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balance your game's hunger thirst
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i have had no end of issues with the hunger thirst depreciation rate compared to irl it should be halved no one in the real world eats 6 whole chickens in a day even with body builders.
i know your trying to make the game realistic but your just making it more and more unplayable and driving away players from wanting to play.
my best surjection to help improve the game and gain more players would be simple make it easier and more true to irl. any single player goes through the same experience live die repeat go through 3 days of effort and gain nothing.
i am not here to force changes but your killing your game "rust" has taken your main player base simply because you are rewarded for your efforts in game and doesn't take months for a start to pay off.
and it doesn't take irl days to weeks to find other players is that not a sign its going the way of the dodo?


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dbran1 created this task.Sep 7 2023, 7:14 AM
Geez changed the task status from New to Feedback.Sep 7 2023, 11:36 AM

Honestly I've never had issues with water, every spawn point is close to a water pump. Find out where you are and drink until you get the stomach symbol, keep looting and return to drink once more and you'll be set for a while. Also if you have a water bottle you can fill it and drink it twice without throwing up (just make sure you haven't eaten in a while). As for food, keep rope and a fishing hook or bones on you and you'll never be hungry.
When you get your stats to white it'll take a long while until you have to eat or drink again.

A game can be realistic without copying every single aspect of real life. I'm sure people appreciate being able to overcome sicknesses quickly and healing fractures in 15-30 minutes.

etwas added a subscriber: etwas.Sep 7 2023, 4:28 PM

everyone wants realism in the game, but only if it comes to hunger/thirst :)
everything is accelerated in the game. everything:

  • u can jog endless without ever resting, no matter how much weight u carry
  • broken legs heal within minutes, even without a splint
  • any sickness can be cured within minutes
  • u can skin and quarter animals within seconds
  • u can fix/repair anything from nearly ruined to worn within seconds
  • etc pp

well, noone complaints there that this isnt close enough to realism, right ;)

some action timers could use some balancing for sure, for example wringing out clothes shouldnt take 10x the time than skinning an animal.

dbran1 is right.
Everything is exaggerated in DayZ, the consumption of shoes, the consumption of tools, the consumption of weapons... but the hunger this doll has is exaggerated!
Looks like he has a family of tapeworms in his stomach.
Reduce the amount of food present, but decrease the doll's metabolism. Otherwise it's like a ridiculous arcade.
One cannot spend his time repairing shoes, repairing tools, repairing weapons and eating like a starving obese man... it becomes the "farce" of survival.
Consumption should be realistic, rather tools and repair kits made rarer. It would be much more realistic.
Don't bring up the accelerated time, that's not how it works... do a calculation on the "theoretical time", and it's still wrong.
I don't know with this latest patch (1.22), but with old versions try to test the consumption of a battery with an NVG with the time accelerated, then try to "stretch the time" (decelerate it): the battery will last the same time IRL , NOT playing time. Just to give an example.
In my opinion, the game's consumption needs to be rebalanced in a more "realistic" or, at least, "plausible" key... otherwise it becomes a grotesque arcade.
Luckily there are personal servers and mods, but a game should already be good on its own, without having to use "additions or modifications".
My 5 cents.

Yeah the character eats a lot but it's not like you have to spend all your time playing looking for food. Inland you hear a lot of deer and killing one can give you 18 steaks which (when baked) is around 3x the max calory capacity of your character, that will keep you fed for a while. Two and a half fish fills your apple entirely, even fewer for salt water fish.
Wearing warm clothes and less sprinting will slow down hunger as well. Although I sprint most of the time and don't have hunger problems.

The game has a wide player base and it is impossible to keep everyone happy as everyone has different expectations, luckily there are mods and community servers for that like you said. But vanilla should always stay hardcore survival in my opinion. Although I do agree that some recent changes to make the game more difficult have made it more tedious instead (clothes durability, wringing etc.).