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PIP screens flicker, most likely caused by SLI / Crossfire.
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The PIP screen flickers on all vehicles. My friend has no issue with it. I tried different video settings within the game and all it does is changes the rate of flicker. When using the num 0 view it works fine. {F16830} {F16831}


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Get in a vehicle with a PIP

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Seems to be caused by multi-GPU setups such as SLI.

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+1 I just upgraded to a GTX690 and now suffer this same issue (previously not present with my old GTX570)

i have the same exact problem, very annoying. i run 2x590 SLI. however, my brother has 2x6870 crossfire and does not have this problem...

Same with a GTX295
So far i only tested it with the 306.97 and 314.14 Drivers

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OMAC added a comment.Mar 20 2013, 2:41 PM

+1, GTX 295 (SLI, 314.07 driver).

same story with gtx 460 sli

I cannot reproduce this myself since I don't have a dual GPU setup, but the wide range of confirmations merits "reviewed" status.

It's a driver issue which can be fixed as described here in my thread.

The SLI Profile for ArmA 3 needs Nvidia Predefined SLI Mode to SLI_PREDEFINED_MODE_FORCE_SFR

J3DAJ added a comment.Apr 23 2013, 4:46 PM


It does not solve the problem, but changing the way of rendering instead. The PIP-related problem with SLi is still valid

I did the solution two posts actually improved my framerate slightly!

that being said, if the SLI problem is still there, it's still there.

OMAC added a comment.Apr 26 2013, 5:17 PM

Today, using current dev build, NVIDIA driver 314.22, GTX 295, vsync + triple buffering on, and arma 3 SLI profile, PiP showed no flickering in a Hunter. I was in editor, and didn't play for very long.

I play Beta dev build with 2 GTX 580 in SLI. With the latest drivers 320.39. And the submarine is unusable indoors because the screens used to view outside view is unusable. :(

Having the same issue, HOWEVER, Land vehicle PIP works fine, Its only the SDV that flickers. Using 320.18 Nivida Driver, SLI enabled GTX 570's

Just updated to beta 320.49 driver and all PIP do not work in game....

Almost confirmed : SLI enabled with two GTX 570, using "old" NVidia driver 320.10.
PIP works for Ifrit and Hunter, all other PIP don't work (agree with MrDionne : submarines are almost unplayable in 1st person).

mine flickers and I have a single GPU (GTX690)

Good have a dual GPU, mounted on one card.

oh wicked, I suppose that's good then? so when SLI is fixed for this game it should be good :-)

thanks matt

Phelps added a comment.Sep 4 2013, 6:11 AM

Flickering, i have GTX Titan SLI.

Flickering on current Dev build on this date: using 560 Ti SLI.

Not sure if this is already known, but there seems to be a sure fire fix for the flickering. (not a REAL fix as a real fix is to fix the problem with the shader)
but if you turn off multi-gpu usage in your Nvidia control panel, the flickering stops. (this problem seems to only affect people who use SLI or multi-gpu cards)
the really strange thing is that performance does not seem to drop at all from using only one GPU. That's bad, cause it means the game's not exploiting both GPU's. But in any case, seems to fix the flickering with no FPS penalty.

"seems to fix the flickering with no FPS penalty." Wrong ! It's probably because you use "nvidia recommended settings", so you probably disable the use of your second GPU/GFX card. I usually test Arma 3 with "nvidia force alternate frame rendering 2" setting, but if I use "nvidia recommended settings" or, as you said, turn off my second card, I loose at least about 10-15 fps.

I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, fed up with this flickering bug, mostly because I have invested a lot of money by buying a second graphic card in anticipation of the release of Arma 3, and finally found out that my investment is a source of problems, and I don't think I'm the only one in this case.

Please stop telling there's a solution to the flickering bug by desactivating the second GPU/card, it's like telling SLI/Xfire users that they spend hundreds of dollars/euros/... just for nothing !!

I totally agree!!!

I bought a 3500 pound computer that has a 690gfx card and it flickers like shit
I mean fuck sake I cannot use UAVs!!!

