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Car Despawning
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Car always despawns a few hours after you get it running, hide it and then dismantle it to prevent theft


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Windows 7
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First you have to spend all goddamn day building the fucking car, next you have to pray really really hard that the car doesn't start defying gravity and physics when you get in it. If the fucking car happens to stay on the fucking ground, then you have to stay under 30kmh so when you inevitably lag the crash doesn't kill you or destroy the car. And if by some goddamn miracle you make it all the way to your destination, people will try to hide the car and dismantle it to prevent it being stolen. But guess fucking what? As always the developers are the biggest fucking threat to a player character and their gear. People won't even have a chance to put the car back together and steal it, because the fucking car will despawn in a few hours. And this doesn't just happen occassionally. It happens EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!

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Guarantee the endless car issues are a top complaint of your customers, but ya'll seem to mostly ignore them. And if you do address some minute issue, you end up fucking something else up. Hard to imagine a company could be run worse than this.

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Skenny11 created this task.Oct 31 2019, 7:16 AM
twgolf66 added a comment.EditedDec 9 2019, 3:58 AM

Cars are now running good so happy to give a feedback.
I drove from Tisy all the way to Cherno(twice for testing), no crash happened and I could speed up to 70km/h. You still want to slow down though when entering big towns like Elecktro but definitely improved and now playable. Thanks for fixing it BI! Also noticed that most engine parts come with a vehicle including some gas but the garages are empty as I try to look for the hood or missing doors. Cars come in different colors is a nice touch. Can we have Hummer now?

Those of you have died in car crash before, it wasn't your driving skill that caused it, it was the game. Now that cars are operational, this might change game play a bit..
Thanks again BI for listening to our needs! Now move onto next..LOL

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Geez closed this task as a duplicate of T139497: Car Despawn.Dec 9 2019, 2:34 PM
Geez closed this task as a duplicate of T139497: Car Despawn.

@twgolf66 There is no official mention that the issue described in this ticket has been fixed. Stating that you did not encounter the issue, is not evidence that the issue has been resolved. Additionally, I want to inform you, that the functionality of the car feature, specifically the driving, is in strong dependance of server sided work load.

I want to encourage you to read tickets thoroughly, which should be easy enough specifically with this one as it is one sentence, before stating assumptions as facts, or alternitavely provide official information, confirming your claims.

Thank you for your comment. I was also thinking that I was in mostly low populated servers and might have something to do with it. I also wanted say it wasn't completely fixed but I felt much improved compare to my previous experiences. If you ask me again, I think it's going to positive direction and it should after all these years of development. I'm still a newbie to the game and this community compare to you that I apologize for any impressions of my own opinion. I see you are a very active member in this panel and thanks again for your insight.