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SUGGESTION: give player reason for not killing others on sight!
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These days DayZ is a very hostile place. The biggest reason for that are many other players, who play it like COD.

So I am thinking about this for a couple of days, to make human interactions between players more realistic. I think nobody would hide in a Z-Apocalyse an shoot other surviors...

I think everybody should have an advantage from not killing others for no reason!
What if a "COD-Player" who just wants his kills, knows that he gets something or improve some kind of value, when he talks to someone, or help someone, without killing him??
My idea is, you could implement something like a "handshake".
Let me explain this idea:
You meet another player. You kill him: nothing happens.
But when you go to him and talk to him (and he does so too), both of you get +1 points in the gamestats (something like a "handshake-counter").
With it, you got something on every Player which can measure his friendliness.
In a second step, you could let choose every player on his own, if he wants to tell his amount of handshakes to the environment. Perhaps in a shown number when checking his pulse (as a way to adapt trust between to strangers), or a textoutput, when "handshaking" him like "I think he is a good one" or "I can't rate him".
Perhaps we need a way to show it players who are far away from your player, that they know the can interact with me without any harm (maybe an armlet or something).

With this improvement, i think most of players would have a reason for interact with others instead of killing them immediately and the game would be a little more interessting once again!

-getting a handshake and killing him afterwards should entail -1 handshakes.
-to avoid "farming handshakes", you can get just one handshake with the same player


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I found the "solution" that you get swarmed by zombies after firing a shot much better. Its more realistic than any number which is shown somehow and somewhere.

You fire a shot - boom, zombies are there.

We can't have any arbitrary 'points' system as part of a game mechanic. It's just not what DayZ has been, nor is something that the fans of the game will accept.

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The fear of imminent death is one of the best parts of the game.

That said. It would be pretty easy to make friendly fire zones where folks could gather without fear of getting killed and interact with other players. I think the DayZ zombie apocalypse is a lot more murderous than it would be in real life. I think people would band together as much as possible in real life. I tried to make friends plenty of times. I gave a guy a magnum I had no ammo for and some psycho came screaming in with an axe. I killed him but he broke my arm and while my new friend went to go chop some wood to make a splint the server randomly kicked me.

I have been murdered way too many times in this game, so I basically hide from other players or shoot them on sight if they so much as look at me. I've screamed "FRIENDLY!" too many times and been murdered to risk any interactions, especially if I've spent hours gearing up a player. So yeah, I don't know what the solution is for you, you've got some gameplay options. MAybe make some basic items more realistically available so we're less murderous? Like the backpack, axe, and can opener (honestly, I've found like 5 can openers in 40 hrs of gameplay... seriously, they should be in every house if we're going for realism).

Anyway. I appreciate the devs work and just trying to provide my 2 cents as someone who enjoys the game.

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One solution is to make the NPC enviroment much more hostile. Say for example you want to loot this nice place in a city and it's totally infested with zombies. To be able to get into town and loot that shit you need to be a couple of people or have a shit town of ammo. And so forth. Make teamplay worth while!

I agree with keraudo; I kinda like the idea, but implementing that specifically would be too awkward and difficult I think. I think the biggest reason people KOS is because it's too easy to make it on your own, so people get set up with plenty of gear, get bored and decide to fix their boredom by killing other players. If they made the player v. environment aspect much harder, people would be more concerned with trying to keep themselves alive. Additionally, it would provide incentive to make friends since they could help you survive where as now you never need anyone's help to survive the environment because you can do it just fine on your own.

I think the guy who made the original suggestion really hasn't thought about the current gamestate, and why players behave as they do. Yes, many people kill on sight, but that's because the firearm and injury system is about as complete as it's ever going to be.

Hunting is only just becoming a thing, and animals are few-and-far-between, and farming still isn't a thing (I think?). When systems /beyond/ combat are developed, more players will naturally fall towards those and away from "find gun, kill players".

I think the best solution will be the easiest, and while you could add some arbitrary mechanic to incentivise certain types of player interaction, simply adding more ways to play the game will mean fewer players collecting guns. I don't think it will ever be the case that nobody plays for killing, but certainly they will become the minority.

I have already heard tales of players who never visit the towns, who have set up camp in the woods and hunt wild animals, crafting improvised backpacks and filling them with cooked meat from their hunting, and leaving these packs of cooked meat on the roads close to the ocean for freshspawns to find.

I like the idea but could we change the name? Something like "camaraderie"?

+1 camaraderie

altho KOSíng is a real problem in Dayz i dont think this is the correct solution.

@Dev's start thinking of a way to solve this, peeps are leaving dayz because of this!

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The point of DayZ is everyone is allowed to play it the way they want. I agree, i dont like KOS, i wish the killer would play it out and make it more interesting then simply killing you. Want less KOS, play a RP server, or a whitelist server with rules.