include multiple towns next to each other for example.

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kuzyn added a subscriber: kuzyn.Nov 22 2023, 11:38 PM

If people don't like this idea in general and it makes conflicts regarding available loot, maybe it should be reworked only for joining with friends?
I have no idea how it works on consoles, but on PC Steam you have an option to join the game that your friend is actually playing. Maybe only in that case server should try to spawn the player joining the game somewhere near our friend (not in the same town exactly but in the next "bubble" or something like that). If it is possible with consoles as well, maybe thats a better solution to bring friends/teams closer. Of course, there should be a limit, like if the first player from that group of friends joins the server as a new character, there is a 2 or 5 minutes limit when you can join your friend in the nearby area. After that timer expires, it would spawn you randomly as before. That would prevent the situations where geared player can bring loot for friend from inland and pass it to a friend instantly.

I have no idea how it works on consoles, but on PC Steam you have an option to join the game that your friend is actually playing.

Same on console

This is one of the stupidest and most "evil" changes I've ever seen in DayZ. They seem to do everything they can to turn it from a "survival" to a "battle royale". Bad... very bad... :-(