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It is necessary to think a little more about the bugs that are occurring when we are walking with them, a simple trip to any city can become much more than a hell breaking any limit of what is acceptable. suddenly the rendering takes the car up and down and fires the speed almost popping the engine back to neutral, waiting about five minutes it goes back to the track, the rendering speed makes me go 10km / h sometimes afraid of crashing, but still gives a bug that stays up to 5 minutes without seeing where the car goes.
suddenly when it comes back it is stuck somewhere, sometimes reappears before it hits and you can realize the speed much higher than you were ie it accelerates over the top always knocking and destroying the radiator, a horrible job for nothing, right you think just prepare with extra radiators until the developer fixes the bugs, but is wrong because when you need them they bug in the car and there is nothing to go back, so you think I'll look around to see if I find any new radiator around, and when you come back the car just disappeared.
you park the car inside a building and it disappears, in the same bug that we saw nothing for 5 MINUTES the car may appear bugged inside a tree and at this moment you lose the car too ..... there is no condition In 1 week of game I've already lost 8 cars all absolutely all due to bugs ..... The newest of them is what throws you down and up the scenery and makes the engine fuse but ..... something it must be done urgently because it is very frustrating to lose one car after another for bugs, the rest of the game is great for me but to have so many times the processes completely lost with the items that will go to the car when they disappear is to give simply want to forget and abandon the game ...
I already defended dayz a lot on social networks in spite of so many bugs but these are of great damage to the players who like the game the most. so I ask for a special attention and then instead of launching a new DLC I really hope that you pay special attention to the bigs because launching something to pay or not that is new with this amount of bugs does not even want to see what may come. ... I really love the dayz and emboss all the other bugs with zombies, doors, guns and etc .... but that of cars is impossible to maintain .... Thank you for your attention and I hope you consider this criticism and seek to improve in this regard and bring more quality content for those who like this mega game, thank you.


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Windows 7
Game Physics
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When you are on the roads driving a car

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