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logical question:
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  1. why can't the character move while looking through the binoculars?!
  2. how soon will voice acting be added when the character tears rags and breaks branches with his hands? P.S There is a sound of carcass cutting in the game, but there are problems with the rest. So far, the character is just silently moving his stumps


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I can add one more question. Why does the infected make sounds (scream) when killing silently from behind with a cutting object, and giving other players the position of the player, because the very essence of silent killing lies in its very name!

Because current developers don't have common sense, and instead of working on actually useful cosmetics they add medieval armor & a crossbow and say that they added enough content for a wipe. Ridiculous company

Why is the sea not involved in the game at all?! (Chernarus map) I mean there are no objects for research, no boats, you don't develop in this direction, water occupies not a small part of the map, but at the same time there is nothing there! You can, for example, add some kind of ship at a distance from the coast so that the players make forays into it at sea for prey. It would bring something new to the game. Add scuba gear, and dive for underwater loot. The game just stagnates for years

lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Jul 20 2023, 5:06 PM

very good points

Agree all points