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May 10 2016

HellSnake added a comment to T93247: Game Problems Need Bumping to fix big list please vote to fix.

I don't know if you're serious or trolling. But it seems that you're asking for an easy mode. There's no easy on DayZ, and in my opinion, there shouldn't be. There are a lot of things broken, but this list is bullshit.

May 10 2016, 7:11 PM · DayZ
HellSnake edited Steps To Reproduce on T92142: Unreachable loot at wrecked ship.
May 10 2016, 6:30 PM · DayZ
HellSnake added a comment to T91924: Ads play during the game.


May 10 2016, 6:23 PM · DayZ
HellSnake added a comment to T88072: Night is unplayable.

To the people saying that it's realistic and people should learn to use flashlights... you should try to play the game at night, then you would learn that flashlights are broken. Night time isn't broken, but flashlights are, so stop suggesting that. Let's hope they can fix them.

My suggestions:

1- Get rid of the gamma slider. Whoever wants to adjust the gamma can do so in their monitor's setting. That way would be a post-render setting and wouldn't make visible something that's invisible, which is what happens with the current system.

2- Locked time zones, so all servers are at the same time of day (No more 24/7 daytime servers, and people can't server hop to a daytime server when it gets dark).

3- Maybe locking the time zones would be a bit harsh for those that could only play at night, so, to compensate, lower the duration of the day/night cycle to something reasonable. Anything from 6 to 10 hours would be unnoticeable.

May 10 2016, 4:05 PM · DayZ
HellSnake added a comment to T86992: Sun turns black with red when viewing it after you just came out of a shed/place with no light..

This is a video I recorded, showing this glitch.

I like that the eyes need to adjust to the lighting conditions, but I don't think that the burn effect is intended.

May 10 2016, 3:12 PM · DayZ
HellSnake added a comment to T86833: Hunger/Thirst/Stamina Rate Too High [PRIMARY REPORT].

I was having problems too, until I read somewhere on the Internet that I needed to keep eating and drinking until I get the "I feel really full" messafe. Now I haven't had any problems with food or drink with my character for 2 days now. I drink at every well, and eat everything I find, while keeping a stock in my backpack just in case.

To those that don't understand the system: when you stop seeing the hungry/thirsty indicators on your inventory screen, YOU ARE STILL HUNGRY/THIRSTY. You need to keep eating and drinking until you get the "I fell full" or equivalent message.

And for the love of whatever: rest, don't go sprinting everywhere. In fact, do not ever sprint, unless you're in inminent danger. Go jogging, and stop and walk while you're looting buildings. If you don't do this, you will completely kill your character from thirst and hunger.

But that's the problem, I had to read it somewhere to understand it. The hunger/thirst meters are ridiculously counterintuitive, how am I supposed to know that I had to drink from a fountain like 30 times and eat 2 boxes of cereal and 3 cans of food to fill myself and start healing? What's the size of the stomach of this guy? Just because of this I will upvote.

May 10 2016, 2:52 PM · DayZ
HellSnake added a comment to T86719: Flashlights goes through wall [PRIMARY REPORT].

I can't believe that they can make godrays be stopped by tree branches, but they can't make flashlights be stopped by walls. This needs to be fixed, no engine excuses.

May 10 2016, 2:35 PM · DayZ
HellSnake added a comment to T86704: Too Many Night Servers [PRIMARY REPORT].

Upvote for shorter day/night cycle. Keep it at 6/8 hours. If we can forget realism so players can starve to death in a few hours of jogging, then the time cycle doesn't need to be 24 hours. And make a worldwide time lock so it's the same hour in every server, to prevent server hopping to avoid nighttime.

Keep it authentic. Make the day/night ratio vary depending on seasons, but there's no point in a 24 hour cycle. With a 6/8 hour cycle, it's still long enough so you can still experience sunsets, night, sunrises and days without noticing the change.

May 10 2016, 2:33 PM · DayZ