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Zero gun policy
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Having a zero gun policy is stupid and boring.Stop trying to increase player interaction. we should be able to do what we want. Increase spawn rates a bit and add more guns to civilian spawn. Military guns should be limited but not civilian weapons. And there should be more crash sites not only helicopter crashes but police and V3S.


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Increase the chance of finding civilian weapons in civilian spawn.

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nothing to add.

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Is this a private shard server? If so they can make up their own rules its there server. Public servers can not impose these types of rules.

What are you talking abot? You can find tons of weapons - too many even. 0.51 is better but still gives you too many.

You miss the point of this game completely. You can already do what you want, having more guns won't make you change that. If you want more guns head south, skip all player interaction and just be a boring, KOS type of player and claim all your lootz.

If it's guns and pvp you are looking for maybe go play Wasteland mod.

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more crash sites (heli, cop car).. you mean the countless RANDOM spawn points across the entire 250 square mile map? As for guns.. those are simple to find, military or civilian

It's already very easy to gear up in this game. In fact, food is too common in my opinion, but that will be worked out later. If you want to pvp just look for weapons in elektro or in the neighboring towns. When I want to pvp I can find a gun in about 10 minutes if I'm anywhere near a major city. Not to mention you can craft knives and bows to use if you are really desperate.