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Light sources (except sun and moon) shine their light through objects / do not cast shadows
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I realize this has been present since ARMA 2, but with the lighting improvements to the new engine I would have thought there would be changes to how light collides with objects.

When shining a something like a flashlight, muzzleflash or chemlight at a building, rock, etc, the light shines through. This causes a major problem for things like nighttime missions, as traversing through urban streets with a flashlight on would cause the light to shine through buildings, and could then be more easily seen by players, enemies, etc. {F17895} {F17896} {F17897} {F17898} {F17899} {F17900} {F17901} {F17902} {F17903} {F17904} {F17905}


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Shine a light at anything, and look at the other side of said object.

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Confirmed. Reproducible on all graphics settings.

This is a huge problem, especially for night time PvP missions.

Major? Downgrade this to minor and I'd vote for it. Dynamic shadows from lights is VERY resource intensive and a huge addition for the game, if BIS has done this and plans to introduce it later on, good on them, if not I see no "major" problem.

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You would need to have a shadow map for each of the flashlights, explosions, chemlights, streetlights and etc. Unfortunately there is no technology in realtime rendering available right now which would provide support for hundreds of dynamic shadow casting lights. Probably you could do some smart resource management and try to re-use just 8 shadow maps for the most important lights in your vicinity but this won't work for everyone. Anyone who will simply switch of shadows in PvP missions will have leverage.

Really? There is tons of real time dynamic lighting in use in games even older than arma. The only real reason we are not going to get full dynamic lighting is because it would take bohemia a decade to code it.

ViiK added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 2:55 PM

Yes, really. There is a huge difference between just "Dynamic Lighting" and "Dynamic Lighting with Shadows". Visibility calculation - aka essential part of knowing what is in shadow and what is not is a very big problem in real time graphics in general, not only in games and not only for shadows.

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confirmed, also this is the same for chemlights.
throw a chemlight next to a building, you'll see the entire interior light up.

have many games with right shadow, and the arma deserves to be one of them vote up

ViiK knows what he's talking about. I know it looks shit, but this is an unfortuante engine limitation that we're going to have to live with for the forseeable future.

Just to be the devil's advocate, the Forgelite engine used in PlanetSide2 can calculate shadows for huge numbers of lights, but it's a new and very streamlined engine made by a huge team (Sony).

ViiK added a comment.Mar 14 2013, 8:44 PM

This might be good for marketing pitch but not correct technically. We usually don't call SSAO a solution to global illumination. But it doesn't stop other people from doing so. The same way clipping lights by specifically modeled volumes is not really a shadow rendering technique :) Especially when most of the assets in PS2 a structurally less detailed and just copy pasted.

This is a Major problem... from a immersion point of view and a technical point of view. dynamic lighting and shadows have been used for ages in lighting engines to cast realistic shadows creating a more immersive environment... what is the point of sticking to the shadows if the wall creating the shadow from the moon cares not if a torch shines on it inadvertantly... you get lit up by accident and are completely visible... Without this there really is no point in making a low-tech night mission... a severe limit in my opinion and easily in the scope of a decent developer like BI.

sqb-sma, basically you're saying bis' old ass engine is hopeless. can't disagree with you there, mr. devil's advocate.

I hope they will be able to fix this.

perhaps with all the upvotes we might get enough attention to have it resolved, or worked around in the forseeable future.

I too expected this to be resolved with the new lighting engine, but i guess not.

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Keep both hands!

Updated title and marked as reviewed.

It's irritating how a flashlight being used inside a room goes trough the wall of the building and illuminate the outside too, especially in PvP scenarios, where it could give away your position at miles away !


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It looks so ugly and i don't think it's too rescource demanding, there are hundred of shadows already, even saw this feature in GTA SA(even tho it's was a pretty cheap version of it)

NodUnit's awesome mockup images transferred from #7885.

Thank you, and up voted.

this is a major problem, it harm a lot to the immersion if it will not solve !
up voted.

Status went from reviewed to assigned so keep the fingers crossed.

I really hope that this gets fixed. The lighting at night is really great except for the absence shadows. Without this most stealth missions in MP are not possible at night as you cant hide in the shadows.

Is this really assinged?!?!?!? I Cannot believe my eyes!

I wrote with the developers about this a year or so ago and they told me it would not get implemented!

So happy to see this!

Nevertheless: Maybe it would be wise to only add this as an option so low cpu players can play arma too. In MP it can be forced on nevertheless, just like gras rendering in Arma II.


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Light source also go through the vehicle. It's very annoying

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I don't care so much for shadows (might be performance thing), but I do care about that light shine through house walls etc. Using flashlights while going through a dark house when PvP'ing is suicide as they can see the flashlight shining right through the walls and out.

Would be very nice if BIS could find a way to stop light from going through walls.

If they didn't implement it since ArmA 2 until now it's because critical limitations.
That is for sure. But I see it was assigned anyway... well. If they fix this i will have to kiss the ass at everyone at Bis. period.

Be sure to prepare your lip balm though ;o)

Your machine would probably implode and made a blackhole in night PVP 20v20 mission with headlights. Well there still are some limitations to the graphical pipelines. This is possible only in engines handling small areas with small numbers of lights.

What assigned means, if they ara aware of the problem, well this arma 2 is the same, so they know, but they will fix it?

It effects scopes too. Headlights etc. shine right through the player's scopes.

Well - there still is possible way how to achieve it without your computers to blow up while rendering 3 squads with flashlights. It might be possible to do a per-vertex shading. It will probably look terrible and your computers will just grill, not explode, but you will have your dynamic cast shadows. I mean - it might be possible to prerender the shading for static lights (which is practically useless because it is always possible that some building will blow up and so) but you can not have per pixel dynamic cast shadows on landscape like Altis is. Not yet, not now. (I strongly believe in voxelization and stuff used in unreal engine 4 which might bring some changes into ways things are rendered, but its still kind of new stuff)

Helio added a comment.Mar 21 2014, 9:23 AM

Very important for immersion and gameplay, upvoted!

It happens with chemlights inside buildings too. If you place chemlight inside this huge watch tower light will go out of the tower trought floors.

dean hall announced that dayz will use a new engine, which will use dynamic shadows, hope this technology may be implanted in arma 3 OR NOT! ;)

That's old news. The "new" engine is, according to some of the Arma 3 devs, a mix of Real Virtuality (Arma series engine) and Enforce (Carrier Command: Gaea Mission engine), with some added features.

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Confirmed, especially bad with chemlights (lit up an entire ATC tower by throwing the light on the top floor).

Voted. It's 2015, folks.

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I would love to see volumetric lighting (i know its present in arma 3) including volumetric SHADOWS. It would be nice feature for most realistic aspect of graphics. But first Bohemia need to tweak a litthe CPU/GPU optimalisation so shadows would be calculated on GPU only. That would give CPU some breath while the game uses it the most.

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upvoted.. no fix in 3 years. wow

Helio added a comment.May 29 2016, 2:34 AM

I really hoped that the lightning improvements from 1.60 would fix that, but it doesn't.

Still not fixed, and unfortunately looks like it won't ever be fixed... Can they stop focusing on crappy DLC and sort out stuff like this?