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May 11 2016

Weltall added a comment to T107285: I can't chop firewood, or kindling.

your axe makes gun shot sounds because you are using the LMB to try to chop down? mine does the same, to chop a tree you need to spam f or MMB.. pressing LMB will only result in degradation to quailty of axe

May 11 2016, 3:31 AM · DayZ
Weltall added a comment to T107272: It takes way too long to actively warm up/actively cool down character.

you must be doing something wrong. it has never taken me 45 mins to warm up. maybe, being generous, it takes 15 mins with 1 fireplace. sticks vs. logs have a diff temp it seems

May 11 2016, 3:31 AM · DayZ
Weltall added a comment to T106890: Add an option to whisper quietly, speak normally or yell loudly.

this is pointless, you know what you do? you either yell in your mic, talk normal, or talk quiet....

May 11 2016, 3:18 AM · DayZ
Weltall added a comment to T105477: Zero gun policy.

more crash sites (heli, cop car).. you mean the countless RANDOM spawn points across the entire 250 square mile map? As for guns.. those are simple to find, military or civilian

May 11 2016, 2:22 AM · DayZ
Weltall added a comment to T104774: SUGGESTION: give player reason for not killing others on sight!.

The point of DayZ is everyone is allowed to play it the way they want. I agree, i dont like KOS, i wish the killer would play it out and make it more interesting then simply killing you. Want less KOS, play a RP server, or a whitelist server with rules.

May 11 2016, 1:53 AM · DayZ
Weltall added a comment to T104288: Handguns spawn rate is extremly low..

finding hand guns are not a problem, never has been. FNX is heli crash only, as with the mag. silencer has been missing for FNX since around time when M4 was tied to heli, as for red dot. that is heli too. i dont think spawn rates are a problem and the central loot ecomony hasnt even been fully implemented. nothing should be as easy as it is to find, the amount of ak's/pistols/sks spawns are insane. wait till things become even more rare..

May 11 2016, 1:36 AM · DayZ
Weltall added a comment to T102831: Server jumpers attack, Suggestions..

The server hopper took the risk of being killed when he logs into a very high risk place. your friends and you should always be on high alert at ANY military place. as far as i have seen, there is a delay from when you log in and you are standing still for a period. your friend didnt see him and that is his bad for lack of perception.

May 11 2016, 12:42 AM · DayZ

May 10 2016

Weltall added a comment to T88072: Night is unplayable.

My freind had the exact same problem. I would look into your graphics card. With earlier versions of opengl and directx that your card supports, night does not work. He put in a new graphics card that didnt have outdated opengl and diractx and everything is fine now

May 10 2016, 4:05 PM · DayZ