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Wolves Jumping through cars and causing damage.
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I was driving slow through Tissy and a pack of wolves sideswiped me and just about killed me while I was in a fully built 4x4 car, you also can't run them over, they go right through the vehicle like it isn't there at all.


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Windows 10
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Sit in a vehicle and let the wolves have at it.

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Beavis added a subscriber: Beavis.EditedAug 19 2019, 11:01 AM

Yes, this happened to me yesterday, so wolves are still (as of 1.04) able to attack players in a closed car. My car had a harry potter moment just as I was driving past a flock of wolves and ended up in a bush, before I was able to reverse out the wolves killed me through the closed doors.

This was fixed for infected some patches ago, please make it so wolves cannot attack players in a fully built car with doors closed. Doorless or doors open - fine. But when the doors are closed they should have to wait until I get out...