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Night is unplayable
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Night its too dark and black since 0.29.113822 update.

Standard settings:
gamma 50% Brightness: 50%

Totally black screen, only can see the sky.

On other versions i play normal in night time, on gray scales. {F28569} {F28570}


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Under video settings, put clouds on maximum quality and you can see fine.

watch the video

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Use a flashlight

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Either use the flashlight or headtorch. Try going outside at night in real life, do you see anything? Realism bro. GG.

epic bug report:D

There is a way to see in the dark but not gonna mention it since I don't think it should be used anyway. You can indeed use your flashlight or a headtorch like ImZongral stated and use that too look around.

Also the lights don't really light up the environment.

Realism at the cost of a fun game?

Is this supposed to be a real life simulator?

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This depends entirely on the type of night. Has nothing to do with the recent patch. In the middle of the night without a moon it should be pitch black. Closer to sunrise or sunset with a moon theres still a fair amount of visibility in an open field.

Night is good as it is now

Vendra added a subscriber: Vendra.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

This game is getting way to hardcore imho. I agree with that, night is really annoying in the beginning cause you don't have nothing to protect yourself and anybody with a gun will just shot the hell out of you.

@Vendra: night is the same for everybody

@Prospekt u dont say? what I meant is that someone with a gun can just shoot you and you can't do nothing.

Pretty much the same during day time, except by night it's quite hard to shoot someone because we can't see shit

Half moon, makes night playable, but full moon created a really nice atmosphere. I know use of gamma correction is a concern, but pitch black is a game breaker. Perhaps the Moonphase could be tied to the gamma level in some way.
The flash light does help, but if a zombie is alerted, even an armed player is helpless. As taking out any weapon puts the flashlight away. And sprinting puts the flashlight aside.

Out of curiosity, is there a legitimate use for gamma correction in current gen computers and monitors? I'd rather have a locked gamma of 25% and a full moon, than an unplayable night.

The thing is, a lot of players enjoy playing in pitch black nights. I really hope nothing will change just because some players can't deal with darkness...

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Dark is just too dark in the game, Fix dark so its not blind dark and put a day cycle in that has an hour or so of dark in 4 hours.

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Pitch black times have been the most interesting and exhilarating for me. Just being forced to use the torch adds massive suspense to the game. Would be nice if torches didn't flash through walls though.

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Turn clouds on, and use your resources... Welcome to realism

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I love this report mate.

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Firstly, there should be no light's on the city street as there is no electricity. Secondly, use your flashlight maybe, it's very nice way of playing dayz. There is tone of light sources like gas lamps, flashlights( you have them on a respawn ), head flashlights, weapon flashlight. Please use every content of the game it's very rewarding.

I think the issue is people don't know how to setup their Monitors or TV's properly, it's quite laughable how many of my friends alone don't know how to setup the settings.

Turning up brightness of your screen will only reduce the dynamic range of lights and blacks. Almost all Digital TV's you want your brightness around 48% - 51%.
You turn your Backlight Brightness up to 92%-100% brightness an that will Illuminate the dark scenes but the black should still be rich, the lower the quality screen the less range your TV will have causing dark screens to look grey or glowing.

You should also have the option in these image settings to change the (Black/White levels) it will come under all different names an you want that on High to give you maximum range.

I can't really tell you what the contrast settings should be because they differ between TV's (experiment)
Then go to your Nvidia/AMD control panel and also in game settings and readjust your image settings accordingly to suit these new (TV settings )

If you do this Night time will look perfectly fine as it is.

The other reason its so dark is because the moon has real phases. New moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon. Use a fucking flashlight

night feels normal?

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Gyus)) we just need more MOONLIGHT! :D

I had turned off clouds at some point and only had terrible useless black, tried bumbling arround last night and noticed it off, turned it to nomral and it turned the moon on too! normal kind of usable darkeness! Been playing in the dark about 6 hours yesterday and today, seems to be a big moon but under those circumstances its fine.

use flashlight luke

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Step outside in the country during a moonless night sometime IRL, tell me what you see...

Nighttime looks great! No complaints here!

To the people saying that it's realistic and people should learn to use flashlights... you should try to play the game at night, then you would learn that flashlights are broken. Night time isn't broken, but flashlights are, so stop suggesting that. Let's hope they can fix them.

My suggestions:

1- Get rid of the gamma slider. Whoever wants to adjust the gamma can do so in their monitor's setting. That way would be a post-render setting and wouldn't make visible something that's invisible, which is what happens with the current system.

2- Locked time zones, so all servers are at the same time of day (No more 24/7 daytime servers, and people can't server hop to a daytime server when it gets dark).

3- Maybe locking the time zones would be a bit harsh for those that could only play at night, so, to compensate, lower the duration of the day/night cycle to something reasonable. Anything from 6 to 10 hours would be unnoticeable.

