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Changes to improve handcuffs
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I feel like handcuffs need a buff. They are powerful items IRL, and I think the game should reflect that.

Here’s some changes I think could make handcuffs an important item.

  • Reduce the time it takes to handcuff someone. This increases the likelihood of players using restraints, and even betrayal. Which makes for more interesting encounters/stories. I think it should only take 1 second.
  • Increase the time it takes to break out of handcuffs. Because they are the top tier of restraints. And should be OP. Should take at least 2 minutes.
  • Allow players to jog whilst restrained - I feel like this would provide some balance. Since it increases the chance that a player can escape. Again, adds more interesting dynamics to the encounter.
  • Breaking out of handcuffs should make players bleed, because why not? Again, we’re talking top tier restraints. There should be a punishment for breaking out.

The way restraints are currently, nobody really attempts to tie anybody up while their back is turned. It simply takes too long. Being able to do so, quickly, will create more tension, and paranoia. If you let your guard down, you should be punished!


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EnterThePug renamed this task from Changes to make improve handcuffs to Changes to improve handcuffs.

This is actually a good idea.

Also... the only way to reset the action circle, when a prisoner is breaking out, is to hit them. This leads to unnecessary deaths.

It would be great if you could reset the action circle, by checking their pulse, or something equally benign.

  • lockpick (in inventory) should give an advantage while trying to break out. Would be my addition.. 😂☝️
Ingal added a subscriber: Ingal.Apr 26 2021, 12:32 AM

I've always thought that breaking out of handcuffs takes way too short time. Same goes with lock picks, skinning animals... Most timers are off imo. You shouldn't be able to skin an animal that fast and get that much meat.

But great idea about the handcuffs.