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The cooking pot needs to be changed
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the cooking pot in experimental 1.17 lasts only 20 minutes
myself and many community members feel that this is far too short
a gas stove heats up to about 100c. lasting only 20 minutes would give it a melting point similar to water.....
which is very odd considering its a metal pot.
i understand the survival aspect of making the cooking pot take damage. i personalyl feel that 1 hour is a much fairer health


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Windows 10 x64
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use cooking pot.

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MattVII created this task.Apr 17 2022, 10:20 AM

It's an odd change, for sure. I'm not entirely opposed to cookware degrading with use, but it should be more at the rate of shoe wear than just a few minutes.

This new feature is pure madness

Just to play devil's advocate:

After I get hit in the plate carrier with a 147 grain FMJ bullet traveling ~2500 feet per second, I'm not entirely sure what my character is doing with a $2 tube of epoxy or an assorted roll of leatherworking tools. But if realistic wear and tear matters to us, without replacing the plate she's definitely not doing any kind of repair that's going to stop the next bullet.

So do we want realism, or balanced gameplay mechanics?

...Of course, there would be absolutely no need to rebalance the cooking mechanics if the devs hadn't made hunger and thirst nearly impossible to die from in 1.15 and 1.16, but instead of admitting their mistake and reversing this bizarre decision to make the survival mechanics easy-mode, they're counterbalancing their previous arbitrary change to a longstanding core game mechanic by making some even more arbitrary changes to the durability of cooking equipment, like some kind of game design Rube Goldberg machine. Excited for 1.18 yet?

It’s positively potty!

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Apr 19 2022, 1:06 PM

All i want is a gun thats not pristine to ruined in 3 mag changes. That is NOT realistic. I go to the range regularly and fire 1000s of rounds from my carry pistol and then play this game and wonder wtf is going on w the gun repair system, especially AK’ pattern rifles that are meant to go boom everytime you pull the trigger, even if they’re literally covered in poop, ran dry with no lube, throw some sand up in there too and they still keep shooting. Guns are more reliable irl than this game is.

DagiWeh added a subscriber: DagiWeh.May 6 2022, 3:09 PM