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Feedback from TRMZ on 1.10 Vanilla || Public Ticket
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Hi @Dayz

please can u give us some thoughts on loot economy in vanilla. The new despawn timers have really changed the game for the worse. Mosins/Blazes/m70s plus scopes are so rare now. Knives/melee weapons on the coast are rare. Please can we have some comms on cle?

Don't get me wrong, I want a challenge. Of all the known DayZ streamers i'd say I probably play more vanilla than anyone else. There is a problem with 1.09 and it's not been corrected. I love the need for hunting, but not being able to find tools to it is not fun.

Similarly high tier rifles are never where they spawn anymore, if I find a mosin now its where its been dropped by another player. It is never in spawn, in a house where the cle left it. One of the most fun things abt your game is the exploration and looting. The joy of finding

what you are looking for after many hours of looking. But that is gone, now you have to travel around until you find an "orgy of left over loot" from a fire fight and pick up the guns you want from it. The loot is taking too long to clean up and its spoiling the experience.

When u got to stary tents its littered with taloon back packs. The mid tier loot areas are now like a waste disposal for low tier loot that just sits there. It feels like the only growth industry in the apocalypse is fly tipping! Pls can we have some insight into where it going?

My EU server has for a long time been the only regularly full server that is vanilla in the community tab for a long time. Its been consist in its server pop for a very long time, look what it started going after 1.09....

There is a problem with 1.09. I want the game to be harder but the constant rain at times can drive you absolutely nuts. The no win scenarios where you die with cans of food on you and no way to open them happen way too much now. There needs to be some tweaks.

Suggestion. All high tier loot needs its despawn timer brought down to somewhere between 2-4 hrs. If that has an impact for base builders. Tough! Because right now the game is shocking. Its not that it's hard to find loot, its that you have to find it where someone else dumped it

Knives/melee weapons need short despawn timers as do low tier back packs to stop pyramids of taloons & mountain bags in areas like Stary. I love vanilla, its my favourite version of DayZ. 4 the first time in a long time, the new patch has made the experience worse than the last.

Sorry abt the rant but its frustrating. DayZ is a game that rewards patience and time. It's not so much in 1.09. If you worked hard for some hours looking for something the game would reward you. Check enough hunting areas for many hours, you'd get your blaze. Not at the moment!

It's become an RnG loot economy where you need to get lucky in a firefight to get geared or find a discarded rifle where someone dropped it after a fight I want to be rewarded for going to the lightly travelled areas looking for hunting scopes and rifles, they aren't there...

1.10 Has balanced the "spawning in the rain is close to a death sentence" feeling. Now every spawn feels like a death sentence, rain or not! So its balanced in a way!

If u dont find a knife or matches/roadflare with a melee in the first cluster of houses by where u spawn u die!

I hope the hardcore fans love it, and I hope its really popular and I am wrong but Chernarus is not Namalsk. It feels like we are play testing Namalsk atm with the Chernarus map. Lots can be tweaked and I hope we are just testing Namalsk settings.

If it stays like that on Chernarus vanilla, vanilla is likely to die as a game mode. I hope im wrong, its always been my favourite.

All the same there are lots of cool new survival features in 1.1, it may only require a few tweaks and it could be amazing. Good night all!

Lots of love Spongooly


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Yesterday I was still cold with a pea coat on, and a woolly hat (no rain). I was at prig and after the well it was a fair journey wherever I chose to go. Went summer camp hoping for a knife. I was red hungry as I got there. There is no time to travel to where the loot is.

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As a Computer games pPlayer from the early 70's
DayZ is the best game I ever played
But it's a bit whack atm

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I think we should get a discussion going on this. Everybody should give their opinions. There are so many intricate mechanics now, that we need to give as much feedback as possible.

I’ve played 1.10 expy twice now, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself both times. Then again, I do like keep a low profile, and only PvP when necessary.

I spawned in Kamy today, and found a lot of fruit on the ground. I have a feeling that the removal of berries has massively increased the spawning of other fruits. I found more than enough to move inland.

I agree that dropped loot persists for far too long. The new meta is that players drop weapons for themselves to pick up later - this isn’t a good change, in my opinion.

