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Allow us to make armbands out of flags
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It would be great if we cut up flags into armbands. Only having the basic raincoat colours is a bit limiting. This will allow squads to appear more unique, and makes it much more unlikely that 2 squads will be wearing the same colour.


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JerryK added a subscriber: JerryK.Wed, Apr 21, 2:49 AM

Armbands out of bandanas would also be cool, in my opinion

This was suggested in one of Sumrak streaming, we also suggested to place two armbands at once, one on each arm, so at least the combination of colours make friends more recognizable. But despite of this, they need to add a wider variant of clothes, the same way they did it with food.

@ParanoiaLP I mentioned it in Sumrak’s stream last year 😂 He liked the idea, so just thought I’d remind him.

Totally agree regarding the clothes. A simple way to start this would be to offer different varieties of colours/patterns on the existing clothing skins. Also, the reintroduction of dyeing clothing.