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Hunger/Thirst/Stamina Rate Too High [PRIMARY REPORT]
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You physically cannot go from town to town without starving almost to death or dying from thirst. You can honestly just eat or drink something and your guys already starving or thirsty. I have drank 5 sodas and 6 seconds later I'm about to pass out from thirst. Also it asked me to take a nap? Is there a way to sleep? Lastly the defibulator doesn't work or idk what's it for my friend became unconscious and u can't use it then he died and you still can't? Just some things I noticed while playing. Other then that the game is so amazing you guys have done a great job! So fucking excited.


18/12/13 @ 2125 - Made Primary "Hunger/Thirst Rate" bug report ~ Mag.


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Just run anywhere and u will need so much food/water. Try the defibulator?

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I understand this is alpha just showing my support!

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WARPIG added a subscriber: WARPIG.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM
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Confirmed. I understand DayZ team wants players to strive for survival (which is great) but dying so fast after eating/drinking is just bad. People can survive weeks without eating and a couple of days without drinking water.

My suggestion: Instead of killing (reducing "HP"), hunger and thirst should make players weaker, slower and/or "sick" over time. Of course, at later stages starvation kills.

deewd22 added a subscriber: deewd22.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

It works perfectly like it is, i never ever ever ever ever died because of exhausting, dehydration or starvation. In real life 98% of mankind can not sprint more then 1km, so??

You need to go to towns to get some drinks and food, but most likely you guys are on all the military camps and airfields around the map. You will most likely not find anything to drink there because it has been looted by this annoying server hoppers. cheers

Edit: I was completely new to DayZ and had no problems with that system!!

If you spawn on the beach already very hungry and thirsty then a VERY simple fix for this 'issue' (which doesn't appear to be a bug) would be to inform the player via the text or whatever system is to be implemented, AS SOON AS YOU SPAWN!:


The hunger and thirst levels are fine.

You're not drinking or eating enough. "Thirsty" only appears when you are about halfway on thirst. This video is extremely helpful. You can hold quite a bit of water and a MONSTEROUS amount of food in you. (Seriously, "hungry" only appears at around 6 percent capacity)

You need to drink an eat more. If you find a well, go up to it, and mash the F button until you get a message that "My stomach feels stuffed" etc. Each time you drink from the well, you drink a small amount, so mash that button as fast and hard as you can. You'll fill up your entire stomach with water and be able to last several hours before getting thirsty again. For food, eat everything you come across to take advantage of your "Energy" (Hunger) capacity.

When you start the game, your character spawns "thirsty", according to the video, that means you spawn at around half of your water capacity. When you drink a soda or something, you might be filling your water up to around 60 percent, making the thirsty status go away, soon it'll fall back to 50 and you'll be thirsty again. I cannot stress this enough, eat as much as you can find and drink plenty.

In my opinion, the system is fine. It's a little confusing at first, and it's easy to misunderstand it. The video I linked to explains all of your stats and how they work.

Here's what works for myself:
Eat everything you come across as soon as you can do so safely. Having food in your inventory allows it to be damaged, takes up space, and is lootable if you are killed by others. Eating/drinking everything you have (as long as you do not eat till you vomit) saves pack space, removes potential damage, and keeps you healthy and regening if you need to.

Again: there is absolutely zero reason to have food in your pack unless your character is already full.

Your gut is packspace for your food/water. Use it as such.

Netsec added a subscriber: Netsec.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

Downvote. You want the game even easier than it already is?

I'm a solo player at the moment. So I'm running through the whole map, up and down really often. I never had a backpack full of food. But I'm never starving ifI found a can opener.

Just put out a few mags and take more food. Search for it. Then it's a great system, focusing more the surviving then the PvP ^^.

And pls, do not flame about water. There's water in nearly every village :D

dev0 added a subscriber: dev0.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM
dev0 added a comment.Jan 5 2014, 11:50 AM

Was about to post this myself when I saw that Toybasher already posted it. Just to raise awareness I would recommend any person who considers upvoting or posting to this thread to read Toybasher's comment and watch the video he linked.


yea, pretty much easily solved, just eat and drink till ur full - like probably stated in one of these comments above, keep drinking, keep eating, till ur character says he/she feels full - this will last you for about 3hrs IRL time.
Wich is a long enough time, when ur sprinting around.

  • Hope it helps.

"A man needs about 1500 calories and 1.5 liters of water a day in order to be "improving his health". I think they should take that into consideration."

