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*[SUGGESTIVE FIX]* Combat logging
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Quite simply, keep characters logged in for a 15 second (or some other time) delay after they leave a server. It will encourage logging out in safe areas.


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There are no better solutions because the best one has already been
employed. If someone randomly disconnects then they stay logged into
the system and this has addressed the issue of combat logging. I can
agree that for the paranoid types an in game logging system may be
beneficial -- perhaps a lootable sleeping bag that takes 20 seconds to
deploy which logs you out at the end of the countdown would be
sufficient. Keep it simple.


If the current combat logging implementation does not change, I can expect to see stalking to become popular.

It is already possible to follow someone without them being able to see you. This is what I refer to as there being no safe place in DayZ.

To remove player control from a character who is logging out, leaving them vulnerable is taking the stance that all players are guilty of combat logging... even you. It doesn't even solve ghosting or loot hopping.

Saying there there are no better solutions is just taking the easy way out.

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i totally agree with airtonix idea about preventing combat logging thats how it should work. i think 30 seconds should also be enough

I think you misunderstood me. I'm not angry.

As for your points, this issue was respective to combat logging and not server hopping. Please stay focused on the topic and its issue.

Combat logging has never been much of an issue in previous games that have a loot mechanic when addressed with a "ghosting" method. Every MMO in history, for example, has quickly resolved the problem by allowing ghosting. It's not 100% perfect, but its pretty much the best system. You state that you cannot find a safe area, but how is it that I can easily find a safe spot in which to log at? I have had zero problem logging out safely and logging back in wit my character intact. If you are having problems perhaps you should look at your own contribution to the issue?

By the way if it wasn't obvious, I down-voted OPs idea of how it should work.

I understand you're mad, but don't let that anger cloud your thought process on how to solve this problem.

Currently this is how it works:

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
  • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • you press escape and choose exit
  • you are now looking at the main menu.
  • your character is still in game sitting down for the next 30secs.

Sure it might stop combat logging, but essentially it's a mechanic designed to provide free loot and kills for griefers. Dean Hall vaguely suggested that it was designed to prevent server hopping and ghosting. But I can't see how it does.

The way it should happen

Prevent Server Hopping & Prevent Ghosting

  • Switching server(or server group) within X hours of joining current server(or server group) results in you being moved to a random location that is neither near other players or high value loot locations.

The benefits of this are:

  • Loot Hoppers will be facing a far amount of time running to new high value loot locations each time they change
  • Ghosters will find that they are now facing a long trek to attempt their "flanking" manuvure.

The downsides are :

  • Players performing a legitimate server change will find themselves in new locations.
    • However if these server changes are happening after an hour or so then we should probably leave them in the same location.

Prevent Combat Logging

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
    • ensure you are not in a status of combat.
    • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • You press escape and choose exit
  • Your character is sitting down for the next 30secs watching a timer.
    • At this point you are only able to stand back up or move your head.
    • Head movement will not cancel the logout timer process.
    • Standing or clicking the cancel button will cancel the logout process.
  • Someone finds you before the timer ends? move and defend yourself. simple. logout prevented.
    • You will then be in combat for the next 60secs.

People claim my idea allows for abuse, but I can't see how.

The common counter argument is:

  • Sit in a building, with only a door way view to your sitting location
  • Initiate the logout timer
  • Wait for someone to come:
    • If no one arrives:
      • let logout timer get to 29secs, cancel the timer.
    • If someone comes, (now here is their crazy logic):
      • Stand-up and defend yourself. (wow, aborted, much combat log, wut?)

There is a group of people that hate the idea that someone logging out can cancel the logout and defend themselves.
The only reason I can think of that someone wouldn't like that is because it means can't catch people in the process of logging out undefended.

Maybe they could add a logout timer. So it would take 15 to 30 seconds to log out and if not done legitimately (either by a pulled modem plug or alt+f4) then it keeps you in for 15 seconds.

Totally agree with this solution. The only drawback is that there's no safe way to log out.

Eve Online handles this problem in a similar way, except that you can safely dock in a station and log off without a timer (but in space you have a 1mn timer)

Combat logging also renders the whole idea behind items like handcuffs and harvesting blood from live "prisoners" useless.

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Agreed, just saying it happens, your right, sometimes it is very quickly!

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5 mins? Try 15 seconds. Friend and I got in a fire fight, guy combat logged appeared behind us 15 seconds later killing my friend.

Agreed, it's a cheap way to gain an advantage by combat logging. 5 minutes later they reappear behind you or to your side and then kill you!

I've been thinking about this and I think 15 seconds would be perfect.