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The night time/day time cycle refreshes on server join
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So as a lot of us know the majority of the servers are night, and knowing this, me and my friends played for about 2 hours in the night and noticed it was starting to become morning, after more time passed it was fully day time, and we were running around blah blah, and I had to go AFK, so I leave the server and my friends stay, 2 minutes later I join the SAME server and it's pitch black for me, but my friends still have day time.

This would mean the reason a lot of people are getting night time servers only, is because the server is refreshing it to night on the join, and it's not the ACTUAL server time, as multiple players have different day/night times,


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Just leave and join a server

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similar issue here:
we started playing at day time today. time passed and it got dark but not in my case. i noticed that shadows were not active during this issue. i checked my settings but shadows were not disabled. i disabled them and set the setting back to high but there were still no shadows in game. after relogging it was still day an no shadows. after restarting dayz it was finally night and shadows were back.

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Yeah, had same issue. I dc'ed and connected back in few minutes and it was pitch black.

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Had the same thing happen. The server was pitch black for me but still bright evening for my friend. We were the only players on the server, so we met up, and he spotted me long before before I saw him, I did not see him without using my flashlight.

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LOL, that explains some situations, hahha :D

This has been fixed along with the parent issues.