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Private server: two cars dissapeared after sercer restart
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We had a Gunter since two days, fully equipped, all in pristine state, and a Olga with one doorsnd the good missing, but all in pristine state.
Yesterday we were 2 people in each car, driving around the map to loot industrial sites. We were driving quite a long way to the coast. Between Elektro and Cherno we had issues accessing the inventory of the cars (items couldn‘t be taken out) and decided to restart the server. After the restart, both cars were despawned.
We had that problem once after a friends game crash, but then we found the car back the way we came, crashed and smokind. This time we wentback all the way we came from on foot, couldn‘t find both cars.

Btw, we also had a Large Tent, it was set up, but empty. It despawned after a server restart


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Hard to reproduce. We did some server restarts with the gunter before, at least 4 times during almost 8 hours of driving it. No problems occured. Only way to reproduce is driving, stopping and restarting the server.

Additional Information

Overall the driving was a improvement, way less lag as before update, even in towns. Game crashes sometimes, sometimes for one player, sometimes for all players in the server

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