If I turn off 1 of the built in cards in the 690 I loose about 10fps everywhere and lag like hell.

This has been an issue since alpha!! And still not sorted...
That's fucking annoying

FX2K added a comment.Oct 6 2013, 2:36 PM

I cant believe this bug isnt sorted out yet, considering how many things make use of PIP in Arma 3. 7 months since reported above and still no fix in sight.

First off, tyl3r99, you didn't even know you had 2 GPU's until I told you, about 8 posts back, so take it easy. If flickering PIP means you can't use UAV's, then you clearly don't know how to use UAV's anyway.

pumpkinman, I have been benchmarking using various configurations including single and force frame rendering 2, as I've been trying my best to provide useful feedback for months now. Please don't assume I only benchmark using Nvidia recommended settings. I'm telling you, I get ZERO FPS difference. That doesn't mean you don't see a huge FPS drop with only 1 GPU.

I get no flicker with the Hunter's mirrors. That means that it's likely the shader used on them is working. I'd ask if anyone else has the same observations, but I think I'm going to only get abuse. Laughable, laughable abuse.

If there is no difference in performance with or without SLI enabled then that is bugged, that's like saying a 580 and a 560 should give you the same performance...

All in all though they need to fix this stuff, essentially the flickering/ghosting problem makes PIP useless which negatively effects gameplay in all the many (and i do mean many) places. I get the affect practicaly everywhere: car mirrors, in car video mirrors, back seat gunner screens, sub screen etc.

Don't get me wrong guys, the fact that I see no difference between one and two GPUs means that on my GTX590, I'm probably only ever using one GPU, which is even more worrying to me than flickering PIP's. That itself is a huge issue...I paid a lot of money for my card.
This is a huge issue and I'm also angry that it's not fixed. But I'm trying to be useful here. Again, in the Hunter, and only the Hunter, I get no flickering in the mirrors. This is worth noting, and could lead to a solution on BIS' part or Nvidia's part.
BTW I'm sure you guys know that when you're in the backseat looking at the targeting screen, if you go into optics mode (full screen) the flickering is gone because it's not PIP. At least it makes it possible to aim a gun from the back of a Hunter/Ifrit etc.

This bug is still not assigned to anyone to solve it.. Not surprised that in 7 months this bug is still here...
Btw for me there's a BIG difference...
what I've do:
Stratis, editor, save a mission with player in one position in the middle of the city.

Tried every sli bit 11 compatibility profile, noone works fine ( 2 works without flickering but only because sli doens't work... ) . So I tried to see how many fps I got with default nvidia bit compatibility and so on... GPU 1 98% - GPU 2 97% 74 FPS!!!!

If I go forcing single GPU ( same position, same mission in editor ( empty ), not changed visual moving mouse ) 38 fps...

FROM 74 TO 38 FPS!!!!!

It's almost half of fps drops!!!
So I've to choose if play with flickering and good fps or stay with low fpw and without flickering... Great!


With latest update ( 31/10 ) seems some vehicle no flickering anoymore instead many others and also the UAV control still does

Some mirror/lcd in some vehicle are fixed, other vehicles and UAV control panel are still bugged. I think this thing could be fixed very quickly if only you compare what's changed in the now working mirror/lcd with what's still wrong in others. If only this ticket will be assigned to someone...

I concur, I also have some mirrors etc working now and others not (especially pip in vehicle monitors).

The general comments about running off 1 card instead of two is void now it seems:
for me on two 560 Ti cards this is the difference between 50fps and 29fps, i.e. I get good SLi performance as far as the visual graphics aspect of the game is involved when there isn't a ton of physics all over the place and AI computing pathing. (4.5K view distance 3.5K object distance)

Noticed one funny thing:
Hunter without weapon -> NO flickering
Hunter with weapons -> YES flickering

New Hellcat helicopter > NO flickering

it's clearly fixable.

This bug is really irritating, makes the SDV and UAV menu unusable. Is anything even being done about this currently?

