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Car despawned
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I found most of the stuff for my car and alls i needed was one more tire i found it and die near the car i had my buddy drive the car to come pick me up they crashed a few times on the way due to lag and frozen screens but nun the less they made it to me and we headed back to are car tent unfortunately i got hit by that car and die so they set out to get me again on the way down the first road all the parts where pristine my buddy froze whilst driving and he presses the breaks to try and come to a stop after the freezing stopped the car was ruined and it would not turn on so some of the parts where okay so they took 3 tires a tire repair kit the battery and the radiator to a car down the street a ways when going back for all the other stuff in the car it was gone. I spent my time finding one spark plug and one more tire took about a day and ahalf of time none the less i got the second car going and took it to the tent on the way a few zombies started to run after me i lagged and hit a stump the engine light was red and it was at night so i didnt want to die and lose all my stuff i got out of the car jumped on top of it to stay away from the zombies and logged off now i knew are other car just despawned after a crash simular to mine i logged back on quickly hopping the zombies moved on when i got in they where gone and so was the car i took my flash light and tracked the way i came with the car back to its spawn it was nowhere to be found.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Built the second car with the parts we had grabed from are other car that had despawned after walking away. I managed to get the new car runnig after putting water in the radiator and gas in the tank the oil would not give me a selection to add so i started the car up turned it around and drove down the street i had no lag and i was going through a road block zombies started running after me i kept moving down the street to my car tent when i was coming up on a lil town i froze and i tried to stop the car after the freezing stoppes the car was damaged and the engine light was red i didnt have enough time to open the inventory cause zombies so i jumped on top of the car i kew the first car we had despawned so i didnt want to run away or go far so i logged off trying to stay alive i waited 3-4 mins to return to the server when i got back on the zombies moved away and i was standing in the road with no car under me

Additional Information

I had stuff in both of the cars that took alot of time to find not mentioning the weather i had to deal with and food and water to keep up took me about a full week to fix the first car and it was gone in 5mins i like the game and still play but after experiencing this problem to times in a row really let me down

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How can increase oil in a car engine it dont work on ps4

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"Hello freerider3434.
Unfortunately there is no Information I can share other than that the issue is still currently being worked on internally.

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