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Car Despawn
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we have a problem we build a base and get manage to repair a car we drived this car to our base closed the gate with Combination Lock and logout today the car is gone and the every wall is fine so no one cant drive this car out... its happing two time in arrow so maybe you would look its like not normal this car cant drive out the base maybe cheat or something



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Windows 10 x64
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Its on Stable 1.03.151507 Version on Pc on

Server DayZ DE 2-1 Public/Veteran by

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Beavis added a comment.EditedNov 24 2019, 1:23 AM

@Allantheking Yeah I know, that is what makes it so frustrating... It has been happening since May (patch 1.03 iirc) and if I am not mistaken it was reported pretty much right away.

It is weird that such a disruptive bug has been allowed to persist so long. I'd say this and the jittery vehicle physics (flying cars in certain circumstances) are the two most important issues devs have. Since these are apparently very difficult issues to track down and solve, it would be a good move to give some information about it. In a Status Report, for example... :)

springby added a comment.EditedNov 24 2019, 9:15 AM

We all know that adding new feats introduce new bugs. This will occur all the time as long new things is added.

The game was officially released a year ago.

The to-do list (if its still valid) is still really long and there is still a ton of things to add and with that a ton of new bugs to fix.

If it takes in the area of 6 months to fix a bug, the game will take another 5 years to complete.

The game was officially released a year ago...

Now, we are all adults here, most of us/many of us have supported the game since the early Arma 2 mod days. We do not complain and rant on reddit or their twitter.

But im thinking about refund.

@Beavis Thanks for sharing the observations. If you ask me it's a shame we get to hear so little about the progress regarding this. Even though they are now slowly reintroducing features and in great fashio, which I compliment them for, the game is still pretty barebones in terms of end game goals. There still is base building and getting a car. And one of those is completely broken. I've seen no other game that has these weird physics with the cars jittering and jumping around. The throwing physics on the other hand look phenominally well and smooth. There is a distinct lack of communication regarding this issue and quite frankly it pisses me off and deterrs me from playing the game atm, because after almost 3k hours in this game, I want some reliability and not have my journey ruined due to a car killing me or have my hard earned car just disappear...

Can we expect a fix in the next patch? (1.06+)

Any updates at all? lol

@springby @Geez Hi Geez, can you please update us on the progress of solving this game feature breaking issue? Any communication regarding it would be very much appreciated and quite frankly, appropriate. Thank you.

They will just say they are working on it and no updates, there is no point in asking...

Beavis added a comment.Dec 6 2019, 9:44 AM

Here's a video of a sequence that might help shed some light on the subject. This happened on a nearly empty server - I was the only one online - when a player with extremely unstable internet started trying to connect to the server. When I checked the log afterwards I could see several connection attempts and disconnects while the car was dancing, but server FPS was around 2,500-3,000 during the entire sequence.

I have never before seen a car without driver jump around like this, although I have seen the consequences (one of my cars had jumped off into the woods while I was away, without any restart in between.)

PS: Also - why do the infected keep aggroing the cars instead of me shooting at them from the shed?

@Beavis Yeah thanks, I'm kind of tired though about us having to "shed light" on this subject. I want to hear, that they're working with top priority on this, because it's GAME. FEATURE. BREAKING. and if they're not working on it with top priority, I want to know why.

Beavis added a comment.Dec 6 2019, 4:30 PM

@freerider3434 Yeah I agree. It is such a disruptive issue that I too feel they should make an effort to explain A) the underlying cause (can't imagine they don't know yet) and B) why fixing it takes so much time.

Cars have been flying since beta, and they have been jumping around and despawning at server restart since May. That is a very long time for an issue this serious to go unchecked. At least give us some info, that is not much to ask.

@Beavis Good to hear someone likeminded.

Cars still despawning after most recent update on Xbox One... just lost an Olga on a private server, no ruined parts... there are a lot of annoying bugs in this game, but cars vanishing is the WORST! PLEASE FIX!!

I have a quite a few bugs I noticed might as well post them all at the same time, I initially came to post about my car disappearing because that seriously annoyed me. Makes me want to cancel my server to be honest.

Anyway here are the current bugs I have noticed.

