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Random character wipe when changing servers.
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On many occasions, my character is completely wiped and put back at random spawn. When hopping around servers to find fresh loot, it will just happen at random. There are no signals or indications, it just happens. As far as I can tell, there's nothing special that causes this; no certain items or locations. It's quite the bummer when you've put hours into a character and he just disappears like dust in the wind.


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Get some recognizable loot and find a location away from the coast. Find a server that you know has this character known on it. Start hopping around random servers and keep coming back to the one you know your character is on. Eventually, your character will just disappear randomly.

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There is no warning or indication of when it will happen. It is completely random and out of the blue.

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i don't think this is some "internal feature" against hoppers as i was often killed by joining the same server after restart (no enemies and zeds around my friends told me)

I don't believe something of this magnitude would actually be intentional. But until we can find out more about the nature of this glitch, we need to boost it to the developers. It's a serious problem and is making the game near unplayable for me. (Don't get me wrong, I love running around Chernarus just as much as the next guy)

I've experienced this several times...especially when the latest stable release patch came out... I was at NWAF survivor camp when I logged out. The next morning I came in and I was on the coast as a fresh spawn... I've only joined Regular servers and all say Public as the type. I did note that if I hopped around to some servers hosted by certain hosts that my gear would be back...but eventually that died as well.

I'll be honest, if this is intentional to prevent server hopping, I'm fine with it - but we need to know what conditions trigger it so that we can be aware of it.

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i experienced this yesterday too. i logged into a server which ping was about 150ms it also appeared after about 1 min in the server list after clicking on refresh(i looked for a server with less population). i joined and the game did not load properly it was stucking at the login screen where "wait for host" is written. i pressed esc and left the server by clicking quit and joined another and i started with a new character at the coast with the starting items. it happened two times so far and only when failing to log into a server as previously described.

No it ins't the separate hardcore hives. The servers that I know have my character are regular.

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it is awesome server hopping AntiCheat :D. But are you sure you dont join regular and hardcore server types because those will have 2 completely different characters.

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i just have had this happen, i joined a server, got a "session lost" and the next time i joined a server i was a fresh spawn..

so its been a month and this still happens *!&#! so far for my full MP/RDS m4, and my attempts to save streamers and make youtube video's.

i know its alpha and all, but is this even looked into? the status of this bug is still new!

it is NOT being looked into, else the status would be reviewed, and not new. So actually trying to survive has no use, best to be a KoS kiddie and play team DayZmatch..

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Please refer to the main character save loss thread at #78