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Handguns spawn rate is extremly low.
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The number of makarovs is too damn high! Comeone, from 0.46 version it started to be really difficult to find FNX or CR75. Also, spawn rate of magazines for those guns are really REALLY rare. I never found red dot sight or silincer for FNX. Please, fix those items, I really like using handguns.


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No one from mods didn't even bat a eye?

Advanced loot distribution is coming Q1 2015. It'll work out.

The FNX only spawns in the American Helicopter crash sites and the CR75 seems to be spawning fine for me seeing as how ive found two pretty quick along with 3 mags for them.

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The value is not low.
In every military base there are this guns and the magazins.

"Advanced loot distribution is coming Q1 2015. It'll work out. "
And this is when? It would be better if they give a real date or month!

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finding hand guns are not a problem, never has been. FNX is heli crash only, as with the mag. silencer has been missing for FNX since around time when M4 was tied to heli, as for red dot. that is heli too. i dont think spawn rates are a problem and the central loot ecomony hasnt even been fully implemented. nothing should be as easy as it is to find, the amount of ak's/pistols/sks spawns are insane. wait till things become even more rare..

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there is a small house with one door and one side wood other side yellow/blue, it has a weapon spawn point in the corner where the bed is. You can find a pistol there.

Hello JustCaused,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this subject. I'll close the ticket for now since there's no actual bug here. Over the course of DayZ's development, the loot system will be further developed/tweaked many times, and the final balancing of this system will most likely not occur until late in the development cycle.