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Collection of some ideas I made while playing DayZ for performance maybe, but for sight in distance and beauty mistakes
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This is a report if an issue from the PC VERSION of the game.

Hello, fellers of the complaint management and programmers. Long time no see, but I just want you guys know that I have some ideas you may have thought about for long time.
First of all: I really find DayZ has become a very nice game, with some issues as always and like every other game.
I now almost have played my 3500 hours, since November 2014.
There are some things that still need to be fixed at some day.
I make some suggestions for you, and you look who you can give these to get them fixed in the future.
As a member of the community and a longtime player I dont know what it is about to make a game like this.
How difficult it is to write the code and how complex it all is to make it work.
So now my sugggestions.

Beauty mistakes:

  • All hats, like baseball cap, military hats etc. should be moved permanently like ingame measures 2cm more up. So it wouldnt look like the hats have holes. It is not much to do I think? Just all hats need to level higher relative to the head. Because if you use a Balaclava and a hat or without a Balaclava, the hair or the Balaclava is shining throught to topside of the hat.
  • I have thought about the incident that anyone is being seen, laying prone in the field for everyone who is looking towards them no matter how good you are hidden with carmourflaged cloth or ghillie. Maybe it is possible to try out in an experimental area, to have something like a overlaying layer over the ground on the hole map, where prone player cant be seen through from the distance. Only if you have the right tools, like a scope or binoculars you can spott them. I dont know how it behaves to the server performance, but if you lay prone below this layer, you cant be spotted from far distance standing players. But like now if you look into the field, you can see every player laying proned so easy.
  • Another thought was like having a sphere not seen in the game but behind the scenes, where the players cant see to the farscape of the map so easy. Like a bubble you be in and need to watch through into the ingame world. I hope you understand what I am talking about. I think maybe it is possible to hide a player laying prone behind these layers, a bubble or maybe a graphic layer hovering over the ground of a map to hide the players laying down. You are the makers of the game and I dont know what I am talking about I only want to give some ideas which maybe possible to make this game better and better with you guys playing around with the code and the x y z area of the game. If you make layers for the forests maybe or spheres which are screened like the grass and stuff on the outside skin of this bubbles overlaying the trees of a forest, it would not be so easy to spot anyone sitting in the trees or bushes. Like being really carmourflaged. Only with scopes or anything else having zoom on these spheres you can look through or cancel out a sphere to spot "enemies" other players....

    That´s what I thought about. I hope you are able to do such things in the future. Or maybe not? I dont know. But I like the game a lot and thinking about getting it better and better.

    Best regards Pokaa23 aka Joe


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Pokaa23 created this task.Sep 26 2019, 4:37 PM

My english is terrible, but I hope you understoud what I am saying.
If every forest have a sphere around it, with a kind of skin which is coloured or maybe overlayed with some grass-skin or bush-skin thingy, you cant spot people so easy in the woods. Because players cant look so far through these "bubbles" "spheres" call it how you want.
And a layer over the ground where people can hide if they prone. Like a water layer without the water, but like the grass skin layer you have to walk through from the feet to the knees.
I dont know... Just thought about it.
Do not know if it is good for the performance of the game... or maybe it just makes the performance even better.
If everything has a bubblesphere where you can choose what to see and not to see.... I dont know.
Is something like this possible???

It´s a bug report project, not an wishlist ;-)

To be fair, Emil, it’s a feedback tracker, and there is a ‘feature request’ section in the drop-down menu. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and I’ve had a few bits fed back to the team.

Pokaa23 - in the legacy version of the game, there was the sinking technology which solved this problem. Basically, if your character lay prone in tall grass you would still be hidden at distances where the grass stops rendering. As long as your character was in the grass, they would sink into the ground making them very difficult to spot.

It was asked recently if this technology would return. They said they would like it to, but cannot promise that it will. Hope this helps.

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Sep 26 2019, 7:04 PM