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DayZ crashing loot dissappering and cars
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Hi I rent a private server and the game crashes a lot when you drive and the game crashes the car does be wrecked when you log back in and loot gets stuck in tents when somebody lags out the cars flip and bounce around even when you are standing still the game crashes,I parked 3 cars up logged in the next day one car was missing and one was upside down,two days ago my game crashed and I logged in beside a car the car flipped hit me and was left on it roof destroyed with perfect rad spark and battery,I have sent a support ticket in to nitrado and nobody has responded is there anything you's can do to help because I am sick of looting for hours on end and all your cars are gone etc


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Windows 7

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BI is trash and they scammed us

It's pretty simple, when you park a vehicle you need to ensure that it can fully rotate 360° without touching anything else. When you log in and the world renders around you, items rotate to the direction that they were left in which means that they can conflict and cause item rotation or despawning.

Try it yourself and see if that helps, I have seen directly that it is stable if it has enough space around it when parked.

Geez closed this task as a duplicate of T139497: Car Despawn.Dec 11 2019, 12:40 PM