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[Suggestion] Friend marker
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I got an idea on how to improve the multiplayer experience in DayZ Stand Alone.
This game is all about the multiplayer. Myself and some friend like to play the game together, instead of running around alone. The thing is, if one of us dies, we have to find each other again which takes quite some time and is in my opinion unessessary. My idea is, that this game should have some sort of "Friend" button or "Squad Mode" so that you can either spawn at one of your friends or mark someone as friend (displayed as the name above the head in green, maybe with distance in meters), in order to find him again or just have some visual indicator that marks one person as "friendly" so that you dont shoot someone by accident.


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Yeah the being able to add people to steam would be nice since I RARELY ever find people who are nice to others. But wouldn't it better if we could just have both? Everybody wins that way.

I think identifying a friend by colored cloth on/around your hand should be enough. Finding each other is a major thing of the game and I don't want it to be ruined. But I still want a "friend button"! Or at least a way to find someones steam profile. I met a great guy who helped me out for quite a long time and wanted to add him as friend, but wasn't able to do so, because I couldn't identify him with his custom set nickname :-/ ...for all those streamers who don't like this feature, it should be implemented as an optional setting.
I don't know whether this is already planned or not, but I stumbled accross this issue and thought it would fit in here.

I like the idea sacriel said in a livestream better to be honest. Having some type of colored cloth on/around your hand so your teammates could see that, maybe choose a color for you and your friend?

Maybe getting a closer spawn to your friends wouldn't hurt, but i don't mind if they don't change that since I've played the game since it came out (the mod). It's supposed to be harder in the start so you can understand the game better, like don't trust people and don't stand in a city for to long since it's bad for you?

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Awesome suggestion!

I agree a little bit about id'ing your friends at a distance. However, I like that it gives the game a realistic feel. I propose instead that the walkie-talkies be an easier loot to acquire and then you and your friends can communicate that way. Identifying your friends from a distance by highlighting would making PvP too easy as you could just see who to shoot and rob("Not a friend,kill'em.) Possibly by adding channels to it or giving it "Tune to Allies Channel" as an option keeps the gameplay on a even level for players. And as far as meeting up with friends, Adding a map to the game for you to access easily would be nice. Great way for people to learn to read maps if they didn't already. Make the map an one item slot and able to be combined with the compass so you can use both when you find them to help with current location. But that's another issue.

Agree with donlod - no spawning on friends but a private list and squad mode would be nice to see :).

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dont agree with the spawning but identifying your friends would be nice. but this indicator should not be part of the UI.