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Game Problems Need Bumping to fix big list please vote to fix
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these are some major problems please bump up/vote

  1. Ladders/fall off/ glitch out
  2. server lagg/ unplayable
  3. 100000 desync problem for some players
  4. server lagg /restart dose not help
  5. supressor to loud
  6. to much thirst/hunger
  7. map deletion of some files enable wall hack / view though walls
  8. entering the server resets player/s and spawn miles from anywhere
  9. on spawn need to drink on new life
  11. suppressor needed for mosin
  12. more admin options for server owners
  13. name tags on players
  14. name tags of players who kill other players
  15. less thirst/hunger
  16. more invenotry space 50 slot would be plenty
  17. less slot space for saline bag , ammo box , protective case ,
  18. would be nice to be able to carry our main weapon on our backs and carry one in our hands and when swapping to main weapon the one we carry gets put on the shoulder.
  19. speed loader for magnum is still not in the game
  20. stop spawning ruined items into game please waste of time
  21. When loggin in to the game somtimes the items in our invetory are ruined when they WERE pristine on leaving the game previously.


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ok here is what we would like to have instead of the stupid problems

we want

  1. all ladders' stairs ' building climable
  2. server lagg fixed
  3. suppreser's for all guns even snipers
  4. less thirst or hunger (even on respawn after death)
  5. name tags for players/players that have died
  6. more inventory slots from 35 to 40/50
  7. saline bag 1 slot/ammo box 2 slots / protetive case 2 slots
  8. inventory slots for m4 or mosin + on back
  9. items only ruined when shot at or attacked
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please vote up so we can have it fixed for a better gameplay experiance these are jsut little thing to make the game better

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Dear survivors,

when submitting bugs, please do no bunch them up and rather create individual reports. Most importantly however, please use the search function before posting an issue.

Because most of the issues discussed here are already logged within the feedback tracker I will be closing this particular issue.

50% of bullshit

Has it ever occurred to you that other people might just agree to some of your mentioned "issues"?

Make a report for EACH ONE OF THEM


Quote "nobody wants this crappy arma2 nametags"

I do

I really would like to know who it was that killed me or who I killed (in self defence) that would be a really good think IMO so there is at least ONE person who WOULD like it.

totaly agree on the statement, this is not a wishlist forum.

well put. Game design is made by the devs. they want feedback on it. but nobody wants this crappy arma2 nametags and rangefinder on mousewheel bullshit. this is a survival horror sandbox. when the game is done, there will be enough modders doing stupid mods like epoch or outbreak anyway where you can buy 1000 safe's from collected tincans... and store 1.000.000 weapons on a server nobody plays on.

welcome to MinecraftZ

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This is not what a feedback tracker is used for. Suggest single problems and they can be voted up and down. Its not a whishlist for your personal preferences.

edit: Just read R834`s comment. Damn right.

Nam added a comment.Jan 16 2014, 3:34 PM

Suppressor, for Mosin? You have got to be kidding me, right? First off, try and find a real - manufactured specifically for the Mosin-Nagant rifle - silencer/suppressor, not some home made or generic silencer.. secondly, the Mosin-Nagant rifle is fine as it is. It's used as a sniper rifle. Which means, if you're using it correctly, no one should hear the shot from a distance. If they do, you're too close to your target

this is a really good game but i dont like when u spawn u have to have water almost straight away

People complaining about hunger and thirst problems how about eat untill it says "you are full" "My stomach feels stuffed" Takes around 10 cans of food or a 20 second spam at the water well.

All I am saying is it would be good if you did not need a drink as soon as you fresh spawn, would be good to last 10 mins till it says "I feel thirsty" "I need a drink" etc

What would be good is if we could carry the m4 in your hands and the mosin on your back and when you pull out the mosin the m4 takes its place on your back.


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Half these things are needing to be fixed. But the hunger/thirst rate is good, maybe make it were you dont have to eat as much.

well if you keep voteing down we will never know if they will get fixed will we there IDEARS not i want them other people will want some of the same things

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kevin19, I agreed with him on the bugs, hes 110% right with it. But the rest is a design decission that needs to be discussed by the devs.
And he lied very stupid :D.

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  1. all ladders' stairs ' building climable
  2. server lagg fixed
  3. suppreser's for all guns even snipers
  4. less thirst or hunger (even on respawn after death)
  5. name tags for players/players that have died
  6. more inventory slots from 35 to 40/50
  7. saline bag 1 slot/ammo box 2 slots / protetive case 2 slots
  8. inventory slots for m4 or mosin + on back
  9. items only ruined when shot at or attacked

perfect idear well most of it

R834 added a comment.Jan 14 2014, 8:45 PM

This bug tracker is not designed to be used like this. You should report one problem per issue, but not before searching the issue you're about to report. Several of these problems have been reported before.

