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Car Disappeared Glitch
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When me and my friends signed on the car was gone no one could have took it because it was in our base and we took parts so no one could take it this also happened two times the first it spawned inside water on server reset but it did t break anything so we was able to get it out if you could please give us are car back cause we had way too many things in truck and it's all gone and my friends are starting to delete the game including me!


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bnasrich created this task.Aug 15 2019, 6:35 PM
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Cars sometimes move position when the server restarts. It’s a known issue and they are trying to fix it. In the mean time, I wouldn’t bother fixing cars that require a lot of parts, and definitely don’t store your best gear in them.

@Geez DUPLICATE of T139497

"Hello freerider3434.
Unfortunately there is no Information I can share other than that the issue is still currently being worked on internally.

Geez closed this task as a duplicate of T139497: Car Despawn.Dec 9 2019, 2:35 PM