You need to take into consideration that is not counting jogging/sprinting several miles every so often during a play session.

What a lot of people seem to forget is that even a simulation game is still a game.
Once most player think of their char is a whiny d*ckhead that should not be able to move because he must have 250kg after eating 20 cans of beans a day, that is the moment you have overdone the "realism".

The need for Food and Drink are way to high atm.
Even when you take into consideration that he moves all day.
Also you starve way way way to fast, a human can live for at least 7 days without Food but has a hard time to live for more than 3 without water.

The goal should be somewhere around 1 can of food every hour and 1 bottle water every hour and those should keep you full for 1hour, not just keeping you from starving.
Atm you cant even sneak up on someone without getting red hunger bar.

Tyklon added a subscriber: Tyklon.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM
Tyklon added a comment.Jan 9 2014, 9:58 PM

I agree with the OP. I don't get hungry every 10 minutes, so why does my guy? I LOVE the realism of this game. In CoD, you can get shot 10 times and be fine in 10 seconds. Here, one bullet to the gut, and you're a dead man.

Please make food and water as realistic. (And running should affect water, IMO)

elys22 added a subscriber: elys22.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM
elys22 added a comment.Jan 8 2014, 9:33 AM

IF they did make it so you had to eat less, they should at make food much more difficult to find. Eating three times a day and finding food all over the place makes survival far too easy.

Purp added a subscriber: Purp.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM
Purp added a comment.Feb 4 2014, 5:43 AM

I have no problem with food or water. Almost every town/city has a water fountain and at least a little food. I do know the map fairly well so I know where to go and how long it approximately takes so that plays as a factor. Overall I don't think this is a bug or a huge issue.

it does need to be address, but as a hunger/hydration bar, as you can tell how much more food/drink you can stomach before you become "over full"it's not like you go to the fridge and start eating until you take the last bite and become "stuffed" then immediately put the food item back in and walk away with a sore stomach, unless you have an eating disorder anyway, there are many times (after "healthy" was removed when full on food and water) when i'd have had all the food i'd found, hunger was gone, found a well, drank and become "stuffed" then after a few minutes hunger again, find food, eat, "stuffed" but still hungry

I haven't had any issues as of late. Ran from NE airstrip to Staroye. Not a single drink or can on my way down. Never was thirsty, etc. Only ate in Staroye to maintain healthy status.

Someone said; "They focus on realism. Wouldn't it be realistic to eat three times a day?"

Yeah, it would be too realistic. You don't play the game every hour you're awake. In a game you have to shorten the time down for it to make sense.

If you eat until your character is completely full he wont get hungry for a looong time anyway.

I'm on the fence about this, on one end I understand that finding food and water in part of the game, on the other end, I can see how this is becoming a problem. I hardly have time to do anything else because I'm constantly looking for food which is realistic to a point. I would say this needs to be tweaked a little but not by much.

If you were sprinting around like crazy from place to place, you'd need more food and drinks too. As other's said, just a minor balancing issue. Downvoted.

yes, the health-system at all (with food, hunger, a stomach etc) is great work. but only a few player understand this (and a lot vote this report up when nearly none get this). flaming about it is just a symbol of being uninformed.

in my opinion it is the creature which is really working at all in this alpha because it's just working (i don't know bugs). i don't know if it's finished or what the dev want to add (maybe more effects of rotten food, flesh, deeper thinks like vitamins or special diseases with other symptoms). i don't know if the quality of a product will influence our health.

but with the actually features, it's great. as i said. the only point i totally can't understand anger.

the initial title of this thread is whats throwing people off

ive said it multiple times but no one seems to understand the real issue at hand.

its the fact that 1 can of food does not = enough ML of food as so many of you have pointed out.

4000ML is approx 135oz, so since the average stomach can hold less than 4000 lets say for simplicity sake you can hold 100oz in your stomach.

a can of beans is approx 10 oz.

that means at most you can eat 10 cans of beans IF your going from absolute zero to full.

this is currently not the case.

also the fact even if you did eat 10 cans of beans, within a couple hours you need to eat again.

if i played dayz for 24 hours straight, Id guess I would have to eat 4-5cans every 3 hours which works out to over 30 cans of food in a 24 hour period.

This promotes map exploration, makes it more realistic, and just makes sense.

And for the love of god add a Drink until full at watersources. Having to spam your drink key is also very unrealistic and silly. Also a eat all option for food.

People saying this system works are driving me crazy, YES it works, but NO its not what we want in a polished SA.

