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Car despawn
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Spent 9 hours collecting parts for Ada 4x4. Parked it in a barn in Nadezhdino, down the hill on left as coming into the town from the south. Whilst collecting water for the radiator the car despawned. Smoke from the radiator could still be seen, but not the car. After rejoining the server nothing could be seen. We had took all our stuff from collecting for days out of the tent and put it all in the car. Lost everything!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Found the car in same town and collected all parts apart from passenger as door was already on. Car was not able to be driven after parking it in the barn. We filled it with motor oil in the barn, then one canteen of water in the radiator. We filled canteen again at water pump in town and filled again. After collecting more water the car despawned.

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If the engine gets ruined, the car despawns very quickly taking everything stored within with it to car hell.

Our car despawned and it was 100% okay

@Geez DUPLICATE of T139497

"Hello freerider3434.
Unfortunately there is no Information I can share other than that the issue is still currently being worked on internally.

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