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I like the idea of night being pitch black... However, I do get a headache from playing on what feels like a microscopic screen from the small flashlight radius

I noticed that sometimes, if I am in the game menu with clouds to off and join nighttime server, i won't see the moon, but if i turn on clouds, moon appears. But it happened reverse way, i joined with clouds to low, and no moon, put clouds back to off and moon appears. Weird?

We appreciate the atention of developers on the players

And please remember:

More challenging and difficult night is not = to a black screen

Hey there survivors!

Night is something we want to work on and have done. It isn't a priority at the moment but eventually we will get around to improving it further.
Night time in DayZ is supposed to be exceptionally challenging and we want to keep it that way.

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

Please developers... Make Dayz hard to play on night time but PLEASE NOT UNPLAYABLE without a flashlight, its NOT fun play with a black screen.

Take the Arma 3 example and make it more dark.

Feeback is used to make corrections. This is not a forum of support.
The various manipulations you proposed works but distorts the brightness adjustment. If guys bohemia working on Arma 3 is corrected their dark. I do not see why dean hall and another guy working on bohemia dayz would not do us the honor of a slight correction. Although not as clear as the screen of arma 3 I asked. There are probably just a more pleasant environment and avoiding the hacks luminosities.

Speaking of Realism:

How do zombies emerge again?

Crank brightness and gamma to max, turn OFF:
Ambiant occlusion
Post processing

And turn on fxaa low and clouds to very low

Make sure hdr is set to low instead of very low

And when it's daylight just crank down gamma a bit.
Make sure ur monitor is set to highest gamma available.

You should turn your gamma and brightness up. I turned mine to one-hundred percent and it's like having night vision.

Karakoz added a subscriber: Karakoz.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

Last week there was a night without moon on all servers, that was indeed unplayable and not realistic, you couldn't see where you were walking even with contrast and gamma maxed.

perfect images

In arma 3 alpha night also was too dark and unplayable. Now I find it more fun and playable.
I think tend to be kind of setting would be more playable.
May not be as clear, but an intermediate would be welcome.

emenius added a subscriber: emenius.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

Night time on experimental with rain is better. Though now just the clouds are BLACK, need to lighten those up a bit.

donlod added a subscriber: donlod.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

i dont know if the night changes in brightness due to the moon/clouds but at the first few days after early access release it was a lot better than now and moon was shining. now it is completly dark except the sky and never saw the moon again.

I wonder if some will have problems with night due to their monitors. Some of these LCDs are going to have issue with dark scenes as blacks are almost non-existent. On top of that - even on good calibrated monitors - I think you need programmable 3D LUTs or the ARMA 2 engine will pretty much negate any calibration you have done. This might make for a more level playing field; but I have not tested with a capable monitor. Personally, I like the darkness. It does seem realistic when there is no ambient except the moon; however, I think if they get the flashlight lighting correct, it will be much better for a lot of people.

This is of course in version 0.35.115188. When this issue was reported, it may have been different.

Something I would hate to lose though: a few nights ago, I was looting around with my buddies at an unknown location with a construction site(not a city). It was night time and I was using the head torch as we approached the site. If the scene had been any lighter, it would not have made sense and would have killed the intensity. It was spooky, and a zombie - or worse, player - could have been chilling just ahead.

It does seem top be a bit dark around 2-4 in the AM on the servers but no different than real life. Turn your gamma up if your really don't like it or play on daytime servers.

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I played at night and searched for light sources. I found a gas lamp, crafted it and it made a lot of light. You can enlight a whole room. It was very exciting to play with it. Please no change.

Gecrap added a subscriber: Gecrap.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

Has something changed? In 0.46 with 50% gamma and brightness, night time is so bright it may as well be day time but in black and white.

It's unplayable and not fun. I know they are making it 'challenging' but if it's too challenging and too hard then no one will play it! simple! everyone will just switch to a day server like everyone already is. Night servers need to be fun. Take H1Z1 for example, that has amazing night time lighting, its dark but it's basically a full moon and the fog gets that awesome scary atmosphere. nobody wants to play night if all you can see is a black screen with a 1m diameter flashlight.

''It's unplayable and not fun. I know they are making it 'challenging' but if it's too challenging and too hard then no one will play it! simple! everyone will just switch to a day server like everyone already is. Night servers need to be fun. Take H1Z1 for example, that has amazing night time lighting, its dark but it's basically a full moon and the fog gets that awesome scary atmosphere. nobody wants to play night if all you can see is a black screen with a 1m diameter flashlight.''

I like to play on night. Speak in your name.

Problem with nighttime is the gamma glitch and servers not running 24 hour cycles. Both needs to change in my opinion.

As of now nightime is very bright as if it was clear sky with full moon all the time.

Weltall added a subscriber: Weltall.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

My freind had the exact same problem. I would look into your graphics card. With earlier versions of opengl and directx that your card supports, night does not work. He put in a new graphics card that didnt have outdated opengl and diractx and everything is fine now

@Geez maybe close this ticket cause obsolete?

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