I shouldnt say we, but anyone who wants a realistic sensible food/water/energy system should agree.

My guy ate more in 1 day than i have had all week

As many people have noted, the thirsty and hunger rates are fine. If it seems your character is getting thirsty and hungry to the point it shows up tab menu it is because you did not eat/drink enough before. When something is a big enough problem that it becomes a condition in the tab menu then it seems to be about 1/4 - 1/3 of the way down the meter. If you notice, when they appear they are night a bright green like the (kinda) were in the mod. I recently had a case where i did not have the room to take all the food and drink I found so for the heck of it i ate/drank everything on sight. Then I got attacked by a zombie, got shot by a bandit (lived by running into a house, bandaging, then running out the back while he tried to get down off a roof) to the point i was in black and white. After that I had maybe 4-5 more food items (full food items, in reality it was like 7-8 40 -70% items cause i had an axe and that was all) and about 3-5 sodas. Then i had nothing for about and hour or 2. During that time I was not hit by a zombie or shot, and I sprinted for a while. However, not once did i need to eat or drink. At the same time at one point i noticed my vision returning to normal. I first attributed it to the way eating worked in the mod and it would increasing your blood count. But I saw that there was a new condition under my tab menu: healing.

So this is realistic because in real life, if you are thirsty (an not from seeming a food commercial or a soda), you are already in the early stages of hydration. If you take note, when you spawn you are thirsty but not hungry and it is only after play for a good half hour or more that you start to get hungry under the tab menu.
Redklaw added a subscriber: Redklaw.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

The issue is not that rates of consumption are too high, rather the feedback to the user is too little when at energy / hydration states above the minimum thresholds for alerts but below what is actually ideal. Thus people are repeatedly keeping themselves at the low end of the threshold for warning dialogues to pop up.

LeMinS added a subscriber: LeMinS.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

A little balance is needed. A vital statistics HUD or similar should monitor and display energy, hydration and fatigue and would go a long way to explaining why you need to eat, drink and rest. Eg. I can run for 20 mins without needing to eat strait away, but i'd damn sure need at least 500mls of water after running for that long. As far a filling your stomach, you shouldn't have to! The foods should have an energy rating. Calories in vs calories out... A big can of tuna should be plenty to keep you going for at least 4hrs.

GungZA added a subscriber: GungZA.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

you guys are approaching this all wrong, you are doing the absolute minimum and expecting to survive. Your stomache can hold just under 4000ml, you have a water reserve of 4000 ml, and your body can store 20 000 energy. Food and water first goes to your stomache and then gets seperated into the respective reserves. Your first problem is thirst so go to a well and fill your stomache with water. Now your water reserve is full. Now find food, lots of it, not just 2 cans, find all the food you can find. Eat it, once your energy reserve gets to 3000 your status will be healthy. From this point if your energy drops to 300 you will be hungry. That is a long time, the reason you are always hungry is because your energy reserve is always hovering just above 300 that is not enough. When you reach healthy status you should fill up on water at every town you get to, you should also constantly scavange for food, not because you need it but to fill your energy reserve. Once your energy reserve is full you'd be able to go days without food. Don't carry food in your backpack it just takes up space, that food needs to be in your energy reserve and not your backpack, if you find it eat it right away. I hope this helps, I am never hungry, I am always healing which means i regenerate blood and health and i'm resistant to infections. I am a survivor.

TITAN added a subscriber: TITAN.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM
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The biggest problem for me is how much you have to eat to fill your stomach. I wouldn't mind if it emptied quickly, but I shouldn't need more than a couple cans of beans to fill it. If you think about it. That is a lot of food.

I agree with @Lemoussu, I've think you've got it spot on an I said the same thing basically above.

I think it should be "harder" but I think your player should need less food requiring you to look longer for food when you need to but not constantly.

For everyone coming to complain here, I'm afraid it's falling on deaf ears because the people making DayZ intended it to be this way, aimed at people that desire more realism and as they've said if you don't like it I'm afraid this game isn't for you.

app0815 added a subscriber: app0815.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM


This question is just a matter of overall game difficulty.

Dayz is a Survival Game, we can even talk about survival "simulation", and there is three main lever to create this survivalish atmosphere : Zombies, other survivors and food/water.

My feeling is that they're close to the right balance. Make player need less food, and we're getting a pile of useless canned beans lying around. Make player need less food, and give less food : survivors lose a lot of interest in scavenging.

