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Cars disappearing after minor dammage is done to them
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-Have been playing on my private server with friends.
-Server is updated. Clients are on experimental brach.
-Found a car. Left it there for at least 3 to 4 hours, before finding car parts to be able to repair it.
-Came back and repaired car.
-Only radiator, one tyre, headlamps, and doors were missing.
-Drove it down the hill and had minor crash with zombii and tree because driving without tyre.
-Battery ran out of juice. So we left it near the road.
-After maybe half an hour of searching came back with new battery, bud CAR WAS GONE. Only thing that was left was smoke in the middle of air and random radiator 10 meters near.
-There is no way anyone could have mandled with car. We play only in 3 players on server and other lad was on the other part map and me and my mate were together most of the time.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Newest, Pro version
Steps To Reproduce

-Take a 4x4 Sedan
-Have a minor crash
-Leave area for few minutes
-No car, only smoke particles

Additional Information

-My mate tryied to repair his car the same night and he sad he experienced the same thing as we did. After minor crash his car disappeared. But his wasn't smoking.
-Car is 4x4 Sedan
-Server has all persistent and other stuff turned on.
-Server config is copied from official forum post
-Only time is sped up to be two times faster.

-Just tryied it again. After tyre blow up. Car stopped and motor light started blinking. Then i left for maximum of 2 minutes and car wasn't there anymore.

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roysmajky edited Additional Information. (Show Details)Nov 13 2018, 8:34 AM

-Just tryied it again. On newest version.

Even if the car is ruined, which was not clear to me, i want stuff inside a car back.

@Geez RESOLVED/INTENDED @roysmajky The radiator is in the game for a reason. It's a vital part of how a car functions. The radiators job, is to cool the engine, thus your battery didn't run out of juice, but your engine was ruined due to overheating. This is intended behaviour. When a car is ruined, it is despawned upon server restart. For your next car, attach a radiator and fill it up. I would however not encourage you to invest the time and effort before this major bug T139497 is fixed.

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