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With some trickery, it used to be possible to place fences horizontally and at weird angles. Please return this functionality!
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Hey, Bohemians!

The feature / gameplay element I'm talking about last worked in 1.02:
When you pointed a fence kit at any geometry above your eye level, the normally vertical fence "direction" would line up with your line of sight, allowing you to build all sorts of neat structures (provided the server allowed such fence placements) like horizontal platforms, roofs, walkways and more - see this little imgur album of a "car repair workshop" we built back in february or so:

Ever since 1.03 however, fences always point UP, regardless of where or how you attempt placing them. The benefit is an easier way to make them straight I suppose, but the possibilities of an adjustible fence as you can see in the imgur album are endless and were fun to use.

I would ask that you revert the placement dynamics back to how they worked before, and maybe just make the "focus" modifier key straighten the fence kit upwards to help out the people who can't into fence-aligning-along-some-item-that-you-drop-for-a-sec.

Either way, thank you for your efforts!


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Windows 10 x64
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In 1.02, when you pointed a fence kit at any geometry above your eye level, the normally vertical fence "direction" would line up with your line of sight.

This functionality was quietly removed in 1.03

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I'm aware this functionality was likely overseen and was never tracked as a "feature" per se, I'm just salty about not being able to build neat fortresses, as are everyone else whom I taught the "technique" to.

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Hello Xey.
Some modded servers run a mod called "build anywhere" which allows for placement of basebuilding objects where it would not be possible in vanilla. Are you certain that you have not been building these structures on server with such mod installed?

Xey added a comment.Sep 10 2019, 4:43 PM

Hey Geez,

Build anywhere is indeed needed for this function to make sense, yes. However, if I remember correctly, the fence "ghosts" turning horizontally when above eye level happened on vanilla servers too, except you couldn't actually place them that way.

I hope this old fence placement calculation can return via a server setting or something, it's ingenious, especially for modded PVE / RP servers.


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