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Sun turns black with red when viewing it after you just came out of a shed/place with no light.
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I was standing in the shed to the left and walked out to see that the sun did this. It turned back to the normal sun gradually within a second. {F28271} {F28272} {F28273} {F28274} {F28275}


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  • Stand inside a shed/house/place with no natural light
  • Walk outside and immediatly look into the sun

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edit: for me it was on build 113772
and still is

It's changing back to normal because of the eye level adjustments.
Not sure why it's going crazy though.

As it seems to me it's still a problem on this patch.
I thought it'd be something in that direction indeed, nevertheless I'm still impressed about the sun producing these kinds of colors.

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This is a video I recorded, showing this glitch.

I like that the eyes need to adjust to the lighting conditions, but I don't think that the burn effect is intended.