Low Priority means 2 years to fix it?

That's frustrating... Some vehicles with flickering and others still with... The time for fix this how would ever be? If some vehicle are fixed is something in config or p3d to change..

vanten added a comment.Apr 7 2014, 7:57 PM

Same problem here, 2x GTX780 TI.

Same issue here with 2x GTX670. Performance does not appear to increase at all with my overclocked i920 (3.8GHz) so I am just forcing it to run on one card. It would be great if the game could utilize more than 4 threads because my CPU usage rarely exceeds 50% while I'm playing.

Seems noone care.. Always more ppl star using a SLI upgrading their old HW to gain more power.. But we are always stuck here... 30% of PiP works and the others continues to flicker... The fact it's that this pip flickering is only due to something they have YET corret in some vehicles ( hunter without GMG/HMG ) but how long this take to apply this fix to all the others pip view?

Guys this issue has been sitting for more than a year now, can we please get some love? :(

Fank added a comment.May 10 2014, 12:54 AM

For me the issue is fixed, im using 2x GTX760 SLI.
No flickering anymore!!!

Are you sure? Have you tested on various vehicles? As an example, the Hunter's mirror's work fine, where the Offroad's flicker.

Fank added a comment.May 10 2014, 1:35 AM

Offroad, SUV, Hunter & Strider still flickering ...
Which Hunter have you tested?

I just did a test on a whole bunch of vehicles.

Right now the following gives me black flicker on mirrors and monitors:
Ifrit HMG/GMG (the one without the gunner seat does not exhibit the issue).
Hunter HMG/GMG (the one without the gunner seat does not exhibit the issue).
Offroad Mirrors/Monitors.
Strider (the one without the gunner seat)

The following gives me a similar to the flicker stutter ghost image on monitors/mirrors:
Hatch Sport
Hatch Normal
Strider (the one with the gunner seat)

I haven't tested any air related vehicles yet.

It seems whatever is causing this is related to something in the way monitors are done for the gunner/commander/sub driver/gunner specifically, since when those elements are not present the mirrors start working fine, as can be demonstrated with the hunter/ifrit gunnerless vs. gunner present versions, and it seems up to mess up any PiP that are present then including mirrors when it goes wrong.

BTW this test was done on 560 Ti SLI setup with the newest 337.50 nvidia geforce drivers.

Edqar added a subscriber: Edqar.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM

Tested with 660 ti SLI, basic hunter works, but hmg don't :D

Isn't it significant (title worthy) the fact it's only on certain vehicles and others work fine?

Because the title says 'all vehicles' -- And the mirrors work perfectly, from what i can tell.. On the unarmed Hunter

I can say as of May 17th on the latest version of the game this is still an issue, I don't know if all vehicles are doing it or only particular ones but it does still exist and i'm on sli 680s

Still no news on this from ANY developer? Not even a simple "yes we're trying to fix it" or "it's on our todo list".

If BI plan on adding any kind of PiP features to any of the new helicopters that are coming with the DLC, you won't get my money until this issue is fixed. Highly irritating and ruins immersion in most vehicles.

Fank added a comment.May 22 2014, 1:14 PM

They still try to fix this issue, ive the same problem.
I stand with BI in connection to finally solve this issue.
It's quite hard to fix this.

Put all mirrors using the same shader/rendering technique as unarmed hunter... problem solved?

Works fine as blackfoot pilot also, gunners camera looks ok?

disabling SLI fixes the issue, but its obviously not an option as it cuts your fps by half :)

YellO added a subscriber: YellO.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM

Here comes 1.24 and this issue is still there.
UAV Terminals and car mirrors are unusable in most of play times.

Iceman added a subscriber: Iceman.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM
Iceman added a comment.Sep 8 2014, 3:49 PM

is this issue still valid for you on current Stable? If yes, could you please provide the version of your nVidia drivers?

