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Doors on the floor under you will open
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When you try to open doors in second floors in some buildings you will get the option for opening a door, and the door on the floor under you will be the one that is getting opened. {F28245} {F28246}


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Go to the second floor in a building and if there is a door in the same spot under(In the first floor)if you click the action button or scroll to "open door" its the one witch is under you that will be affected by the action.

EDIT 1; This happend in the new big office buildings, the ones that only before had the glass entrance. Its a big white building with 3 or 4 floors and long corridors at every floor. This happend in the one west of Elektro. (Industrial area)

EDIT 2; Reading comments and playing some more I can confirm that this also happens with other buildings with several floors.

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Yes, had this bug in the same type building north of Kamenka. It looked like i could open the door, but when i tried nothing happened, only indicator changed from "closed" to "opened"

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this does not only happen to those buildings but to all i think. i have had this several times with different buildings.

Also happened to me in new multi storey building east side of Electro.

Lots of buildings, for example the school in cherno when I am right over the doors of the floor below, i can open/close them. Its annoying because on some levels you can't open the doors, but suddenly the "open/close symbol" pops up and you just recognize that its just from another floor.

Had this happen to me multiple times.

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Confirmed via duplicate bug report.

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I can confirm, happened in a lot of building in version 113772

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Can confirm this bug happens in the Balota Apartment blocks.

Edit: Building OP is referring to is the TEC buildings

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Yeah I encountered this problem too, I could enter the door upstairs, because it would just open the one right under it

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yup happened to me plenty of times

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See the TEC building upper corridor, you can use the [open door] icon on a door there, but it opens a door on the floor bellow it.

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Open/Close action tag appears on the screen everytime we are in a proximity of a working doors. Floors and ceilings does not obstruct the proximity field.

It's the most common bug in DayZ I think. Easy to replicate. Fortunately it's not so dangerous as other bugs (missing loot, going through walls/floors/objects and teleporting into rooms without exits).

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I hate this... pls fix

Happens a lot to me.

Hello everyone,

The devs are aware of the issue and they are currently working on a fix.



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Just decrease the radius to open/close doors(this will allow opening/closing door animation feature more reachable;) )(this happens also on cars police which have 4 doors that too close to each other so the game will open/close door you didnt intent to open)


There's a related bug (quite useful actually!) where you can climb a ladder that's on the outer side of the wall you're facing from inside. This happens in a room on the ground floor of the hospital, and in one of the higher rooms in the fire station.

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Isn't this item fixed with the new door implementation?

I think this is fixed

Thanks again for all the feedback. I'll close the issue since this should have now been fixed.