  1. Same thing happened to me on my PRIVATE Xbox server. Passworded and triple gated. Car Disappeared after being in full good conditions. FUMING. Wouldn't be so bad but no other vehicles seem to be respawing and the ones that I know are knocking about are miles and miles away and I have a base set up with 8 tents and about 15 barrels/+ sea chests/wood boxes etc.
  1. Also my car before it disappeared has on serveral occasions, decided to bounce around/ fly / go under ground on the map. Like I say on several different occasions and I have it on video.
  1. Another big frustrating bug as I am sure you are aware , is that myself and others are still having major problems with inventory. One example is if I swap a item in my hands with a item in a container I cannot remove the swapped item back out of the said container. I have to restart the server to fix it.
  1. I managed to have no head/ appear invisible, when trying to distmantle my base fence posts with a spade.
  1. Applying the top layer of barbed wire to a fence or watchtower sometimes makes the whole tower or fence turn invisible
  1. Fence and watch tower posts / kits are being allowed to be built, but then do not allow all parts to be constructed, i.e. it will not build a bottom or top section of a wall.
  1. Building a small watchtower in a large shed does not let you complete any of the 2nd level building options because the cursor is automatically dragged above the rafters, items dropped on the roof /floor of the first level construction will also glitch into the ceilings.
  1. Barbed wire still causes damage to a player when attached to a open gate. Where the gate would be when closed.
  1. Zombies are still spawning on rooftops.
  1. Firebarrel sometimes does not stop making noise until I reset the server.
  1. When making a fireplace on official server, the game will sometimes freeze and crash when combining rags with a short stick. Has happened to me multiple times when making said item.
  1. Cannot manually stack metal sheets into piles of 20/20 unless attaching to fence / watchtower kit, then dropping items directly from proximity menu, then collecting stack.
  1. As above - but for wooden logs
  1. As above - Except must stack with fireplace or fire barrel - firewood.
  1. Planks do not stack in 20/20 unless you have a single digit amount (1-9) in your hand when combining, or by stacking them using the fence/watchtower kits.
  1. When trying to remove the equipped shoulder slot item from the inventory menu . ( Top left slot ) It sometimes removes the slot underneath ( face ) item instead. ( If I have a damaged face item, and I un- equip it unintentionally , I cannot re-equip it or repair it. )
  1. The item menu when scrolling is messed up when you have a buttpack equipped/ when you have your walkie talkie equipped on your bag with the battery attached/ on both the buttpack and backpack.
  1. Game sometimes freezes when travelling in vehicles, upon reload the vehicle has usually crashed/broken.
  1. On official server Dead characters( hear fly's swarming ) can be glitched into a living position i.e still upright holding a weapon. Able to be shot and still have a bleeding animation , but were already dead making me fire and give away my position.
  1. Zombies glitched into game walls or player built walls can hurt the player whilst the player cannot hit or hurt the zombie.
  1. Many glitched items on ground on Livonia official that cannot be picked up or equipped/eaten/used.
  1. Car engine , keeps running when exiting but no noise continues of s running engine.
  1. Zombies attract to the car and totally ignore players even when the engine is off and a player is in close proximity.
  1. Running zombies over/down with vehicles sometimes does not work , even at moderately high speed, the zombies sometime go up and over but are ok.
  1. Cannot pick up a used, totally empty fire barrel, even once totally cooled down, with lid shut.
  1. Sometimes when killing a zombie with a melee weapon, the dead zombie body will up float into the sky

making it unlootable.

  1. Not sure if this one is unintentional or not, but in some of the small unit buildings that have small windows, you cannot actually shoot through the very clear glass to kill zombies , even 1 foot away with 15 shots. All bullets do not penetrate the window. Confirmed.

But I can shoot zombies though wooden doors.

  1. Sometimes the sunlight effect that appears on screen as a glare, actually becomes permanently attached to the "camera".
  1. Cannot take battery charger to hands through proximity search or from backpack to hands, have to drop it then take it to hands.
  1. Planks have not respawned in my server I had since the day Livonia was released. I have restarted my server many times and have tried many different time settings.
  1. The handcuff key item sometimes appears invisible in the inventory screen.
  1. Cannot equip a armband without first putting it into your hands.
  1. Barriers can sometimes take a very long time to load up when travelling in a vehicles , even at low speeds, resulting in a head on crash into a invisible wall.
  1. Zombies sometimes lose their skin texture and appear as white shapes ( similar to how trees look when

initially loading up the game )

  1. Sometimes the fully white screen appears when pulling up the sights on certain scopes whilst it loads in.
  1. Barbed wire does not make you bleed. Only take health damage.

That is all I can think of for now, but I am sure there are more.

Dayz glitch on the 6 years yeaahh baby call the paper.🤣🤣 Fix the game mate. Oh my fucking god. Carrs dont work good. Nothing in this game. Bugss and bugs and more

Crying about bugs does not help developers to find and fix source of problem. But when you describe situation how its happened, then they can find a problem and fix it.

My example: car leaved half part inside car tent, half part outside tent. After server restart was car gone. Its something howto cars (movable entities) respawned on the map after server restart. Its not easy find problem why is car despawned. Its needed some verbose logging on server side. This helps find why car despawned.

does44 added a subscriber: does44.Dec 31 2019, 7:58 AM

@Geez From BI's "DayZ in 2020"-article, we've learned that bug fixing and optimization are the main focus of the continued development in 2020. Given, that there has been quite the negative response regarding this article, due to the fact that community-members can't fit all the PROMISED FEATURES in the "some new small-scale content"-statement within this "DayZ in 2020"-article, I want to ask you:

Can we expect this GAME FEATURE BREAKING BUG to be amongst top priority in 2020?

Geez added a comment.Feb 24 2020, 12:55 PM

@Geez From BI's "DayZ in 2020"-article, we've learned that bug fixing and optimization are the main focus of the continued development in 2020. Given, that there has been quite the negative response regarding this article, due to the fact that community-members can't fit all the PROMISED FEATURES in the "some new small-scale content"-statement within this "DayZ in 2020"-article, I want to ask you:

Can we expect this GAME FEATURE BREAKING BUG to be amongst top priority in 2020?

Hello freerider3434.
The issue is continuously being worked on.

@Geez Thank you for replying! Despite avoiding to answer the question. I assume it isn't amongst top priority then, but at least we know it is still being worked on.