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All wet or humid and the personage who consumes too much and always complains
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It is the first time that I write here and I have to use the Google translator, I hope to be able to make myself understood anyway.
I play from 1.07, and alternate between public and private servers (downloadable from Steam). In the private one I have made a considerable well-equipped base for a few months already.
This weekend I was able to upgrade to 1.10 and try a few games on my private server. The defects would be many, but 1 in particular I would like to highlight:
Everything became damp or wet, even things made of plastic and / or things that were safely stored in barrels locked inside closed military tents.
All items stored dry a few months ago.
I enter a tent, step over, open a barrel and find all the boots wet, all the clothes humid and other random objects (epoxy resin, epinephrine vials, vitamin pills, sewing kit, etc.) between the damp and the wet.
Moreover, even the character well equipped with a fireman's jacket and trousers (always known and defined by the same game waterproof and excellent insulation), 4 drops of rain are enough and the clothes appear damp and the character consumes a tanker of energy and continues to complain about the cold, even though I'm in the south in Balota, where I have my base.
I think it's definitely a humidity, temperature and related power consumption management bug.
Sorry but I'm unable to make videos (I used MSIAfterburner with Battlefield, but it doesn't work on DayZ and I haven't found an alternative yet), but I can provide screenshots via Steam overlay

I really hope you can solve this, because it is really very, very annoying, as well as for fun also for the complete absurdity of the matter.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
W7 Pro x64
Steps To Reproduce

Have a tent with barrels full of healthy and dry equipment for a long time, at least since 1.09, and upgrade to 1.10. Just enter the tent, open the barrels and look inside.

Additional Information

I don't use MOD's, just some xml file modifications to modify the spawns of infected, animals and objects. Plus an addition to the "init.c" file for a serious fence at the base by taking the scripts from the "DayZ Community Offline Mode"

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