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snakes opening doors
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in hold location i spawned in agia and walked up to a door and was afk for a bit but still looking at the screen, untill suddenly the door openend. when i investigated i saw a snake crawling inside going up a stairs.


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Was he under a cardboard box?

Seriously however, this should be fixed.

Voted-up. Snakes opening doors is not a good thing.

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no he wasent under a cardboard box, he just opened the door and crawled up the stairs :P also heard some other friends of mine saying this when i mentioned it to them.

il try and get a vid of it or screenshots but its pretty random. maybe if i can spawn like 20 snakes in a house and see who gets out first :P the bidding is open and my bid is on snake number 14

Lol, I saw this last Saturday. I was at the air field on Stratis, near the Warehouse by the traffic control tower, and I was going to see if there were guards in that warehouse that needed to be eliminated. I was walking up to a door when it opened, and I thought "Oh, now for SURE that has to be a guy" and was ready to fire when I saw him.

Then I noticed a snake slither out the door. It stopped and looked at me like "Derr herr, got ya" and then slithers down the stairs. What a troll.

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Duplicate of #1077

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

For future reporting please refer to "how to guide"

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

For future reporting please refer to "how to guide"