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Basebuilding: Fence / Watchtower building behavior suggestions.
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G'day. Just thought I'd share some Ideas I've collected from my own experience and other players:

Watchtower platforms should not have any holes in them if there are no stairs built underneath.

This would allow for much more interesting structures to be built.

Lowest level of the watchtower should have an option to build a floor (preferrably without the need to add the four pillars to it - maybe just 2 for X-shaped support underneath).

This would help with uneven ground and prevent access from underneath the tower as well as allowing more interesting structures

Using pliers on the inside of a structure should disable/enable it's visibility in the inventory interface

(would also help with the camo nets being accessible from the outside perimeter) : call it a "Finish Structure" and "Edit Structure" activity when approaching with pliers or something.

No more messy inventory near fences!

Bring back old fence alignment as described in (seriously, please bring this back)

Crazy awesome structures could be built on servers where placement is allowed everywhere.

Add half / third-width fences and gates.

These would help immensely with difficult base layouts and, if the next suggestion is impossible, help with closing off vanilla structures in a more sensible manner.

Add option to convert a vanilla door into something a combination / code lock can be attached to. Maybe using a screwdriver on a door to convert locks?

Doors can already be locked and unlocked using a lockpick - so why not take it to the next level?


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Please consider this Task too.

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Xey created this task.Nov 16 2019, 2:31 PM
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hi Xey I totally agree with you it is too easy to break into bases as this has happened to me recently. If you put barb wire up you can dismantle it from the outside plus camo netting can be taken off from outside it just don't make sense lets hope this 1.06 update is better.

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These are all really good suggestions.

I also think it should be possible to build a 4th wall on the rear of a watchtower (with or without the hole/stairs installed). There is really no good reason I can see that this shouldn't be possible.

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Xey added a comment.Jan 2 2020, 9:41 AM

Crossing my fingers so hard over here...

Do something with cheaters, it is not possible to play. Just a cheater came in and on the whole map, he kills everyone, wherever he is in the head. A bullet flies through all the objects. IP I don’t know what topic to write, do something, otherwise all the people will run away from the game.

cheater runs on ch and kills everyone

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We need 4th wall to enable to build.
teatv app old version

Bukowa added a subscriber: Bukowa.Mar 6 2020, 2:06 PM

Attaching camo net to a wooden crate would be neat aswell.

Wmx11 added a subscriber: Wmx11.Mar 8 2020, 1:13 AM

Hey bohemia

Enable the mouse and keyboard function on the loading screen of the game like fortnite, Sea of ​​thieves, Paladins. pls(Xbox one)

I think this game is on the verge of being all time great if they actually fixed a few things that are stated on this page, like making it harder to break into bases that people have gone to the trouble of finding all the wire and necessary materials to make them. I've lost interest in the building aspect of the game in which i think a lot of us have as it can be easily penetrated not only by players but also the npc's, so after hours of foraging through cities and towns for all the gear i needed only to be attacked by wolves and zombies in it was not fun. It's a shame because some of the awesome bases I've seen people build on this game will start to disappear due to reasons like this.

Maybe having just as many tools to pull apart as to make it.

If the base is surrounded with barbed wire top and bottom nothing can get in until removed eg, zombies and wolves

Back wall on towers weather there is steps or not, fill hole in floor until steps are added.

Just a full clean up of building in general i think will improve the playability of the game so much. I hope someone from BI is reading these pages and fixing the issues as i love this game in a unmodded version and hope a lot of the bugs are ironed out in the future.

andro_dawton added a subscriber: andro_dawton.EditedJun 8 2020, 8:31 AM

The 1.08 improvementas are good. But these steps they need to be continued.

Since the community Manger Jakub official announced there will be no helis (for 99 %) we ne another "working" endgame Mechanic.
A senior Dev. should be able to script a good end game mechanic in a short timeframe. It would be meaningfull even on official servers: An usable Base Building system.

I think the best suggestions are in this thread.

Crossing my fingers so hard over here...

it always helps

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I like the latest improvements :-)