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May 10 2016

donlod added a comment to T96449: Loud Noise when Spawning (Only with Revolver in Inventory).

can confirm the loud sound. it sounds like that white-noise screen on tv. my character also has a chambered revolver in backpack but i cannot say if its caused by this.

edit: i noticed that this bug does not occur on every login. today it did not occur for the first 2,3 times i logged into servers. but then it did and it appeared multiple times in a row. after restarting the game it was fine again...

May 10 2016, 9:05 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T95203: FPS issue next to certain trees on experimental 0.36.115297 UPDATE FOR 0.36.115535.

i downloaded the experimental build (0.37.115791) 10 minutes ago. i noticed this issue with exactly the same background in the mainscreen as the author pointed out and get about 19 fps vs. 40 (stable build) with shadows set to very high.

if i set shadows to medium then everything seems fine and i noticed no visual difference.

my average fps dropped from about 40 to 30 in wilderness.

while playing this issue occurs when next to bushes or/and trees and looking in their direction. it usually occurs when you have much foliage in front of you and more extremely if directly next to you (except for grass).

but also seems that this is not only caused by trees
-> (lower fps, less trees)
-> (higher fps (but lower than on stable build), more trees)

May 10 2016, 8:22 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T95153: Deleting .PBO's resulting in Wallhack.

its unbelievable how many different methods there are to manipulate the game like this. first was said "just delete files" (dont know if fixed) then "just delete files run game and re-add files before joining server" and now this video? WTF

should be fixed asap its game breaking and really annoying.

May 10 2016, 8:21 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T94708: Are you really logged out?!.

agree with this.

when clicking exit there should appear a 30sec timer.
you are unable to click exit if you have an item in your hands.

  • while logging out you are unable to perfom any actions except interrupting the timer (and move your head with alt or num 1,3,4,6,7,9).
  • if you are attacked by a player or zombie while logging out the log out process should interrupt automatically (not if you get damaged/are losing blood by deaseases).
  • if someone tries to alt f4 or disables lan adapter etc. its character should stay for 30 sec (or even more) in game like it is now.
May 10 2016, 8:04 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T94244: [Suggestion] Friend marker.

dont agree with the spawning but identifying your friends would be nice. but this indicator should not be part of the UI.

May 10 2016, 7:46 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T94230: Walking on ship deck, fell through floor.

have had similar glitch with the ship. try to log out while running against a corner/wall where behind is an accessible area, then log into any server.

May 10 2016, 7:46 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T94158: Bicycle're added.

he want to have some bikes, so we do not have to walk all day. they will probably be implemented with a major vehicle update

May 10 2016, 7:43 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T94121: Random character wipe when changing servers..

i experienced this yesterday too. i logged into a server which ping was about 150ms it also appeared after about 1 min in the server list after clicking on refresh(i looked for a server with less population). i joined and the game did not load properly it was stucking at the login screen where "wait for host" is written. i pressed esc and left the server by clicking quit and joined another and i started with a new character at the coast with the starting items. it happened two times so far and only when failing to log into a server as previously described.

May 10 2016, 7:42 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T94059: [Suggestion] Weapons that are placed inside of a bag should not be directly usable, need to be taken out first..

i agree with this. but not if the weapon is placed in your vest/jacket/pants.
its ok if this only affects backpacks (and boxes) but not when the weapons are directly placed inside your clothes.

May 10 2016, 7:40 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T93455: *[SUGGESTIVE FIX]* Combat logging.

i totally agree with airtonix idea about preventing combat logging thats how it should work. i think 30 seconds should also be enough

May 10 2016, 7:19 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T89767: Can't run up stairs.

its the same thing when u are running and then falling down some cm then your character is unable to move for about 1sec...

May 10 2016, 5:09 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T88603: [CRITICAL] Ability to remove structures ( trees, buildings, rocks, plants ) by deleting the .pbo files.

thats just stupid. u are in building and just get shot from outside

May 10 2016, 4:27 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T88072: Night is unplayable.

i dont know if the night changes in brightness due to the moon/clouds but at the first few days after early access release it was a lot better than now and moon was shining. now it is completly dark except the sky and never saw the moon again.

May 10 2016, 4:05 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T87212: The night time/day time cycle refreshes on server join.

similar issue here:
we started playing at day time today. time passed and it got dark but not in my case. i noticed that shadows were not active during this issue. i checked my settings but shadows were not disabled. i disabled them and set the setting back to high but there were still no shadows in game. after relogging it was still day an no shadows. after restarting dayz it was finally night and shadows were back.

May 10 2016, 3:28 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T87181: Unconscious for no reason / without clear warning [primary issue].

totally agree with this. you do not know what to do to prevent headache/infections/tired... . should we desinfect all items we picked up from the ground with that spray to prevent infections? do we get tired if we do not drink enough or is there another reason?