Yes, it is still present on the specified vehicles...

still present on the Hunter GMG for example, but not on the Hunter Unarmed.
I am using driver version 334.89

[ If this was specifically related to drivers.. It would be on all vehicles? - Not trying to be a dick, just pointing to where you can easily see the issue, might want to look at the difference between the hunter GMG and the unarmed's mirrors :) ]

J3DAJ added a comment.Sep 8 2014, 4:00 PM

Yes, the issue is still valid.

GTX 590, driver: latest stable 340.52

Still present and as said before only in some vehicles and in the uav terminal. 680SLI here and driver from Arma3 alpha till the latest beta are affected but I don't think it's a driver issue but some config mistake. Why only some vehicles got this flickering and not all them?

I don't know if it is related, but generally speaking it seemed to be a issue with vehicles which have two pip systems on the inside, while the PC config is SLI based. I think i still have the issue, will double check when I get home.

i7 4790K @ 4.4 stock
16GB ram

PIP flickers horribly on fresh windows install
with SLI mode Nvidia preferred

PIP fixed but lower FPS on Forced "Single Card" SLI Mode in Nvidia control panel.

working but not ideal as I have a redundent GTX780 doing nothing.

Nvidia driver 340.52 ( or whatever is latest iteration currently)

No 'fixes' yet.
Unless sound bugs are 'fixed' by disabling sound.

Can we get an update? dev replied, requested info, gave info... Nothing.
cya in another year ? :D

I really don't think they're devoting much time to fixing this.

Nice new PiP sling loading camera in the CH-67 Huron. What a shame for us SLI users that it won't be usable...

Please Bohemia, do something about this. The issue has been present since Take of Helicopters.

I'm getting this with SLI GTX970s; nvidia driver version 344.75.

T-Bone added a subscriber: T-Bone.May 7 2016, 10:38 AM

Confirmed issue, GTX 690

Still present on latest version...

...This ticket needs to be updated.

It's not 'most likely' it is 100% crossfire/SLI related ... and the fact it's only on certain vehicles is incredibly important for narrowing down the cause... If BIS ever look...

Sure, it's 99% of the vehicles, but the fact some work proves:

  • it can work.
  • it can be fixed.
  • it's not a driver/graphics card issue.
  • it's specific to the game and CERTAIN VEHICLES.

Yup still present.

BI has known about this for a loooooooong time. Time for it to get fixed. No more excuses

Happening here too. GTX 590.

I have this issue with two GTX660TIs with latest drivers

This issue should have some priority if weapons are to have PIP sights!


thank you all very much for your feedback.

I would like to ask if this issue is still present on the current Steam Dev version, especially if you have SLI or Crossfire or multi-core graphic card.

Any feedback on if this issue is or is not still present will be appreciated.

Thank you

Running 2 way SLI here, issue is still present on the latest version of the development branch. The issue is especially noticeable inside of vehicles that have multiple monitors/screens, for example the Hunter HMG and GMG.

Still an issue for me :( Got it on a physical Mirror rather then a screen but ya its there

4770k OCed
2 way SLI 680s Driver 361.43
16gb DDR3
Windows 10 Pro 64bit Ver 10.0.10586.63

Dev Branch version 1.55.134043

This is still a problem in 1.66 and in
Launcher version: 1.5.139755
Game version: 1.67.139743
Branch: development

I'm using 2 way SLI GTX 1080 driver 376.33 Win10.1

I did notice that if I use the 64bit Arma executable that the PIP flickering stops.

Thanks because 64b exe doesnt auto enable SLI support yet. Your running it on a single card. With SLI, problem persists.

Can confirm current buidl still presist.

SLI with 2x 980s and on 376.33
Win 10 PRO 64B
DX 12

If you need profile info from nVidia please advise

Not sure if this is a WIP, but some mirrors are working now in latest build as of today. The Marshall mirrors are still flickering though, where the HEMTT mirrors are perfect! Any news/update on this from BI?

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Having this issue as well.

SLI Rendering Mode: "NVIDIA recommended (custom)"

Windows 10 x64 - DX 12.0
2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (in SLI configuration)
NVIDIA Driver 385.69

Arma 3 - v1.76.143187 (no mods)

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