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Snakes can open doors
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When trying to get away from a character, snakes (likely other nature) is able to open doors in order to escape. {F17004}


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That's some next-gen wild life !!! :D

Nerf snakes.

Upvote !!
So devs can see the various issues being opened

That's not a bug, it's a feature!

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Tactical snake

I say keep it just for the fun of it! :P lol

Tried it with bunnies but they walk through walls and doors. Then I was able to actually view this myself. Captured a video of it.

JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 6:01 AM

awesome can doors be blocked by characters? These snakes could be a problem

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That is too funny!


This makes Arma even BETTER!=D

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thats what i call a solid snake


We are all F*cked.. solid snake is here !! D:

Working as intended.

Suggest you instead file a report over the snake model not having hands.

Dont fix it! It would only remove a "feature" since every army now can send its own battlesnakes into combat!

Maybe we get a mod for snake equipment like attachable rocketlaunchers or sth?

Or a shotgun snake to clear rooms.

This way you could send your snake to clear houses! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!^^




I think people are forgetting ARMA 3 is set in the future. Maybe snakes in the future are sentient with telepathic powers. In fact, maybe in the armaverse the snakes have ALWAYS controlled the entire Eastern Bloc and NA-



Devs released a video of the next build with the corrected snakes:

I LOVE this thread.

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This isn't a forum and your jokes are bad.

That is all.

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Nah, it's funny.

And writing "That is all" is so 2011.

OP didn't read section 435, paragraph 50, line 4, bullet-point 6 of the change log:

+Snakes intelligence increased to human + 1 (induces telepathy)

Snakes are too OP in this game. Do you mean as players or as AI? If AI, then that's a major problem.

Yeah DON´t fix this !

If it disguises itself as a Cardboard Box and then jumps out, then it's time to take out and 'nerf the Snake. I think leaving this in, might lead to some interesting Script for MODS, so leave it in. SNAKES ON A BASE, Modified DAYS SSSSSSS with Snakes instead of Zombies etc, SNAKES IN A TANK. Even other Animals could use this AI, imagine Grizzly's or Wolves ovening doors.

This is funny but true.

I see a Horror mod coming on... Rise of the Snakes

Well in fact...
Anyway i just kidding, i have never see this problem (i have never see a snake close to a door, its cause of this) but snake is considerate like civilian at mission end, i think both issue are clearly related.

You guys are hilarious. Cracking up at this.

I bet ArmA 3's snake AI will beat CoD's fish AI.

After having seen this ( I knew it was real! dafuq O_o

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7 month is not enough for Bis to block doors from opening by animals. Gratz.

Don't you know that snakes in ArmA 3 are not animals but civilians? :D

If you kill a snake in your after mission window you will see snake under killed civilians.

"in order to escape"
I never seen a escaping snake in ArmA 3, when i firing at snake snake is just moving forward not faster than normally.
Sometimes snake even stopping under fire and few secounds after that starts to move again.

I want to see snakes injuring and killing people like real snakes do :-) No civilian would be safe while baricaded in house, even closing door will not prevents killer snakes from killing everybody inside :D

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 10:57 AM

I'm pretty sure that snake kills counting as civilian kills is fixed, at least in the dev build.

And FYI, not all snakes are dangerous IRL.

make snakes playable

I think they are playable just like bunnies, just use notepad to edit mission file or use a scripts.

[quote]And FYI, not all snakes are dangerous IRL. [/quote]
I know but it is a shooter do not forget about it, we are supposed to fight here, so dangerous snakes would better fit a shooter type game.

And fishes are even more funny, they can swim on the ground away from water, open doors and even explode if you are using a scripts :D

Still happens

Issue still unresolved

Is there a way to remove native wildlife? They serve no purpose and aren't synced... They should just be deleted.

TutSi added a subscriber: TutSi.May 7 2016, 10:57 AM

Dear devs, just create simply module, script command, ANYTHING to disable ambiend wildlife. Rabbits everywhere, snakes coming out from houses, its really enough reasons to destroy gameplay and immersion of game. I live near forest - even i didnt saw so many rabbits in this wet, green place - and game is at Grecee, how is this possible they have more snakes and rabbits?

Tossing a bump into this. Mostly because snakes bypass _this setVariable[format["bis_disabled_Door_%1",_thisDoor],1,true];

In T59444#766231, @roni wrote:

7 month is not enough for Bis to block doors from opening by animals. Gratz.

Multiply that by 10.

@DarkDruid can we get a dev to actually look at this please? The community is well past the initial hilarity of snake jokes. We'd like the bug fixed now as it does cause problems in some cases, such as the one mentioned by Gnashes.