May 10 2016, 3:20 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T87082: GPU usage 100% in menu (and erratic performance ingame).

same here,

i7-2700k @ 3,5GHz
Nvidia GTX 670
Windows 7-64bit

May 10 2016, 3:15 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T87056: Unconcious.

it ll be nice if we get more information about those mechanics: why we get unconscious and why we get tired and how to prevent... do we have to desinfect all items we pick up from the ground....

there is too much we have to worry about to keep our character healthy atm. and those things occur too often in my opinion.

May 10 2016, 3:14 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T87053: Food, water and stamina systems.

we need more accurate information and not that much messages. i liked the indicators from the mod, they were simply and good. i think there is too much we have to worry about to keep our character healthy at the moment. and those things occur too often in my opinion.

May 10 2016, 3:14 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86999: Get hit once, Blurry Screen forever.

i got hit few times by zombies, was bleeding and then my vision was blurred (i think this works as intended). i used a bandage to stop the bleeding then ate and drank until the 2 green bars appeared in the character menu. after some time my vision was fine again (no blur and normal color saturation).

now the problem i have:
everytime i log into a server my vision is extremely blurred. the only thing i can do is to go into video settings, this removes the blurred vision (might also be a bug).
if a person or zombie hits me then vision also becomes instantly blurred again, no matter if you start bleeding or not. this also lasts until i go into my video settings.
if my character dies then everything seems fine. i can join servers without blurred vision etc.

i experienced this everytime after being on low health or after the vision became blurred due to blood loss.

this happens on stable build AND on experimental (0.42.116002, also with the previous experimental 0.37.xxxxxxx).

May 10 2016, 3:12 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86883: Doors on the floor under you will open.

this does not only happen to those buildings but to all i think. i have had this several times with different buildings.

May 10 2016, 3:05 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86782: quick swap 1-9 doesn't work correctly 100% of the time.

also i sometimes experiece that after 2-3 seconds my character switches his weapon/item back into inventory when equpping it since last patch (0.44). this occurs often with binoculars but also with other items like weapons.

May 10 2016, 2:40 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86782: quick swap 1-9 doesn't work correctly 100% of the time.

happens pretty often. when pressing 1-9 to switch items or to unequip them from hand there is often no reaction. you have to press the key again until the character reacts.

May 10 2016, 2:40 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86666: Massive FPS drop when looking into city..

same problem when in cities or just looking into.

my system: Intel Core i7 2700k @ 3.5GHz

           Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 2GB @967 MHz (1100 boost)
           2x 4GB DDR3 RAM @1333 MHz
           DayZ is NOT installed on SDD
           Windows 7 64-bit

i get around 40 fps outside of cities but in citys 17-19.

when in wilderness my gpu load is at 99% and cpu load about ~ 40% per core
when in cities my gpu load is at ~ 49% and CPU0 64%, CPU1 5%, CPU2 32% CPU3 0%, CPU4 61% and 5,6,7 0%.

i tried to lower different settings but a lot of them do not change my fps in cities. i tested this in chapaevsk on a street (055,127) looking east. the ONLY 3 settings that actually improved fps were object quality, AA and shadows. after lowering object quality from very high to low i gained 11 fps (lowering to very low 2 fps more). disabling shadows only 2fps. disabling AA 3 fps. all other settings did nothing in the city. changing PP, ATOC and AO settings do only affect my fps when in wilderness.

i recognized when lowering object quality to low my gpu load went up from 49% to 60%.
also when setting this setting to medium or higher the windows of some of the sykscraper buildings began to flicker extremely. when at low they still flicker but not that much.

there were 30/30 person on the server and it was daytime.

May 10 2016, 2:15 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86465: Setting clouds to disabled gains you a huge advantage at night.

i noticed that when its pretty dark (but not full night) and you diasable clouds then it is full day. you can see rays of the sun when looking at trees or buildings but there is no sun. however, about an hour later it will get dark.
also during this time shadows seem to be disabled even if they are enabled in the settings no matter if you enable or disable clouds.

May 10 2016, 1:10 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86443: players not rendering at distance.

cranker you are right, i tested this months ago and gpu load went from 60% at low setting to 49% at high setting in city.

sadly for me there is no other setting to improve my performance in cities because most of the other just seem to affect performance if there are trees, gras and stuff. and as i already said im not able to see any player from distances far than 400m at medium settings.

May 10 2016, 1:08 PM · DayZ
donlod added a comment to T86443: players not rendering at distance.

My problem with this is that i need to turn object detail to low, if not i will get really bad fps in cities. with this setting at low or medium i was not able to see any player clearly at NEAF from the hill NE of the airfield (distance is about 430m from there, i also zoomed in with right mouse button). They nearly get invisible, you just see their head or weapons; cant tell exactly. if i set it to very high then everything was fine.

Edit: zombies are not affected by this

May 10 2016, 1:08 PM · DayZ