In terms of the harshness of spawning in cold - especially when it’s raining, perhaps you could give freshspawns the ‘heat buff’ you normally receive when warmed by a fire.

I think we should be able to wring out any clothing that gets wet, including ballistic vests. Or maybe allow us to add the tarp to vests to make them waterproof.

Broken legs last for too long. 15 minutes is more than enough if you ask me - any longer and it starts to feel tedious.

What about letting us open canned food on rocks, or something similar? You could balance this by making us lose a high percentage of the contents.

Maybe we could also pull bark from a tree with our hands. This could be balanced by making us bleed. This would certainly solve the RNG knife issue.

Overall, I think this update is very good, and with some tweaks here and there, the game will be incredible.

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I'd like to add my 2 cents too. As well as the above, there is currently no point in having a raincoat, as you will never get warm while wearing one. I suggest removing the inventory from raincoats and allowing them to be placed over your coat in the high-cap vest spot. Running should also give you a heat bonus like you get from a fire, only shorter.

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I really personally believe that these experimental changes are temporary, just to test our abilities and gather some data. It really feels like Namalsk test for me. And if I'm wrong, oh boy, really bad times are coming for Vanilla Dayz. If veterans are already struggling there should be no talk about new comers at all. I personally tested 1.10 exp and i made it to the north-west, but even with the highest isolation clothes u are cold in the open and i was not wet at all. Wind simulation is a little OP atm i think. As many said, the biggest struggle is only at the start in Dayz. I think if u want to implement cold weather or wind in dayz, make a map gradually colder going north-west or something. Or even add some snow at the Tissy region to finally be able to use that white winter hunting jacket+pants. This hunting gear is laying in the deer stands forever and nobody ever wears it.
About the loot economy, yes for the half empty and inactive servers there are no difference, u will always find stuff whatever u go. But inside full ones its a constant struggle and not fun, even with a perfect map knowledge u dont have any advantage anymore, just cant find anything. So many times i noticed that new loot is spawning too slow. Always almost all buildings at the coast are empty on RMZ server with high pop. That's why mostly new players play only modded game.
Also suggestion, we should be able to make rags with bare hands, like IRL.

I dont mind the game getting harder but obviously its getting harder wrong way. It's the difference between making an item rare and item being impossible to get because of some other tweaks. And It all comes down to base building somehow, I believe. De-spawn timers are ridicilous. Also people taking advantage of castles and building one door infront of it blocking the entrance is another way to say goodbye scopes and rifles and ammo isnt it? Personally, I couldnt care any less about base building and I seriously believe it should be removed from First Person Only servers. I got a lot of hate 1 or 2 years back when I say that from community, forums etc. and recently some streamers set up some servers disabling base building. They seem to be doing alright?

At the beginning of 1.09 TRMZ brought up the issue of knifes essentially becoming Heli tier finds on a high pop server. To begin with, I didn't notice much change but after a week or so I was convinced he was right.

My current life on DayZ Experimental was pretty crazy in that regard. I looted the whole of Balota town and found 3 large tins of food that I could do nothing with. Even when I found an axe and a hacksaw and killed a few chickens, I realised that I couldn't use the axe or the hacksaw to strip bark from trees to make a hand drill kit and there were no matches anywhere

Luckily, because Balota is a rare spawn, I managed to find a machete North of Balota and cook so I'm still alive.

The solution to me seems more simple:

  1. Allow stripping of bark/creation of rags using any sharp edged tool
  2. Allow crafting of hand drill kit with a stick and paper/rag as well as bark
  3. Allow opening of cans with any sharp edged tool
  4. rebalance the penalty for using a tool other than a knife/can opener to open cans

Found these on experimental today, same life. starting to think its not the game, its the people...

Spaggie added a comment.EditedOct 25 2020, 5:19 PM

@SoundEnginar Nah, we wiped TRMZ servers on 1.09 and the issue TRMZ is discussing was apparent from a clean start there

I don't think knives in stashes reduce the amount of knives in the map

It's very complex

Litas added a comment.Oct 25 2020, 7:30 PM

@SoundEnginar u found stashed stuff in the server which hasn't been wiped since patch 1.04 or something...

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Hello everyone and thank you for your feedback.
The ecconomy is going to be looked into by the devs and possibly adjusted for the future versions.