#155 - Ladder Issues
#2729 - Unplayable desync (about a million different reports of this)
#1104 - Suppressor not affecting sound of gun
#414 - Thirst / Hunger too high (hugely popular report - 3rd most voted)
#2181 - Deleting PBOs
#78 - Character save loss
#4594 - Spawn thirsty

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deewd22 how can you not take him seriously that list makes sence lots of good points there the devs dont have to change everything its a list that would make the game more playable look at it

2014-01-14 18:30 ghosted11 Note Deleted: 0041601

man ghosted11...
I really don´t want to attack you to take you serious?

sounds good to me :) we need things fixing

great idears they should do this

Well as for inventory only ruined when shot at or attacked is bull

I have spawned in after logging out for the night and when I spawn in I had Completely ruined items and I mean all items.

I agree that the space is adequate but the lag and the fact you cant see who your mates are in game during a fire fight is not good.

I pay for my own server so I have the right to know who is who in it.

Also being thirsty when fresh spawning into the game is not good as if where you spawn in has already been looted and you don't know the map as you are a noob is not really good now is it.

I wish people would play this game for how it would really be in a survival situation and not shoot new spawns who are unarmed who are running down the road and BAM shot for nothing as all they have is a flash light and a battery.

As for bug fixes the lagging out of buildings is one of my main gripes as well as ladders and as I said already about the items being pristine when I log then ruined when I come back. also the bug where you are just dead for no reason I was in my server with only my friends and I know no one shot me but I was still DEAD for no reason.

start a new one with just the bugs/glitches and not the 'i want easy mode loot whore plx with full food and water on spawn' and ill vote that up

wuldnt dare vote this up just incase some one from the dev team saw this and thought people actually wanted and it would make the game some how better to turn on the easy mode and turn it in to a pretty version of the mod

i havent deleted anything some poeple today are jsut stuipd to the bone its still there

You are a troll. Deleted his own post where you asked why people vote down etc. And now you do like our posts come from the nowhere

thats why there is an option for the dev team to look at so vote it up not down omg really

we want

  1. all ladders' stairs ' building climable - YES
  2. server lagg fixed - YES
  1. suppreser's for all guns even snipers - NO (well ok but the large decrease in damage and accuracy need to be modeled)
  2. less thirst or hunger (even on respawn after death) - NO
  3. name tags for players/players that have died - NO
  4. more inventory slots from 35 to 40/50 - NO
  5. saline bag 1 slot/ammo box 2 slots / protetive case 2 slots - NO
  6. inventory slots for m4 or mosin + on back - NO
  7. items only ruined when shot at or attacked - NO

you want easy mode go back to Epoch where you can buy your perfect loadout, this is survival which means you have limited space to take the stuff you actually need to survive, just look at the stuff you have singled out

saline bag already is 1 slot, with the drip attached it becomes 2 slots same as a blood bag - 1 slot + 1 slot = 2 slot .. seems legit

ammo crate 2 slots .... these hold 200 mosin rounds or 600 m4 rounds, you really think this should be 2 slots? realistically should be increased to 6

protector case holds 6 slots ...takes up 2 slots ..because well magic,

40-50 slot backpacks .... Why?

4x m4 double mags(one in the m4), 3 x canteen, 2 x medkit inc assorted antibiotics/painkillers/saline bags, 1 x protector case with gas cooker and cooking pan (i want my cooking/hunting patch plx) 1 x ammo crate -600 rounds m4, can opener, map, compass, several sets of handcuffs for lulz and 2 stacks of mosin rounds and still got room for the odd can of food that i cant eat when i find it because my bellies full ..... all this and more from ttsko + hunter backpack + assault vest

so why is it you think packs need another 10-20 slots in them and anything remotely bulky needs shrinking?

I don't know if you're serious or trolling. But it seems that you're asking for an easy mode. There's no easy on DayZ, and in my opinion, there shouldn't be. There are a lot of things broken, but this list is bullshit.

Well, I don´t want what you want:

  1. items only ruined when shot at or attacked
  2. saline bag 1 slot/ammo box 2 slots / protetive case 2 slots
  3. less thirst or hunger (even on respawn after death)
  4. suppreser's for all guns even snipers

I´m only at bug fixing with you

Sounds more like a "give me all items in pristine at gamestart" thread