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Cars disappearing after logging off
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I was playing on my private server and managed to get an Olga 24 put together and running. I found the car just to the west of ЛЕСОПИЛКА by the coast. I put it together by finding pieces throughout surrounding garages and sheds and drove down to ВПП(БАЛОТА) and set up a checkpoint there with supplies. After about a week of building there I went up to РОГОВО to set up a main base and then I logged off for the night. When I logged back on the next day I spawned in at the same spot I left from but my car was gone. I checked my private server on Nitrado and it didn’t show anyone was on the server from the time I logged off to the time I logged back on. Then I found an ADA 4X4 just south of РОГОВО and just east of ПОГОРЕВКА and all I had to do was add a tire, water to the radiator, and gasoline. After adding those items I drove it to just outside НОВЫЙ СОБОР and logged off and it disappeared just like the other one with no one being online. I was just trying to figure out why the cars were disappearing like that and if there was a way to fix it.


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