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Dynamic Events Lootspawner not picking right objects defined as deloot="1"
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The dynamic event loot spawner detects perfectly which items have been marked as dynamic event loot for helicrash and policecarwrecks, but then seemingly random takes other items.
ContaminatedArea loot doesn't even spawn any item marked as such

6:01:06.229 [**CE][DE] StaticPoliceCar, ChildType: Land_Wreck_sed01_aban2_police, lootmin: 2, lootmax: 6**
 6:01:06.229   container: loot, lootmax: 6, possible loot items: 116
 6:01:06.229     **category: DELoot**  <-- correct loot table as defined
 6:01:06.229       PoliceVest
 6:01:06.229       PersonalRadio
 6:01:06.229       Megaphone
 6:01:06.229       Battery9V
 6:01:06.229       Tactical_Leg_Holster_Black
 6:01:06.229       AmmoBox_357_20Rnd
 6:01:06.229       AmmoBox_9x19_25rnd
 6:01:06.229       Handcuffs
 6:01:06.229       HandcuffKeys
 6:01:06.229       NBC_Gloves_Navy
 6:01:06.229       NBC_Boots_Navy
 6:01:06.229       NBC_Jacket_Navy
 6:01:06.229       NBC_Pants_Navy
 6:01:06.229       NBC_Hood_Navy
 6:01:06.229       Mag_CZ61_20Rnd
 6:01:06.229     **category: SubCounter**  <-- what are these ? and why does the lootspawner take objects from this list
 6:01:06.229    ** category: Standard**
 6:01:06.229       Roadflare
 6:01:06.229       OMNOGloves_Gray
 6:01:06.229       OMNOGloves_Brown
 6:01:06.229       PoliceCap
 6:01:06.229       BalaclavaMask_Black
 6:01:06.229       BalaclavaMask_Blackskull
 6:01:06.229       GP5GasMask
 6:01:06.229       Balaclava3Holes_Black
 6:01:06.229       PolicePants
 6:01:06.229       PolicePantsOrel
 6:01:06.229       PoliceJacket
 6:01:06.229       PoliceJacketOrel
 6:01:06.229       PressVest_Blue
 6:01:06.229       PressVest_LightBlue
 6:01:06.229       HatchbackTrunk_Blue
 6:01:06.229       Sedan_02_Wheel
 6:01:06.229       Truck_01_WheelDouble
 6:01:06.229       UniversalLight
 6:01:06.229       TLRLight
 6:01:06.229       PistolSuppressor
 6:01:06.229       FNP45_MRDSOptic
 etc ...

Loot that got selected is this:

6:02:12.892 [CE][SpawnRandomLoot] (StaticPoliceCar) :: EventID:[31] CurrentID[2891] at [5754.67,3058.39]: 5 items added :: DELoot(2) other(4)
6:02:12.892   list of spawned items:
6:02:12.892     Handcuffs (deloot: 1)   <-- deloot item
6:02:12.892     AmmoBox_357_20Rnd (deloot: 1)   <-- deloot item
6:02:12.892     NBC_Jacket_White (deloot: 0)
6:02:12.892     Ammo_12gaPellets (deloot: 0)
6:02:12.892     TTC_M9_Custom (deloot: 0)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Latest MS release
Steps To Reproduce

Just set random 20 items as deloot="1" in the category Police
enable log_ce_dynamicevent=true in the logging and this list will pop up

Additional Information

Helicrashes does exactly the same and ContaminatedArea doesn't even spawn loot configured for usage name="ContaminatedArea" at all ... 0
I might have filed the first request in the incorrect category here: , sorry for that

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Geez added a subscriber: Geez.Feb 24 2022, 2:48 PM

Hello gjvdheuvel.

If you want to have more than 2 deloot items per event, you will have to configure this in your settings.

Inside of cfgeconomycore.xml, there are several default values listed.
To control the amount of deloot items per event, inside of the <defaults> category add "<default name="randomloot_deloot_perevent" value="2" />"
And specify what value you would prefer yourself.
When not specified, this value defaults to 2.

A reason why no deloot is selected as all is when all available deloot items have reached their nominal values.


Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Feb 24 2022, 2:48 PM

Super awesome info, thanks !

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