I would even say that it's too easy atm. My char got tons and tons of food and water, and is not struggling with that anymore.
Anyway, eating/drinking should not become an option, and should be a Primary goal for each player.

lol look at all the spam trolls i think this issue needs to be closed now getting fed up with emails of crap spam

I think it's just right. I mean, what more could I possibly want. I can and have literally sprinted across the entire map, without need for a break multiple times. I only get winded. I think I'll go report that as a bug. As a new spawn with yellow thirst, I can and have ran straight from Solnichney to the boat North of Berezino without needing water. That is skipping all loot and FIVE WELLS. Hunger never even made it onto my status screen. If somebody can't find a well or food in that amount of time, I think death suits them. I want to give the benefit of the doubt and say this is affecting "some" people, but I am more inclined to think they are exaggerating.

Oh. Also just thought you would like to know again, this is Alpha. ;)


Food/Water demands are ridiculously high.
You drink/you eat and your already hungry within minutes.
The in-game time is similar to real life time pace.
MAKES NO SENSE that you need to eat/drink as much as you do in game.

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Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jan 13 2014, 11:42 AM

This isn't a bug or something.

I think many peolple do not unterstand the food/hunger etc. system.

You have hunger(green) if your hunger is <600.
But you can fill your hunger up to 20,000!!!!

Same with thirsty:
You are thirsty if your thirst is <2000.
And you can fill your water up to 4000.

If you have >5000 hunger and >2500 thirst than you geht health+3/s and blood+3/s
and in the inventory stands "healing".

If your health is full(5000) than in the inventory stands "healthy".

You spawn with ~ 5000 blood(5000 is max.) and only 1000 health!

(All information without guarantee)

just drink/eat how much you have until the message "I'm completely full" or something like that appears.

No Just no!. This game is meant to be "survival" and "Teamwork". Don't like it go play Normal Arma 2/Arma 3 for Chaos and Fighting.

I dunno man, i think its fine personally, i once spawned in kamyshova, sprinted all the way to the new town in the north Svetlojarsk where a friend had stuff for me. On the way i only had 2 cans of soda and one can of tuna. I made it there in Dark Orange Hunger + Thirst and managed to survive.

Are people still commenting on this, you know they have a big match coming soon that's really overhauled a lot of the food system, capacities, rates, items spawns ect which should make a big difference.

When it comes out shortly everyone will be happy it's a compromise done really nicely so it's still going to be pretty hardcore but the concepts behind it are better so it's not over the top.

Nemnuts added a subscriber: Nemnuts.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

OP, learn to play.

every time i spawn with a new character, I run directly from spawn (usually Kamyshovo) to Svetlojarsk and then NE Airstrip, without eating or drinking once.

I always find food and soda there, and I make it just fine.

Once you find food and soda, keep consuming until "Energized" and "Hydrated" are color coded bright green... you'll then see "Healing" or "Healthy" with the other indicators.

At this point, your need for food/drink is much lower than if you were to stop eating/drinking before you are "Healthy"

Fflint added a subscriber: Fflint.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

Dosnt need a fix!!! Just your gameplay needs a fix.

I think its to easy with food and energy should be more difficult!

I find that after an hour of play if I have not found food I will die. :(

This seems too fast for me I would think atleast I would live 1 - 2 days in game time without food.

As for thirst is and hunger if I do eat or drink within 15 minutes of gameplay I am hunger or thirsty again.

Personally this seems too fast.

This is bug reporting. Stop ranting. The game is fine how it is... post this on the forums please.

After the last patch to .42116177 (steam) i'm only eating and drinking.
What have been changed there? :S

I can't see any problem now. If I eat and drink to get "energized" and "hydrated" status I am able to to keep these statuses just consuming sodas. So it is quite easy for me to stay well fed.
Water sources are almost everywhere so it is impossible to die of thirst. Also there is usually a lot of food if you search inland villages.
Yes, at beginning you have to eat a lot od stuff to be fully energized but then it is quite easy to keep it. Sodas ar everywhere and wated resources also. So in my opinion it is fine now. May be too easy.

zokeszt added a subscriber: zokeszt.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

Seriously guys. Anyone starving or dehydrated on the current patch is just mentally challanged. I find more food than i could ever eat. I think the game seriously needs a patch with this. Lover the spawnrate of food or calibrate hunger and thirst to raise faster. It's just ridiculously easy to find food and the hunting part isn't in the game yet. Nerf the food, buff the hunger :D

From reading some of the comments i see that some people don't realize having an axe in your hand is required to open canned food (if u have nothing else). Also that making the hunger and thirst status disappear only means you are satisfied for now. As in there is a good status u can get called energized (from eating a lot) and hydrated (drinking a lot). With both maxed you can easily go from town to town without eating or drinking.(also having them maxed heals you over time, apparently you spawn slightly damage since it says healthy when your full hp). With both maxed you can just drink the plentiful sodas in the world to keep it that way.

