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[Suggestion] Weapons that are placed inside of a bag should not be directly usable, need to be taken out first.
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I think that when you place a weapon inside your bag in order to either save space for another weapon, or try to hide it from players. This seems unrealistic. It should still be possible to put the weapon there, but only for transport. If a player would like to use it, he should put it on his shoulder.


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Any weapon is directly accessible even when placed in a bag, therefore not visible on character's shoulder.

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occasionally it comes up that i dont want people to know that im armed, and i love this feature. i would do the same thing in reality too. the only thing i can think of tho is that a weapon should not be as easily accessed from a backpack as it is from a holster. maybe a 5 second time lag for drawing a weapon from a backpack or something along them lines.

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i agree with this. but not if the weapon is placed in your vest/jacket/pants.
its ok if this only affects backpacks (and boxes) but not when the weapons are directly placed inside your clothes.