I think that if you need to eat or drink every 15 minutes of gameplay and with the difficulty in finding food, it is much harder to survive than in real life. I think that the rates that hunger and thurst increases should take longer and keep the finding chance of water and food the same as before

teapot added a subscriber: teapot.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

Keep in mind that in a combat environment your caloric and hydration requirements sky rocket

For us seems way too easy.

You eat rice, you drink from pond you are fine for more than 8hours at least in the "food area". Just drink a lot if you sprint all the time but we are running from north to south and, along the coast, through towns and we eat once per session (8hours) except we got shot or something. We don´t even carry food with us besides some rice and never water since it´s simply not needed. Once you are energized it takes forever till you need food again. If you sprint a lot you need water every ~15minutes to keep the bright green hydrated status but I never went lower than darkgreen ever. To me us it is a bit too easy and even if you start fresh you can get around >20cans of something in every town plus rice, milk cereals. Best is to eat what you find till you find rice. Eat rice and make sure water is near. This way you get the bright green status for water/food in no time and from there it´s a cakewalk.

Unknown Object (User) added a subscriber: Unknown Object (User).May 8 2016, 2:06 PM
Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Apr 19 2014, 12:03 PM

What do you say? indeed, the contrary is 1 week I do not eat and are still energizzed

Justus added a subscriber: Justus.May 8 2016, 2:06 PM

In my opinion the rates are way to LOW! Once you are hydrated, energized and healthy it is easy to keep it up like that. I played about 300 hours, never died because of hunger or thirst even though i dont loot cities very much. more than 50% of food i dont even collect cause i have no space and need for that.
the ONLY point i agree is that we shouldnt respawn close to starving.

zefix! ois wos e gschriebm hob is weg, zefix!

Again: I agree with Justus!

The Player should start with 100% healthy 100% energized 100% hydrated.
Dropping rate for hunger should be 100% per 240 minutes = 4h.
A can of bean which has 4 portions should replenish 15min of hunger with each portion. so "eat all" refills 1h of hunger.

same with canteens. when you run all the time. thirst should drop 100% in 60 minutes (and even faster in warm weather conditions). a canteen has 1000 ml of water a gulp should be 100 ml. so you can drink 10 times. and each gulp refreshes for 6 further minutes. a soda can has usually 300 ml and therefore refills 18 minutes of thirst at once.

the probability for finding food/drinks should be around 5 cans of beans per hour = just a little bit higher than the dropping rates so everyone can build up a reserve.

the main purpose of this game is finding supplies. so i dont want to find 5 cans of soda (which also quench hunger a little bit) in a single building which i loot in 5 minutes.

" The Player should start with 100% healthy 100% energized 100% hydrated."

I think it's not an good idea.

If you run very fast for 10 minutes, you lose more energy than if you run normally for 10 minutes. This is an good idea, yes.

But to lose 100% of X in X houers, this is not a good idea. This would kill the survival aspect of the game. Like this you can "camp" for X hours and after this X hours you know, "no I need to eat/drink" etc. I think it's much much better if the player does not know something like this.

Anon13: The body needs energy even if you "camp". Of course the need for energy rises if you walk/run/sprint.

I didnt say that i want a HUD where you see exactly how much percent hunger/thirst the player has, no. but the game itself must have some mathematics in the database of the players, its just my recommendation for the hunger/thirst system the game math works with

and again, a body needs food even if i just sit around.

well, if you want it even more realistic, you could even build up fat-reserves in your body... but its still no survival simulator but a game (althoug i would like it).

my recommendation x% in y-minutes refers for a "do nothing" condition.
of course if you walk theres a higher x in y-minutes when you walk
and even higher x in y-minutes if you run.

i would even raise the x when its a cold weather and you have no warm cloths.

This sounds very good.

But I think this will not be implemented at the moment, because with every patch there are new contents. And with every new content, there are more and more bugs.

Hey guys,

as far as I can tell the subject of this issue is no longer a problem. Thirst/hunger rates seem alright and are definitely not too high.